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Posted by evankessler on November 17, 2010

There are certain situations that cause adults to revert to childlike behavior. The most obvious of these conditional influencers is the act of spending time with one’s family. The process of maturation is immediately put in reverse and kicked into high gear when one goes home for a holiday and assumes their original role  within the nuclear family. Another situation for infantile behavior, a kinder atmospheric mechanism, is triggered when instruments of childhood are placed in front of a grown up human being. Such triggers include, but are not limited to: a favorite movie from youth, chocolate milk, and last but not least– legos.

The latter element was present a few weeks back at a friend’s house where several of my adult friends and I gathered for game night. Very few games were played –save for a few matches of Wii tennis that resulted in a broken lamp– but the presence of Legos kept us largely occupied. The following are a few of the wondrous creations made:

Avatar-esque Lego Battle Suit

5 Steering Wheels, A Crossbow and Darth Vader: Lego Version of the Drunk Tourist Bike

Modern Art by Rich M.

Chewbacca on the Pole by Jason S.

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People I May Know?

Posted by evankessler on November 9, 2010

There’s a weird feeling of invasion of privacy every time I’m on certain Social Networking sites. It doesn’t stem from the fact that people can see what I’m up to or who I’m hanging out with. I like to think I do a pretty good job of keeping the things I want to keep private under wraps. The specific thing that crawls under my skin is when the social networks in question feel the need to suggest who I might want to be friends with or connected to. It’s as if this program is digging through the annals of my personal correspondence to exert influence on my life. I belong to certain social networks because I don’t find them too intrusive and they allow me certain controls, but once they start nudging me with friendship suggestions for people I once tried to buy a Wii from via Craigslist, they’ve ceased to be effective. Then there are those other suggestions where you don’t know where they come from, as evidenced by the screenshot below. Can you guess which one doesn’t belong?

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The U.S. Open

Posted by evankessler on August 27, 2007

Several weeks ago prior to the arrival of my Nintendo Wii, I had a dream. It wasn’t a bold world changing dream like that of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was a relatively harmless and meaningless dream. It wasn’t actually a dream at all…I wasn’t sleeping when I came up with it nor was I staring off into space during the daytime. We’ll just say I had an idea and an unoriginal idea at that. I wanted to have a Wii Tennis tournament. This Wii Tennis tournament was the driving force behind my purchase of the newest Nintendo gaming sensation. This weekend that dream became a reality.

However, before we get there, in the spirit of the weekend recap, we have to go back to Friday night, when the weekend began. While I had only worked a couple of days this past week the days seemed to last an eternity. By the time I got out of work on Friday I was ready to tie one, if not a few, on. I had evening plans with Arby and Marie L to go see the band Beach House play Union Hall, but we began our night at our favorite local watering hole, The Lighthouse Tavern, for some pre-show drinking. I arrived at about the 2nd inning of the Met game to find Filler and Arby with beers in hand enjoying our favorite local baseball squad in action and Adam and Tom behind the bar slinging drinks with Heather soon to follow. Our plan was to wait for Marie to join us, drink there until about 10:30 and then head on over to the concert. We stuck to that plan but not before drinking our fair share of alcoholic beverages and ingesting our own respective Buffalo Chicken sandwichees with a side of fries.

We made it to Union Hall a little early as the 2nd band was just beginning upon our arrival. Filler had opted not to join us. Arby, Marie, and I nursed a beer upstairs before heading downstairs when Beach House was to go on. Walking into the downstairs performance space I came across my old roommate’s ex girlfriend Liz who works the door on certain nights and we exchanges some pleasantries before I shuffled inside to claim my spot. I have a feeling that my pleasantries were a wee bit slurred but I’m not totally sure. The show itself was good…not spectacular by any means. I generally have a problem with enjoying a concert when I can’t see anything. It didn’t help that the band was seated and the stage can’t be more than 9 inches off the ground. I basically spent the entire show on my tippy-toes trying to catch any glimpse of the people seeing. I think I may have seen a strand of hair at some point. The music itself was pretty decent, though I can’t say I got the tingles from the music or any “special feeling”.

Rather than hang around Union Hall or go home, which would have been the sensible thing to do, Arby and I went back to the Lighthouse. However, before we went back we stopped at a convenience store on 5th Avenue where I picked up a quart of some weird blue sugar water called “EverFresh”. Upon entering the bar I announced to Heather our bartender that I had a brought a mixer. She then proceeded to make a multitude of shots containing the sweet blue nectar. From there I ended up striking up a conversation with two strangers. One was a Yankee fan named Joan and one a Red Sox fan named Lindsay. They seemed to know each other but had just met that night despite the evident familiarity in their rapport. After maybe a drink more Arby had called it quits and I probably had one more beer while keeping up delightful conversation with Joan before we both left. I invited her to my Wii Tennis Tournament the next day as she had brought up the Wii in conversation…jackpot.

I woke up at 11:30am the next morning and had done absolutely no preparation for our Wii Tennis tournament or the U.S. (Union Street) Open as we were calling it. I didn’t have a proper tennis outfit, nor had I figured out what our setup would be. All I could think about was how much I had drank the night before. Soon enough though, I sprung into action. Bassett and I went to American Apparel for outfits, however, we decided that it wasn’t worth it to spent exorbitant amounts of cash on tennis attire. We decided to buy headbands and wristbands and wear our own sporty duds. After that the next step for preparation was snacks, and drinks. However, before I could go to buy drinks Renga notified Bassett that she and Dan would shortly be arriving with a keg and a projector. I was not under the impression we needed that much beer but I guess someone else was, which was fine with me but I didn’t expect too many guests. I went out and bought some wine to satisfy the thirst of the non-beer drinkers.

Soon enough Laura and Dan arrived and at nearly 3:30 on the button, my friend Ajay arrived as the first party attendee. He helped me set up the Wii to the projector. We were afraid it wouldn’t work but certainly to my surprise it was a swinging success. The sensor worked properly so we would certainly be able to use the most public space in the house as our Wii Tennis court.

Pete and Bassett in pre-tournament relaxation mode.

Soon enough the guests began to pile in and the tournament bracket was taking shape. I have to give a special shout out to Bassett who did an outstanding job of actually preparing and seeding the bracket. At 6 pm (I think) I took control of the floor welcoming everyone to the Union Street Tennis Club and proclaimed “Let the games begin”. And with that we were under way.

The U.S. Open Bracket

Inexperienced Wii-ers were dropping like flies. We nearly had an entry into Wiihaveaproblem.com when Erika walked in front of Matt W and got smacked in the face with a vicious overhead smash. Despite the accident, there were no recorded fatalities and the tournament rolled on. One of the better 1st round matches was the GF/BF battle of Dan vs. Renga. Not only were they the two best dressed tennis players, but the action was intense too.

Renga Vs. Fry…An Intense Rivalry is Born

The tournament didn’t take as long as I had anticipated. We were only playing best of 3 games matches. I think next time we might do best of 5. Soon enough thought it was time for the Semis. It came down to Evan Kessler vs. Ahmad Saeed in one bracket and Ajay Choudhary vs. Jason S. If you thought I’d be able to hold down my home court advantage…You’d be wrong.

The Agony of Defeat

The final showdown would end up being Ajay vs. Ahmad. The battle of the Cold Hands Collective Multi-Instrumentalist vs. The Cold Hands Collective Bassist. Two friends in a fight for the glory of victory. The loser would walk away in shame having to hang their head for what would probably amount to 4 whole seconds if not a lifetime.

The Finals: Ajay vs. Ahmad

The matchup was not as intense as you’d expect a championship to be and in the end I think Ajay won in a cakewalk. I don’t remember the exact score but I think he may have one three games in a row. And with that the 1st Annual U.S. Open of Wii Tennis had come to a close.

1st Annual U.S. Open Champion Ajay Choudhary

The tournament may have been over but the party raged on for several more hours. People played all sorts of fun Wii games, drank, ate hot dogs, made conversation on the back deck and just generally enjoyed themselves. I know I did. Normally when hosting a party I feel rather panicked that I’m not talking to enough folks or doing enough for the party but with almost all of my roommates thoroughly involved it was a stress-free outing. I’m not sure what time the party ended but the last 2 people on the Wii were myself and Matt G who had two consecutive Tennis battles to the death in which I was the victor. It was a mild form of redemption after bowing out of my own tournament in the Semis. However, I feel like if I won my own tournament I would have just looked like a dick. Imagine inviting your friends over just so you can show them that you’re better than them at something. I was actually pretty sure that I wouldn’t win heading into the tournament. Not due to a lack of confidence, but just because I knew Ajay had a Wii much longer than I had. I fully expected him to emerge the victor.

In any case, The U.S. Open was a resounding success. It was so successful that I was completely worn out by Sunday and pretty much was reduced to sloth-like behavior for the entire day of rest that the lord intended. I went for a walk or two but generally stayed out of the public eye. Aside from listening to an uncomfortably heated conversation at Barnes & Noble in which a guy was telling a woman that his punishment for messing with a trashy girl was that he now had to pay $1500 a month in child support, it was generally an uneventful day. I came home and watched some bad TV with the roommates and called it a night….and a weekend.

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Why is there no K Train?

Posted by evankessler on January 12, 2007

It would’ve made telling the tale of Thursday’s iPodyssey and subsequent happening that much more fun. Imagine the scene, I’m at the Atlantic Ave subway station listening to a “K” song, when all of the sudden the mysterious and magical K train comes by providing the ultimate coincidence, nay sign, letting me know that I’m on the right path with my iPod adventure.

In any case, that’s not what happened. Truth be told I spent most of the day waiting for a phone call that never came and continuing the great EvanKessler.com archival project. The entire contents of the original EvanKessler.com will be restored to this here blog by the end of the week to anyone who cares. Right now, I’ve gone as far back as January of ’05. I’ve also added some photos to the old posts. You’ll notice two new link in my links section pointing to the EvanKessler.com Guerrilla interviews from the old site but in new blogger form. I’ve also linked to my friend Jim’s music blog Pop Headwound. So check out those links, though the Guerrilla Interviews section has yet to be completely restored.

After a day in which my focus was solely on improving the contents of this here website, the advent of the evening shifted my fixation towards imbibing alcohol. At around 6pm I grabbed my iPod and walked towards the Atlantic station listening to Luna’s “Kalamazoo” to get the Thursday iPodyssey off to a late start. As I waited for the D train into Manhattan I burned through about 5 songs up to Broken Social Scene’s “KC Accidental”. At this point the 2nd M train in 15 minutes had come rolling into the station. I had passed on it the first time because I had no subway map near me at the time and where it went was a complete mystery to me. Perhaps, the M in M train stands for Mystery. After boarding the Mystery train, I surmised that the train would probably take me much closer to my destination than the D would’ve as the D would’ve require a transfer to the F.

While riding the M train I felt like I was in some sort of secret netherworld. Everyone seemed a little off. Some people were laughing crazily aloud, other people sat huddled to themselves with a devilish grin, while still others seemed to have no idea what they were doing on this train and seemed to be plotting their escape. You can put me in the latter group. I kept my spirits up and suspicions down by bopping along to Weezer’s “Keep Fishin'” and Superdrag’s “Keep it Close To Me” and soon the nightmare was over as I exited the Delancey-Essex stop to the final chorus of Black Grape’s “Kelly’s Heroes”.

My destination was a bar called SKINny on Orchard Street, where I’d be meeting several friends for happy hour. It wasn’t a long walk but I my musical accompaniment was lacking as I was enduring the silent section of a 13 minute song entitled “Ken’s Polka Thing”. Soon I arrived at the bar and found Suli, Rich, Lauren H, and Andy enjoying the cheap beer. We were soon joined by Ahmad, Abdullah, Pat, Jeni, her friend Mark, and Jason S. Conversation was quite enjoyable as Suli came up with the idea of sexual simulation games on the Nintendo Wii. I think there’s a lot of money in that idea but I also think the adult companies are always one step ahead of everyone. We were also mesmerized by the John Waters Film “Pink Flamingos” being projected on the wall above our table. It’s hard to turn away from a sex scene involving chickens as disturbing as it might be. It certainly is not the most disturbing part of the movie but we don’t have to go into all of that.

The night ended somewhere in the early 10’s and Andy, Jason, and I jumped on the F train back to Brooklyn. I started listening to my iPod while talking to them so I could get through the silent part of “Ken’s Polka Thing”. They got off 2 stops before me and the iPodyssey resumed for 7 more songs including doubles of Pavement’s “Kennel District” as I walked home from the 4th and 9th stop. After 5 beers and 19 songs, I walked through the door to the tune of Wilco’s “Kicking Television” thus ending my day as I changed into pajama like clothing and watched the Daily Show and Colbert report before heading off to the bed. I expect big things this weekend with a Cold Hands Collective show at Southpaw tonight, Ken S’s birthay tomorrow and some playoff football throughout. Stay tuned for more updates.

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