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Separated At Birth

Posted by evankessler on September 19, 2006

I was watching the sports this evening and it occurred to me that the following folks may have been separated at birth. Follow along below:

You may not see it right now but watch a Jacksonville Jaguars game and I promise you may just see the uncanny resemblence Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio bears to Shooter McGavin.

Maybe you can’t tell with the hat on but Mets slugger Carlos Delgado is pretty much a dead ringer for Darius “Hootie” Rucker.

In other news, I have a proposition for the New York Post. I think they should run a column every Sunday called “Saturday Night with Jeter and Wright” where they follow Derek Jeter and David Wright around New York City in a season long competition over who can get the most ladies. Even though I hate Jeter I think he would win at this point but give Wright a year or two and it’ll be close. This would be motivation for me to pick up the Sunday post without fail every weekend.

Alright, enough sports stuff, it’s late and I must sleep.


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