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Like A Good Neighbor…

Posted by evankessler on April 12, 2011

Since the tail end of 2010, State Farm Insurance has bombarded millions of viewers, myself include, with a series of absurd commercials that feature people getting free stuff because of a “magic jingle.”  They seem to pop up during every sporting event commercial break or commercial break during my favorite network shows just to pick at my last nerve. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then just observe below:


Now besides being equally grating whether you’re seeing these ads for the 1st or 281st time, my main point of contention lies not with the stabby feeling I get everytime I hear that woman say “with a new boyfriend” while waiting for the top of the 4th inning to start, rather it’s the fact that these commercials seem like a gross misrepresentation of what an insurance company does.

After all, you can’t just call on an insurance company and they’ll magically make a hot tub or sandwich appear. Or can you?

Over the past few days my main point of contention with the State Farm campaign has been put to the test thanks to an interaction over Twitter. It all began with one innocent tweet while watching the Mets game, a knee jerk reaction to seeing a commercial I loathe for what felt like the 342,000th time. I was compelled to lightly harangue the brand via tweet with the most bizarre request imaginable.

Now, I do not know why I chose Poutine, but the bizarre request sparked a conversation between myself and the brand that played out over the span of nearly a week and a half. It went as follows:

So there it was, a 21 tweet long interaction (or 20 if you count the one about the Latin Billboard awards that wasn’t directed to me at all) between myself and State Farm Insurance. I didn’t think much would come of it. I thought it would go on a bit longer and maybe result in some poutine, but probably not. That is, until I received a Direct Message via twitter from Mile End Deli on Hoyt St. in Brooklyn notifiying me that State Farm had given me a credit at their establishment.

I’m still quite flabbergasted by the result of all of that silly tweeting, but I have a new found respect for the folks at State Farm Insurance; not just because they’re picking up my tab for Poutine, but because of the fact that even though their commercials are a bit ridiculous, they’re going the extra mile to back up their brand claims and interact with potential customers all the while maintaining a healthy sense of humor. State Farm Insurance didn’t have to magically appear in front of someone with too much time on their hands with some poutine, but they did.

Now if I could just get State Farm insurance agent to appear with some employment. Well, why don’t I try? “Like a good neighbor…State Farm is there…with a new job.”


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Tiger Loses Role Model Roar

Posted by evankessler on December 1, 2009

We hate to look to former American Idol Runners up for wise quotations, but when Adam Lambert proclaimed himself a “performer” and “not a “babysitter” on CBS’s Early Show last week, he unwittingly set the stage for the large dent in the armor of Tiger Woods role model appeal.  He also clearly stated the case for the disposal of such public figures of esteem.

A mere three days later the world’s greatest golfer with a squeaky clean image was embroiled in a controversy over a car accident and alleged affair. Nevermind the fact that whether or not Woods had cheated on his wife is  none of our business, despite several publications contentions to the opposite; the simple fact is that despite his athletic prowess and perseverance through hardship to achieve his greatness, like all human beings Woods is fallible. While he may end up being the greatest golfer of all time, that doesn’t make him the greatest human being of all time and we should stop expecting that from him.

Tiger is just next in line of many athletes who have knocked themselves down a few pegs whether or not their actions have warranted it. Here is a list of some notable champions whose actions on and off the field of play could be used as a counter-argument to their role model status:

  • Michael Jordan- Gatorade had everyone wanting to be “like Mike,” but I bet they didn’t mean to emulate the notorious compulsive gambler side of the greatest basketball player of all time. Not only that, but his self congratulatory Hall of Fame acceptance speech this past year could be used in digital dictionary to define the term “sore winner.”
  • Pete Rose- Given the nickname Charlie Hustle, baseball’s all-time leading hitter was a gritty legend on the field, but once in the dugout managing he was a bit of a gambling fool.  While his play was worthy of the Hall of Fame his actions while managing were deemed a disgrace to the game and he was banned indefinitely.
  • Ty Cobb- When Pete Rose traded places on the all-time hit list with Cobb it was like one a-hole leapfrogging another. Cobb however was much worse.  An outspoken bigot with a nasty disposition who relished the chance to drive his spikes into infielders, “The Georgia Peach” was by no means sweet– but his game was.

Andre Agassi– The Tennis legend with a colorful bad boy image was backed up by stellar play, but the winner of 8 grand slam tournaments recently admitted to a crystal meth addiction that knocked him from the top ranks of the sport.

Sammy Sosa/Mark McGwire/Barry Bonds- These Roid Rage sluggers continue to fool no one about where their power came from.

So if we’re done preaching from our high horse about what Tiger Woods owes us as a role model, maybe we can leave him to sort out his own personal life and get back to doing what he does best, which is win golf tournaments.

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NFL Players Hot Over Fantasy Cash

Posted by evankessler on June 4, 2009

Official NFLPA Logo

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Over the last 30 years Fantasy sports have transformed from a few nerds in a bar obsessing over stats to a more than $1 Billion/year business, with the aforementioned nerds having moved said obsession into the privacy of their own darkened basements, where they bask in the warm glow of constantly updated statistics emanating from their computer. While it’s those statistics that earn many an allegiance-less, money hungry sports gambling fanatic (myself included) a pretty penny come the end of their chosen season, the one group that hasn’t seen any profit from the heaps of exchanged coinage thrust upon fantasy hosting sites is the players.

In an attempt to reap some of the monetary benefits bestowed by millions of dork leaguers worldwide, the NFL Players association was all set to file suit against Yahoo Inc, for it’s use of player statistics and photos for their online operation.  Unfortunately, before they could do so, Yahoo filed a pre-emptive suit more or less telling the players union they could suck it, and that they didn’t have to pay for numbers they could count themselves while watching the games or photos they could snag from any media guide.

Perhaps, if the players want to make a few more bucks from this more or less legal gambling operation, they should join a league, draft themselves and play a little harder.  How’s that for motivation? They may even get a shiny new contract worth substantially more than a 1st place fantasy finish.

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