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False Alarm #2

Posted by evankessler on September 21, 2005

I showed up to VH1 at 9:55AM on Monday morning only to find out at 10:40PM that I was not supposed to be there until next Monday. The Summer rages on. Who wants to go out Wednesday night until 5am? Actually if anyone wants to join me, I’m going to go to the Sidewalk CafĂ© on Thursday night to see Earl Pickens. Despite my temporary denial of work, Monday afforded me the opportunity to read some more, play madden til the wee hours of the morning, and leave early for the Giants-Saints game at the Meadowlands.

Sean Maddison and I got to the port authority at 5:30pm and bought our bus tickets to go to the stadium. We went so early because I was afraid that there would be too much traffic getting to the game and it would take longer than it usually did on Sundays. Boy, was I wrong. We arrived at Giants Stadium a little after 6pm. We wandered aimlessly admiring the tailgaters and their BBQ action for a bit and then we ventured into the stadium after inhaling some BBQ Sandwich’s from Smokey’s BBQ Truck. I swore that I wouldn’t drink any beer after inhaling so much alcohol this past weekend but the minute we were seated in Section 115 of Giants Stadium, Sean disappeared momentarily only to arrive with two plastic bud light bottles for $6.75 each. God bless stadium prices. I proposed a toast to the greatest roommate ever, Sean no middle name Maddison, who leaves us in favor of the left coast this Thursday. My heart hurts and he will be dearly missed. Sean and I had approximately 4 bears throughout the course of the game and I probably went to the bathroom 6 times. Though I think I missed a total of 3 plays. The Giants romped the New Orleans Saints 27-10 in the disaster sympathy bowl. It was a strange night of football. I’ve never been to a game in which there was a concert at half time, or more specifically one song performed by southern purveyors of shitty music, Three Doors Down. There was also a ton of fights all over the stadium. The crowd was definitely rowdy and much louder than I’m accustomed to at normal Giants games and the place wasn’t even full.

After the Giants scored to go up 21-7 I got a bloody nose for no apparent reason. I don’t think I’ve had a bloody nose in at least 10 years. That was a strange moment, so I sat down and held my nose upside down or whatever you’re supposed to do in that event. I was just glad to not be a hemophiliac at that moment. Bleeding to death is never fun in any surrounding though I suppose. The Giants game was a great way to spend Monday night despite all of the blood. The Giants won and rose to 2-0 on the season. I wish I could go to San Diego for next week’s game.

I woke up this afternoon feeling well rested after achieving a four hour night of sleep the evening before. I spent the majority of my day sifting through emails regarding our roommate situation. We are looking to fill Sean’s shoes, (or his room at least) which is no easy task, I assure you. There were literally more than 200 emails in response to a craigslist posting my roommate had put up. Some people even sent pictures of themselves, which I found to be extremely bizarre. I showed the room to one person tonight as well. This may be my life until that room is filled and god I hope it is filled soon. I don’t know what Wednesday holds but hopefully a lot less sifting. Cross your fingers for me and if you know anyone who is looking for a place send me an email.

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Rejection…It Burns

Posted by evankessler on July 28, 2005

This finding a roommate stuff is tough business. Last night, I set up a meeting with someone who I had previously interviewed about taking over the soon to be vacant room in our apartment. I had met with him on Monday and he seemed pretty cool then. I would have approved him days ago but he hadn’t met any of the roommates yet, so I was a little hesitant to tell him he could move in. I wanted to get one more opinion before deciding the fate of our apartment. So last night Sean came home from work early and we set up a little getting to know you chat. Everything went well and our potential roommate went his separate way for the evening. Sean and I both thought he’d be a good fit so I decided to wait an hour or two and give him the good news.

Prior to giving him the good news, Sean and I met Jen and Dave Showers for some eats at Boca Chica on 1st and 1st. I thought I’d wait til after a couple of beers to give our new roommate a call. After 2 Negra Modelo’s I went outside to make a phone call but my call was not answered. I called twice but with no answer. Several minutes later I checked my phone and noticed a message. I thought that surely this was a bad sign and when I checked the message I was right. Our perfect fit of a new roommate had chosen another place over our place. I had a minor feeling of rejection set in. How could someone find better roommates that Sean and I? Surely he is insane. One day this person will surely see the error of his ways when he discovers that his new roommate is crazy when he discovers their secret knife closet. Then he will be sorry. He won’t have time to ask for his deposit as he runs for his life down 3rd avenue. Don’t get me wrong, I wish the kid all the best but now we’re back to square one in the roommate search and that is not good at all. This room must be filled by August 1st or we shall suffer the enlarged rent hit (i.e. consequences).

In completely unrelated news, and I’m not sure if you could call it news but every time I use this Hawaiian Tropic 15 plus all day waterproof sun block I get a semi-burning sensation over the areas that I apply it. I don’t recommend using it though it has managed to keep the sunburn away. However, yesterday I didn’t use any lotion and got a weird sunburn in a line on an area of my neck that is in the shadow of my chin and should have absolutely no exposure to the sun. Very odd. Maybe I should wear some sort of neck protection from now on.

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Room for Rent Part II

Posted by evankessler on November 11, 2004

It was cold this morning. Probably the coldest its been since last winter. Even as I’m writing this there is a chill filling the air in my bedroom and the computer keys are cold. Most of the day at work was status quo. I was doing research on my years of I Love The 70’s. I learned some interesting things by using IMDB.

The China Syndrome, a movie about a Nuclear accident opened two weeks prior to the Nuclear accident at 3 Mile Island.

Jack Lemmon’s death scene in The China Syndrome was the only death scene he has ever filmed in all of his movies.

Most actresses in their 20’s or 30’s that share a birthday with me are porn actresses. I swear there were like 7. I clicked on the whose birthday it was today link and did investigative reporting regarding if any other famous people shared my birthday. I came up with P.Diddy, Laura Bush, and Kathy Griffin.

There were other interesting tidbits but I don’t remember them off the top of my head. IMDB is a wonderful site though. Kudos to the people who stockpile that website with tons of trivial information. I’ve never had the urge to know Meredith Baxter-Birney’s measurements but now if the occasion comes up, I can buy her a birthday gift.

I left work at around 6pm and rushed home for our first interview of the evening at 6:45 with another Matt. Matt is the ex-boyfriend of my friend Orly from high school. Apparently he just broke up with his girlfriend and is looking for a new place. He currently lives down the street. Overall, the interview with Matt went really well. He seemed pretty open and comfortable with us all and the roommates seemed to take a liking to him. He seemed a little reserved at first but warmed up quickly. He hung out for about a half hour and asked us questions. He asked a lot of questions but that was good seeing as we’re not too good at knowing which info to give out. I’d say his interview went pretty well. He definitely made it hard for us not to like him or nitpick about him. GRADE: A

After interviewing our 2nd Matt in 2 days of interviewing we strangely enough interviewed our 2nd Greg. Greg was a financial consultant at a small firm, I don’t remember exactly where. I think he worked somewhere on 57th St. He walked in wearing a nice blue suit straight from work. I’d love to insult and nitpick about all of these people but I think in general we interviewed some pretty nice guys. I’d like to commend Sean and myself for doing a good job weeding out the Craigslist riff raff emails. Now that I’m done patting myself and my roommate on the back, back to the interview. Greg, like Matt, had a lot of questions but seemed a little less outgoing, a little too financial. He seemed like the kind of guy who would be in bed by 10pm and be mad if you were up late. I know that’s not fair but you have to go by your instinct in these situations. It’s not like you’re going to live in a house for a week with them and give a rose to the one you like. Someone is moving out and we have to move someone in. GRADE: B-

We’re sick of interviewing people even though there’s only been 6, but we’ve whittled it down to 2. It’s between Matt #1 and Matt #2. Winner to be announced soon.

Also tonight after I got back from the gym my brother’s friend Tony Kim was being really annoying yelling, “Blog Me, Blog Me! I want to be in your blog!” He got really drunk on a couple of glasses of wine and started acting like an idiot. He accidentally broke a window on Sebastian’s door and passed out on Greg’s bed and was later moved to the upstairs couch. Congratulations Tony Kim, You’ve made the blog!!! Not to be mean, I like Tony, but this is what he gets for his combined drunkenness and badgering. Goodnight all and a have a pleasant tomorrow or today if you’re reading this on the 11th during the day, which I guess you would be.

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American Roommate Idol

Posted by evankessler on November 9, 2004

I overslept this morning. I woke up at 10:05. I looked at my clock and thought, how much longer do I have to sleep and then realized that I’m supposed to be at work at 10. Way to go Evan! I rushed to take a shower and sped off to work for a day of taking chyron information and watching movies. For those of you not aware of what chyrons are they’re the graphic of the people’s names of who you are seeing currently on screen. Good, now that that’s cleared up I don’t have to talk about it.

I had to rush out of work at 6pm because we had interviews with four potential roommates. For those not aware, my brother is moving out of our apartment which he has lived in the previous six years, so it is the duty of Sean Maddison, Sebastian Nicolas, and myself to replace him.

The first guy was Doug from New Jersey. Hew was a nice enough guy, suitably laid back. He worked for a design and printing firm just ten minutes walking distance for our apartment. He seemed a little nervous to be meeting three people who were judging him which I imagine must be daunting. We gave him the 3rd degree in our laid back manner and gave good answers, part of me still wasn’t convinced. He seemed a little too reserved but I guess I would be in that situation. However, seeing as I like to make snap judgements on people I wasn’t really sure he was a good fit. He’s not out of the running yet, just I wasn’t really sure about him. GRADE: B-

The next guy we saw was Greg who works in charity event planning. The first impression was that this guy was monstrously tall and that I hoped if he lived here he would watch his head if the ceiling fan was on. Talking to Greg and asking the standard roommate questions, I really liked the guy. He was very talkative and seemed really organized and just gave really detailed description of the stuff he did that made it very interesting. In the back of my head I thought, this guy is too tall to live here. Everyone except Sean is relatively short. We can’t have another extremely tall fellow to be making me feel more insecure about my diminutive stature. Though I got over this really quickly and the, “this guy seems like a really good guy” portion of my brain won out. GRADE B+

Onward to number three at 8pm, Matt, a filmmaker from Austin Texas who also works another job in the political field. He was immediately talkative and outgoing and gave out really good vibes. Ugh, I hate using the word vibes. I feel like a fucking hippie. “I’m totally catching your vibe, let’s go see the Grateful Dead (or new equivalent Deep Banana Blackout or something) and trip our asses off fellow poser hippie douche.” So, anyway, Sean, Sebastian, and I seemed to take a liking to him immediately and we all just talked pretty much for a half hour. We had someone else coming at 8:30pm and I was afraid with all of this talking the interviews would cut into each other but I didn’t want to be a dick and cut it off. Plus, we were all getting on so well. So far, Matt is in the lead and he started pulling away from the pack. The closer it got to 8:30 the more nervous I got and the more anxious I got trying to avoid the awkward situation of two potential roommates meeting each other. I thought it would end up like in Back to the Future 2 when Marty was in danger of coming into contact with his other self in 1955. Fortunately it never came to that and Matt got out just under the wire. GRADE: A

Part 4 of the night was much shorter than the other three. The next applicant was British. We knew this from his email and I’ve always been a fan of British persons so I was looking forward to meeting Gary who worked in fashion. That should’ve been a tip off right there that he wasn’t really fitting in with Sean, Sebastian, and I. We’re all fan of sport in some way shape or form. When this guy opened the door, we just sort of knew he would not live here. Not to be mean, but he was very quiet, very proper, and gave no hint to having any personality. Not that he didn’t have one he just wasn’t very friendly and seemed socially awkward. We showed him around the place and he didn’t say much of anything, nor did he have any questions for us and his answers to our questions were extremely abrupt, leaving lots of awkward silences. We wished him luck and showed him out the door but there was no doubt that this was not the guy for our apartment. GRADE: F

Looking for roommates is fun. We’ve got some more applicants to meet on Wednesday and then we’ll make some decisions. Unless we have to meet some people on Thursday. God dammit I hate looking for roommates.

Also at around 11:34 Kristin Ertel called me to tell me that Wilco was on Jay Leno tonight so much thanks to Kristin for that one. I have to say, the wait was torturous. I had to sit through really crappy stories about Nicolas Cage going in a shark cage with his new waitress wife and his kid in Africa. I hate that guy. I don’t know why. Maybe I hate him because he hasn’t been in a good movie since Raising Arizona. Actually, Leaving Las Vegas was okay, but it was really depressing. Then they showed footage of him in the shark cage. I could really care less, and then to have to put up with Leno’s incessant ass kissing. It was painful. However, nothing could prepare me for hearing Jennifer Tilly babble through two segments about meeting her Poker player boyfriend like she was on speed or coke or something. I don’t think Leno even got a word. I’m surprised he didn’t hit her and tell her to just shut the fuck up, that’s certainly what I felt like doing. She just went on an on uninterrupted with the worst story I’d ever heard, narrowly beating out Nicolas Cage’s previous travails. She kept going on past 12:30 and I thought Wilco was going bumped. I was about to be cheated all for the sake of two of the most wholly uninteresting things I’d ever heard. Luckily, at 12:33, Jay got back from commercial and introduced Wilco who sped through a revved up version of a normally pretty rocking song, “I’m A Wheel” which in the end wasn’t really worth it because I had to sit through those awful interviews. I felt a little better that there was some sort of reward at least for having to sit through that crap. Ok, enough’s enough. Goodnight. That’s your reward for reading through this crap.

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