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Posted by evankessler on May 22, 2008

Dun-duh nuh nuh…Dun duh nuh…Dun duh nuh nuh. Dun duh nuh nuh nuh…Dun duh nuh nuh…Dun duh da…Dun duh da dun da da dun…duh da!

Are you as excited for the above as I am? I know you’re probably saying “What the hell is that anyway?” That’s my phonetic Indiana Jones theme musical intro. And no it’s not just my phonetic musical intro that I’m excited about, it’s the return for perhaps my favorite character in movie history, Dr. Henry Jones Jr. a.k.a. Indiana Jones.
A little over a week ago several friends and I reserved our seats for the fourth installment in the Indiana Jones series which before then I would have referrred to as the Indiana Jones Trilogy but will hereafter be calling a quadrilogy. So this thursday…or today (as this was written pretty close to midnight on wednesday) we’ll be taking to the Ziegfield theater for the 7:15 screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skulls.

There are certain to be legions of film dorks on hand dressed as Indy…but hopefully not as Nazis, for the character’s first big screen appearance in 19 years. I still recall with fondness seeing Raiders of The Lost Ark on videotape at home and both the second and third films in the theater. I have a not so fond, yet crystal clear recollection of my mom covering my eyes and dragging me out of the theater during the heart removal scene in 1984’s Temple of Doom. She had heard about the scene from a friend and deemed my five year old eyes too sensitive for the event although I don’t think she held any objection to any of the subsequent scores of cable television screenings in the years that followed. In 1989 I went to see Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade approximately four times in theaters, the majority of which I believe took place at the East Hampton Cinema.

Yes, Indiana Jones to me embodied the spirit of adventure as a small child. Each tale of daring and made me want to be an Archaeologist even more when I grew up. However, sometime between then and now life happened and I never became an archaeologist…but I never lost my love for the excitement embodied by those first three films.

Now on the eve of the 4th and hopefully final installment, I’m filled with skepticism stemming from the ideal that the fact trilogy is a nice, neat word and any numerical prefix beyond that sounds messy and the product tends to be even messier as evidenced by the three Star Wars prequels.

However, there is a tinge of optimism under that veil of deep cynicism. There has been a mixed bag of reviews though most err on the side of positive, because let’s face it, it’ll be nice to see our old friend Indiana Jones once again doing what he does best. I’ll let you know if the ting of optimism wins out sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. Until then, keep that Indiana Jones theme song dancing around your brain. I know I will.

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