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Men On Road to Gender Equality

Posted by evankessler on January 22, 2010

In the female-dominated world of sex work, the male of the species has been woefully held down by the presence of an ever-so-thick pane of glass ceiling. When most people think of “exotic dancing,” the image of large-bosomed, barely-clad ladies comes to mind way before that of Swayze-esque Chippendales performers with a degree in teabagging from Hunk University.

The same goes for the practice of prostitution. We usually imagine these hustlers as sensual ladies of the night, and when we do think of Man-hos, we’re more likely to get the image of a cutoff wearing meth addict propositioning cars underneath the bridge– not a classy brothel setup where randy ladies get introduced to a lineup of grade A beef for the sampling.

That’s all about to change though, as male prostitutes in the state of Nevada have their answer to Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks; he goes by the name “Markus” and he is the first legal gigolo in the United States, courtesy of The Shady Lady Ranch in Beatty,Nevada.

Markus is more than just a male prostitute.  He’s a gender equality crusader, proving that any sexual act women can perform legally, men can do just as well or even better. Inspired by Markus’s shattering of barriers between the sexes, we here at OneRiot believe the resultant domino effect will lead to men tackling roles traditionally occupied by females in other arenas. Here are a list of just some of the stereotypically female-dominated jobs/roles this pioneer of paid intercourse is paving the way for men to break into:

Cafeteria Worker- The term “Lunch Lady” has been standard in cafeterias the world over for decades.  Men have been excluded for far too long from the practice of slinging Sloppy Joe’s whilst wearing a paper cap.  We believe the term is “Lunch Person.”

Trophy Spouse- Traditionally rich men have their pick of members of the opposite sex whose sole aspiration is to dote on their powerful partner or appear on Rock of Love.  Well, men can aspire to just as little as certain women if half the cast of “A Shot At Love” is any indication.  Isn’t time the world accepts trophy husbands for all their lack of drive and clears a place for them on the mantle?

Sideline Reporter- While it’s true men have long existed on the sidelines of sporting events, giving inane facts that could easily be glossed over by the booth broadcast crew, this field has been recently dominated by a blistering array of beautiful, knowledgeable and intelligent ladies. Given this recent push for equality, we could see a fair amount of handsome gentleman taking their turf back outside the lines.

It may take time for gender equality to penetrate all aspects of society, but this we promise you OneRiot readers; A change is gonna come.

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International Left-Hander’s Day!

Posted by evankessler on August 13, 2009

Being left-handed can be both an affliction and a blessing.  While many lefties are said to be geniuses, the act of transferring the brilliance they possess from pen to paper is often met with smeared ink.  Lefties have faced much hardship in their lives, from sitting next to a righty at the dinner table to engaging in a proper handshake with someone of the opposite-handed persuasion, and lest we forget looking ever so awkward with a pair scissors.  The lefty must persevere through a childhood of bitter strife in which the other 90% of the population tells them they are doing things all wrong or that they’re not patriotic unless they put their right hand over their heart during the pledge of allegiance.

For all of the discrimination and difficulty they are forced to endure, they emerge a stronger, savvier southpaw, and for that they deserve their own day of honor.  So here’s to all of the Sandy Koufaxes, Barack Obamas, William Jefferson Clintons, Leonardo Da Vincis,(Evan Kesslers) and Paul McCartneys of the world who despite not feeling comfortable at their right-handed desk have been able to etch their names as more than just a footnote in the pages of history. Today August 13th is your day, International Left-Hander’s day. Grasp it in the hand everyone says you shouldn’t use and don’t let go.

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