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Costa Rica Day 1 – Travel Sick

Posted by evankessler on June 15, 2005

San Jose, Costa Rica 7:40pm

Well, to say it’s been a long first day of this adventure would be an understatement; to say it’s been an adventure would be an overstatement. I’ve been in San Jose for only dos horas and I’m just about ready to call it a day. My day yesterday never really ended as as I idiotically decided to stay up for the car service’s arrival at 5:30am, instead of actually getting some much needed sleep.

The beginning of my adventure went off without a hitch. I got to the airport on time and I got some reading done as I plowed through the first several anecdotes of David Sedaris’ Barrel Fever. I even caught some shut eye on the two-and-a-half-hour flight to Miami. The plane arrived in Miami at 10:30am and my connecting flight to San Jose, Costa Rica was to depart at 1152am EST and arrive at 12:38pm Costa Rica time. However, as the time drew nearer to 1152am we didn’t seem any closer to boarding the plane and as 11:52am passed, the departure time on the board seemed to increase by increments of 15 minutes give or take until it read 3:45pm.

While this was happening, I was being chatted up by a Navy IT guy named Eric H. who was telling me all about his Costa Rican experiences, his navy experiences, and last but not least his history of sexual harassment against females which he seemed somewhat proud of. He even relayed a story to me of grabbing a woman’s breasts in the middle of the Chicago airport and steamily kissing her neck and making out with her. Apparently he calls her everyday even though she is married. Frankly, I was afraid of walking away from this guy, because I thought he might be a bit off. That’s not to say he wasn’t helpful on matters regarding Costa Rica. He lived here for 3 years. He also helped pass time in the midst of a 4-and-a-half- hour flight delay, seeing as he had a deck of cards and a set of poker chips. At least we weren’t sitting together on the plane.

Our plane finally boarded at 3:45pm or so and we were in Costa Rica around 5:30pm Costa Rica time. After going through customs, Eric and I split a taxi to our respective places of temporary residence, which I felt pretty hesitant about doing since he was going on and on about all of the scams he pulled when he lived here. I half-expected him to pull out a gun and take my bags though he spent the better part of our ride warning me of the dangers of San Jose. I finally got rid of the questionable midshipman and made it to my Hostel, Hostel Pangea. Oh, I forgot, to mention that Eric procured an illegal taxi, but to his credit it was pretty cheap.

Upon arriving at the hostel, I signed up for a tour group going to the Arenal Volcano tomorrow morning and dropped my stuff off at the room. I asked the girl at the counter where I could get get some good cheap food and a beer. She pointed me to a bar a few blocks away. Apparently food and beer isn’t the only thing you can get there, because as I walked in a girl asked me if I wanted anything and I’m pretty sure she didn’t work at the bar if you catch my drift…but she was definitely working. Anyway, I ate at the bar, getting arroz con pollo and a beer for $5. I also wrote this entry there as this is just a transcription of the journal entry. Ok, comment away!!!


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