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What Was I Thinking?

Posted by evankessler on October 4, 2005

Sometimes blind devotion to this website leads to embarrassingly inane posts such as last night’s debacle. I arrived home in the wee hours of the morning and did not have my priorities straight.
They should’ve been as follows:
1) Finish Pepperoni Roll
2) Sleep

Instead it went:
1) Finish Pepperoni Roll
2) Drunken conversation with Matt W
3) Blog
4) Put up new poll question and search for pictures for poll
5) Sleep

As you can see there were about three extra steps than were necessary. I could have easily recapped my weekend in more detail and with better punctuation. However, I suppose I should leave the posting below as an example of what happens in said situation so history does not allow my ineptitude to repeat itself on such a grand scale. Perhaps, I’m overreacting, but I’m not a big fan of misspelling words and run-on sentences with poor punctuation. I could easily go back and fix it but that would put up a façade of drunken perfection, which I do not claim to have achieved.

A quick hit note on a couple (meaning two) of observations I made this weekend.

1) Actors are different animals than most human beings. I don’t think this is a good or bad thing, but as we auditioned people this weekend I just thought that the people we were auditioning were just in a completely different plane of existence. I’m not putting them on a pedestal or looking down at them, I just can’t imagine handing someone my resume highlighting my abilities to do karate (blue belt) or monkey impressions.

2) I love Comedy Central for such wonderful programs as The Daily Show and South Park, and Stella but I think they need to raise their standards a bit. I’m not just talking about the debacles that are Blue Collar TV, Mad TV and Mind of Mencia. I turned on the channel this Saturday Afternoon to find the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights. I guess my point here is, if Comedy Central is going to show movies, they should be funny movies because it’s a comedy channel. Oh, and I see no reason they can’t start airing episodes of The State. Seriously, someone has to get on the ball with this.

So, yeah those are my thoughts that stand out from over the weekend. Today, going into work I had one of those elevator moments where everyone talks about how they can’t believe it’s Monday again and they hope the week goes fast. I think the “day of the week” conversation is a pretty strong argument against going to work. It’s probably the most pathetic conversation piece next to the “I don’t know you but it’s really warm out today” weather conversation with someone who works on the same floor as you. If I never had to have any of those conversations again it would be too soon, but at the same time, I think going into work each day breeds the same kind of boring daily routine that leaves you nothing better to talk about than what the weather you just saw outside is. I’m sure I’ve even started a few of these conversations whilst staggering through my zombie like work week trance, so I’m not exactly ahead of the pack.

Anyway, work was okay today. I had to get things ready for edit tomorrow that may or may not get cut short by Rosh Hashannah dinner in Rockland. Oh yeah, Happy Jew New Year. How did I celebrate my Jew New Year you ask? I went to go see Earl Pickens play at the CBGB Gallery. Jewish New Year and Country Music, quite the time honored tradition. It was a good little show, with about 15-20 folks looking on. He did a good mix of stuff from his album, new songs, and old favorites. It was on ly a 40 minute set. Earl is playing Nashville on October 24th and I think I’m going to try to fly down there with John Vacanti and catch the two gigs he’ll be doing. My job will be over by then so I won’t miss any work. I also learned today, that I can claim unemployment insurance after my Freelance gig is over. Hallelujah!!! I accidentally just hit the word count button on the toolbar and it said I’ve written 293 pages. That’s a lot of pages. So yeah, I’m going to stop here because I don’t want to reach 300 tonight.

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