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Teens Like Like What They Like

Posted by evankessler on August 10, 2009

About five-sevenths of those in the proper age range to be referred to as “Teens” may not have the right to vote, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be blessed with the burden of choice. What better way to bestow upon the adolescent population their very own right to choose by giving them an award show in which they basically tell you what you already knew they liked?

Yes, everyone who induces shrieking in those between the ages of 13 and 19 was on hand to be honored at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, a shocking ceremony held at the Gibson Theater in Los Angeles on Sunday night.  The kids let their ballots (or however they vote) do the obsessed, high-pitched wailing that only dogs can hear.

As soon as Lassie got the message loud and clear it was apparent that the kids thought enough of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart‘s performance in their light-hearted, not-at-all brooding, good-time vampire romp, Twilight, that they saw fit to award them both for it. The film went on to snag 11 awards in total.

Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus surprised everyone by taking home five and six awards respectively, possibly in the music category or maybe just in the cute boyz and girlz department. The show also saw the aforementioned acts separately involved in two of the most beguiling moments in world pop culture history.  The first occurred when one of the Jonas Brothers (Gary?) had his hair cut by Mike Tyson.  Call us crazy, but we just don’t trust putting scissors in the hands of a guy with a face tattoo who has bitten off ears.  For the evening’s 2nd oddest moment, Miley Cyrus actually referred to Britney Spears as “my hero.”  Oh those teens, when they choose to be, they can be quite unpredictable.  To catch all of the wacky action, check out the show tonight on FOX!

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MJ Memorial to Heal the World

Posted by evankessler on July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson's Memorial Service at Staples ...

Image by cattias.photos via Flickr

The world is at a standstill today and Los Angeles is it’s epicenter as close to a billion people worldwide have stopped in their tracks and glued themselves to their television sets or to chairs at the Staples Center to remember one of the great artists of all time with a memorial tribute to Michael Jackson.  Such a momentous occasion is this celebration of the life of The King of Pop that even MTV has got in on the act,  putting a halt to it’s regularly scheduled programming consisting of teenagers getting drunk and trying to hook up with each other indiscriminantly, to join more respectable entertainment outletssuch as CNN and BET to cover the heart-wrenching, celebrity-ridden tribute from the eloquent perspective of Sway.

News coverage has been vigilant to say the least, following everything via helicopter from the private service at Forest Lawn Cemetery to an OJ-style aerial shot of the hearse transporting the body of MJ to the event. It’s pandemonium on a Princess Di level and truly a fitting tribute for a guy who we called a King that was prone to dressing like some sort of Civil War Admiral.

Today, we truly are the world, and we are the children of the music of Michael Jackson. And when this whole damn star- studded thing is over, we’ll have to get back to our normal lives with the knowledge that none of us are “Invincible”, but also
that we must do our part to heal the world and make it a better place– because that’s what Michael would want us to do.

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QUAKE ’08: Safety Tips for Future Quakes

Posted by evankessler on July 30, 2008

Well faithful readers, A day has past since the rumble in the urban jungle shook the souls of the heavenly beings in the City of Angels, and while the fright still lingers, much of that fear has been replaced by a newfound alertness. People all over the city, nay the world, have stopped to think about how they’ll prepare for the next time mother nature decides to exercise her latent wrath.

While no one can be truly prepared for an earthquake, we here at EvanKessler.com know that there are certain things you can do to attempt to be safe next time an earthquake should attempt to rattle your nerves. So without further ado we present you a list of safety tips to prevent tragedy in the case that another earthquake should eventually occur:

  1. Make sure you are always standing in a doorway. Earthquakes never hurt people standing in doorways. If you work in an office, make sure your desk is located in a doorway; or if you are in school make sure to always listen to the teacher from the safe confines of a doorway.
  2. Always keep canned goods and bottled water in the place you are going to be when the next earthquake occurs…most likely the doorway.
  3. Keep a can opener in the doorway
  4. If you happen to not be in the doorway (you are obviously ignoring the safety tips) when the next earthquake occurs, it is wise to stop drop and roll. In an earthquake the ground rolls beneath you, so rolling on the ground is supported by the earthquake’s natural motion. This will mostly likely cause you to be rolled into a safe place, like a doorway…or into a wall.
  5. Become an Astronaut. If you spend most of your time living on a space station you will not be affected by earthquakes.
  6. If you experience an earthquake and miraculously survive after not standing in a doorway, go to the supermarket that hasn’t collapsed and buy canned goods and place them in the doorway and remember rules one through five in the event of an aftershock.
  7. If you haven’t learned enough about Earthquake Safety…watch this wonderful video starring the wondefully talented John Ritter from the 20th Century.

Well, that does it for our coverage of QUAKE ’08. We here at EvanKessler.com hope you gained a lot from our exclusive coverage of this story. In the future we encourage you to be safe so that your next Quake experience has you shaking in your shoes a little less.

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QUAKE ’08: In Depth Coverage of The LA Quake of 7/29/08

Posted by evankessler on July 29, 2008

At 11:42 Pacific D (not sure what that stands for) Time, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattled the city of Los Angeles.  We here at EvanKessler.com decided to spring into immediate action to cover the events as they unfolded.  Our first course of action was this post, which will be followed up by a series of first hand accounts and interviews from the victims of this shaky situation.  Stay tuned for the latest, we’re on it!

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Going Back To Cali

Posted by evankessler on April 30, 2008

As I write this on the eve of my first trip to the West Coast in seven years several California-related songs are cycling through my brain as it is The most obvious ones are Led Zeppelin’s “Going To California”, Phantom Planet’s “California” and LL Cool J’s “Going Back To Cali”, The Mamas and The Papas “California Dreamin'” and The Beach Boys “California Girls”. I can’t help thinking I should’ve made a California-themed mix on my ipod to listen to, but alas I haven’t packed yet so that might have to wait. However, if I were to add some more songs to the playlist I’d have to include Mike Viola and The Candybutchers “Hills of L.A”, The Magnetic Fields “California Girls”, The Old 97’s “Just Like California”, “West Coast” by the Roadside Graves, and Ryan Adams “Goodnight Hollywood Boulevard” to possibly close it out. I’m sure if I gave myself time I could come up with at least 20 more but then I’d just be showing off all of the music I know about that nobody cares about.

In any case, the entirety of the last two days has been spent running around making preparations to take on Sunny California. I’ve been so anxious about the trip that I feel like I’ve been out of the swing of things. My post on JoshSpear.com have been average at best and I even neglected the weekend recap here. In an effort to remedy this I’m going to give you a shortened version of last weekend in the following few sentences.

Friday…I got a haircut. Friday night…I stayed in.
Saturday was an absolute whirlwind. I left my apartment at 3pm to go see Suli’s 100 level improv show, joined by Joe D, Jess D, JSarah, Rich, Lina, Andrea,Kayvalyn, Enisha and other people I’m probably forgetting. The show was pretty excellent and there were a lot of good laughs. Most of the people in the show were entirely entertaining save for this one guy who kept trying to involve himself in every bit by doing walk-ons that were completely irrelevant and more or less just selfish attempts to showcase himself. After the show I went out with Suli and his improv class for drinks at the Stoned Crow near Washington Square. Rich, Suli and I left at around 9pm and got Thai Food at Isle before heading back to the Stoned Crow. Rich didn’t stick around for long and Suli and I had another beer at a diner with some of his improv crew. After that final beer I headed back to Park Slope and went to the Dram Shop for my friend and editor at JoshSpear.com Heather’s going away party. I had a few more drinks and at around 2am, Heather and I left the bar only to notice that it was pouring and relatively cold. Rather than walk the 10 plus blocks home we split a cab and I fell fast asleep in dreamyland minutes later.
Sunday…I barely left my house.

Well…that was my hasty…sloppy excuse for a weekend recap. I still have so much to do before my plane leaves in less than 14 hours…the least important one among them is pack. I still have to do two posts for JoshSpear.com, one post for Trendliest, and one for If I Blog It They Will Come. I’ve really worked myself into a corner with all of these writing projects.

However, I think I’m going to take the next week off, writing only when I’m inspired to. I need to get away from this computer and enjoy life and people for a bit…and maybe even some scenery. Hopefully the hills of LA and a little sunshine will help refresh my nose for witty and engrossing content, because right now my brain feels like absolute mush and looking at words makes my head hurt.

In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing some long lost faces from my past and even some things I’ve never seen in the next week. Maybe I’ll have so much fun I’ll be convinced that I have to move to LA…though probably not. My first order of business though is to bring this post to a close and get a handle on all of my other responsibilities. So goodbye for now…and hopefully I’ll see you soon. Who knows, you could hear from me tomorrow after I catch the Angels-A’s game in Anaheim.

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