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Shocking Report: The Good News

Posted by evankessler on May 10, 2007

I’m aware that the length of time between posts is starting to make each new post akin to that of a weekend recap. Though given the time of the week this one is taking place, one might be inclinded to say it’s a Midweek recap. So go ahead…call it a midweek recap… To say the last few days have been eventful would, I suppose, be an understatement. Maybe it would be an overstatement. Perhaps, your definition of eventful is slightly more busy than mine and might also rely heartily on your definition of the word “understatement”. In any case, the past few days have been eventful and of a rather fortuitous nature.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been mentioning outings into the city, calling some of them business and some of them errands. Some actually were errands and some were actually job interviews. On this beautiful Monday past, to begin the week, I ventured into the city for an actual errand run. I was originally tempted to just stay in bed the entire day due to the fact that I had not slept a wink the previous evening on account of feeling ill. However, the weather was too nice for me to avoid the sun altogether and after an hour nap after writing my daily Costner post, I set sail for the city with my iPod in hand starting my Monday journey at The Roots “Without A Doubt” and racing through the W’s passing by songs about Wondering, Wonderwalls, Words, Work and “The World At Large”. My trip to the city wasn’t prolonged by many events just a simple in and out deal and I arrived home to the cheers of the live concert crowd at Madison Garden at the beginning of Johnny Cash’s “Wreck of The Old 97”. I didn’t get much past the crowd noise prior to putting a stop to the Monday iPodysssey leg.

The rest of the evening seemed to be status quo as far as Mondays tend to go. I had a bowl of cereal for dinner since I wasn’t particularly struck by the hungries and I watched 24, which just seems to be getting more and more ridiculous by the second. Well, at least there’s only 2 more episodes. Free at last! Free at last! My Monday nights will be free at last! After another hour of audacious plot twisting, I went to my room to browse the interweb while my roommates while my roommates watched Heroes, which I have no interest in. Upon arriving back at my room I noticed my cell phone vibrating with a voice message notice. When I checked the call log I noticed a West Coast phone number. This was a call I had been waiting for. I had interviewed with an L.A. based production company the previous week for an AP position on a New York based reality show. I immediately returned their call and learned the delightful news, that I had a new job! My mood was transformed from annoyance (from the pathetic episode of 24 to absolute giddyness. Evan Kessler is back on the job…but not for another few weeks until it starts up.

I was absolutely delighted that my morning would not be filled with job hunting and resumé sending. That was a good thing too since the temperature was to be in the mid-70’s and enjoying the sunny weather would be preferral to perusing the interweb indoors in a windowless room. Yes sir and or ma’am, I was in a good mood heading to sleep that night. I went to bed with my hands folded behind my head and ready to drift off to dreamland. While in that blissful dreamland I felt a surge coming through to my hand. I don’t recall what I was dreaming about but the surge did not feel at all relevant. It felt electric. Somehow I was able to determine within my dream that the feeling was based on an occurrence in the actual real world of my bedroom and I was able to rouse myself from my sleep and not a moment too soon. You see, the one electrical outlet in my room is behind the head of my bed and since I have no headboard my extremities are ripe candidates to shake hands with voltage should I feel the need to extend them far enough and I had apparently felt that need this evening in my sleep.

Luckily for me there was no damage sustained. I think there was a little mark that has since disappeared but it must not have been an extreme voltage situation. I was sufficiently freaked out thinking that after such a good day it would have been ironic to accidentally commit suicide in my sleep via electrocution. After pondering a 3am room rearrangement I decided that I’d sleep with my head on the opposite side of the bed for the rest of the evening. The task of finding a safer spot for my bed would have to wait until the next morning or at least until a time when I wasn’t so tired.

Tuesday Morning, I awoke safely, not having had anymore sleep accidents. I was ready to start what effectively was a three week vacation since my new job wouldn’t be starting until the end of May. After the daily Costner post I headed out with my iPod in hand to wander around the neighborhood. My Tuesday iPodyssey began at Johnny Cash’s “Wreck of The Old 97”. Coincidentally, I was wearing my Old 97’s (they were named after that song and I swear I didn’t even think about it before putting it on) band shirt. I walked all the way to Connecticut Muffin on 7th and 1st Streeet and got myself an iced green tea. Unfortunately, there were no spots for me on the bench so I walked all the way to 5th and Union where I sat outside in the blazing sun in front of Louie G’s Ice Cream shop and read my latest book, Sarah Vowell’s Take The Cannoli.

During my sitting streak I welcomed and said goodbye to the 5 songs X-section of the iPodyssey which began with Liz Phair’s “X-Ray Man” and ended with the Magnetic Fields “Xylophone”. The Magnetic Fields also began the Y-section with “Yeah, Oh Yeah”. After a few more Y songs I made for home. There’s only so much sun one can take in per afternoon. I walked through the door to the sound of Radiohead’s “You”, which was as good a place to stop as any since it seemed to be the beginning of a very long section in which a particular word dominated.

The rest of my Tuesday was rather relaxed. After spending some time futzing around my apartment I decided to cook myself some teriyaki chicken for dinner, so I ventured out to the Key Food for supplies. Several minutes later it was cooking time and I resumed the iPodyssey all the way to Yo La Tengo’s “You Can Have it All” which is where my iPod was when I was done cooking. The next 4 to 5 hours were spent couching it in favor of baseball on the idiot box. At around 11:46pm, Arby sent me an IM asking if I wanted to get a drink. Seeing as I had no plans for the next morning I felt I could be up for a few. We met 10 minutes later at The Lighthouse amidst several barstools, one bartender, a bar owner, and no one else. It was a quiet night in The Slope indeed. Three drinks later we called it a night. I went to sleep with my head nowhere near the light socket once again.

Wednesday Morning felt eerily similar to Tuesday. No responsibility save for a Costner post and striking beautiful weather outside once again. I got the blogging out of the way quickly and then high tailed it to Target. Of course I brought my iPod with me. There’s no way I’m not taking that thing with me everywhere seeing as the end of the iPodyssey is so near I can taste it. I resumed at Yo La Tengo’s “You Can Have It All” as I tossed my baseball up in the air to myself never once losing it in the bright sunlight as I walked down the street. Before I knew it I was at Target in the familiar sock aisle. I made a quick study of my options, made my sock selection and promptly paid. Just like that I was out the door, heading back for some more relaxed reading in front of Louie G’s. This time I got my Tea from the Tea Lounge on Union St between 6th and 7th Avenues. I have to say, I most certainly discovered a new favorite coffee/tea joint…maybe. One visit isn’t enough to call something your favorite, though the Green/Lemon Iced Tea was quite the satisfactory beverage.

I sat, reading on a bench outside of Louie G’s until 3:05pm when it was time to go back to my apartment and watch the Mets-Giants game. My Wednesday iPod journey stopped when I got in my apartment at PJ Harvey’s “You Said Something” with a mere 39 songs left on the iPodyssey. Mark my words, the iPodyssey ends Thursday.

Wednesday had already felt productive enough with my trip to target, the reading, and the baseball watching, but Wednesday night also held fun in the palm of it’s hand. Wednesday night is Pub Quiz Night twice a month and while the regular crew has not been making a priority out of it, that didn’t stop Andrew Morton and I from putting our theoretical cards on the table. We arrived at the Black Sheep Pub a determined twosome. After discussing previous favorite quiz team names we settled on “Please Escher Don’t Hurt ‘Em” (like instead of MC Hammer we were referring to MC Escher for those of you who have no idea what we are talking about). We did come up with some good new quiz names though. We added “Full Court Breasts” and “Steenburgen” (as in actress Mary Steenburger, we think it sounds like a 70’s metal band name) to the mix. There was some discussion of “Ted Dancin’ ” but that joke might rely on the name to be too visual to get.

Anyway, Andrew and I were encouraged after our last championship showing with the two of us and Katie nearly a month ago. We were not afraid of the other pesky teams. Besides, quiz night was substantially less crowded than usual and damn those other teams with 4 people. We’re smart cats. “Please Escher Don’t Hurt ‘Em” got off to a mediocre start in the first 3 rounds answering 8 out of 15 correctly including questions about French Prime Ministers, The View, and Tom Hanks Movies. However, the heat was turned up as we swept both rounds 4 and 5, the latter of which was all about film theme songs (don’t waste our time, really). We were sitting pretty at the halfway point tied with two other teams with 18 correct answers.

We had a dogfight on our hands but we were brimming with confidence. Our next two rounds we managed to muster 8 out of 10 possible correct answers, which was way better than the 5 or 6 we had perceived as the right answer. Apparently we know a thing or two about Nazi Generals, Slavic Capitals, Mountain Ranges and Green Day. God bless quiz question diversity. Unfortunately round 8 so us fall back to earth with 2 correct answers, one of which I had learned from Keith Hernandez and Gary Cohen the previous evening during the Mets broadcast (and it wasn’t sports related). Knowledge comes from the strangest places.

Andrew and I were slightly discouraged by the 2-round but we knew we still had a shot at taking home the big bucks. Luckily, for us in round 9 I was able to use my knowledge of “Dora The Explorer” that I gained this passover to our advantage and Andrew relied on his knowledge of Wicca to score us a 4. It was down to one final round, but it wouldn’t be easy. We were at 32 and while that might have been enough in other weeks, it might not be enough today. Luckily Andrew new enough about Birth Control and Michael Jackson and we scored a 3. One of the answers in the round was Candace Bergen but we realized that after we handed in our sheet and couldn’t get it back. Oh well, this was the moment of truth. Could a team of two wipeout an entire bar? Well, almost. It was a tie.

We had tied with a team of 4 with 35 correct answers and it was time for a tie-breaker. The final question. If you were to make a fence that stretched the entire U.S.-Mexico border, how many feet long would it be…the closest team wins. I knew I had to figure out how many feet are in a mile and just multiply it by 3,000 or something like that. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how many feet were in a mile. My final answer was 4,740,000. Unfortunately, I was about 5,000,000 feet short and the other team was a bit closer. Andrew and I finished in 2nd place but we weren’t ashamed. We came to realize that we can probably contend for the money every time from now on and as a team of two split the winnings. We were both $14 richer tonight and pretty happy about it. We’re willing to take on more partners though, the more the merrier. It’s just that if no one wants to join us, well then more money for us. And with the end of quiz night, effectively came the end of Wednesday.

Lots going on Thursday, The End of The Ipodyssey, Cold Hands Collective at The Slipper Room on the LES. There’ll be plenty more to talk about tomorrow night…maybe…if I don’t just fall asleep after coming home…stay tuned.

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Get A Haircut and Get A Real Job

Posted by evankessler on March 22, 2007

Over the past few weeks the pressure has been mounting for me to actually get a real job. I’ve been sending out resumés and applying to every job in the great big sea of financial security that seems even remotely interesting. Unfortunately, I’ve had very few nibbles on my line. My options seemed to be running out and I had begun to think about picking up my belongings and setting up shop somewhere else; Perhaps on another coast where the employment flows like wine. I’m not really sure what makes someone employable but if my recent history is of any indication, I do not have that certain something that makes someone want to utter the words…”you’ve got the job.”…Or at least that’s the way I felt until yesterday. Early Afternoon on Tuesday, my cell phone rang and displayed an unfamiliar 212 number. There was a slight hesitation on my part to answer straightaway, as lately I’ve been persistently pestered by certain charitable organizations hoping to obtain my services for unpaid labor. Now, I’m not stranger to working for peanuts but I’m looking for something I can hang my hat on or at least something that can provide me with a valuable experience. Luckily, at the other end of the line, was a person that might be able to provide me with such an experience. I’m not going to elaborate on the opportunity that was set up…but let’s just say that I have an interview set up for Thursday morning. Regardless of what happens…I feel the winds of change slowly blowing towards Brooklyn.

After receiving the encouraging phone call I headed over to Barnes & Noble with one mission in mind…buy a Fantasy Baseball Magazine. For the last several years I’ve been engaged in a futile struggle to finish in a respectable position in my Fantasy Baseball league. I always feel the need to arm myself with as much information as possible heading into the draft, though to be honest, I’m not really sure what good the information does. I barely read the magazine and basically use their mock draft as my guideline. I use the exact same order they picked. If someone is picked before I get to them then I just cross that player off. It’s not a scientific method but I also cross off players that I hate, which probably hurts my chances more. In any case, that’s why I went to the B&N and on my way there I resumed my iPodyssey with Yo La Tengo’s “Sometimes I Don’t Get You” which is another stellar track off of their latest album, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass.

There was an excellent soundtrack for my walk to the bookstore as two of my favorite Karaoke songs bookended my absolute favorite Kathleen Edwards song. I felt like belting Dan Hill’s “Sometimes When We Touch”, Ms. Edwards’ “Somewhere Else”, and Linda Rondstadt and James Ingram’s “Somewhere Out There” at the top of my lungs while walking but I was afraid people would look at me funny. I was in a good mood though, so let them stare. Aside from my purchase of my 2007 Fantasy Baseball bible my trip to Barnes & Noble was uneventful. I arrived home to Galaxie 500’s “Sorry” and put my iPod to bed for a few minutes.

Quite pleased with the events of Tuesday early afternoon, I headed into Manhattan at around 5:2oPM to meet with my good friend Jaime to discuss life, love, the pursuit of happiness (not the Will Smith movie) and our impending High School reunion. It had probably been since around Thanksgiving when we saw each other last and we had much to catch up on. Jaime had been living the engaged life and she got a new dog and I had a lot of general life things to talk about. I hopped on the R train at Union St. in route to Manhattan while once again resuming the iPodyssey.

It took from Galaxie 500’s “Sorry” to Portishead’s “Sour Times” before Jaime was standing right in front of me at the Wachovia Building at South Ferry. From there we walked to South St. Seaport and sat on the deck as birds flew at our heads. We talked about work, life, travel, and what not…you know, the things we expected to talk about. However, it’s different talking to Jaime about things like that since she always has a lot to add and she does more than listen. She provides much needed insight. Part of me has always wondered why she never became a psychiatrist. She would certainly be very good at it….well, she already is.

After several minutes of dodging seagulls, Jaime and I headed for a Japanese restaurant somewhere downtown. I think it was called Ichiro. No word on weather or not it was owned by the Seattle Mariners hit machine of the same name. In any case, it was a pleasant meal and the audio from Jeopardy piping through the restaurant only enhanced the atmosphere. I was even compelled to answer “What are the Green Mountains?” once. Jaime and I went through the list of people we wanted to see for the high school reunion. She said it would be fun to see the “random people”. I for the life of me couldn’t figure out who those “random people” might be. Nonetheless, it was fun to try to name people from the past.

Jaime and I split from Ichiro just as Wheel of Fortune was coming on. I refuse to watch that show and I have no desire to listen to it either. We took a nice walk to the nearest 2,3 station and went our merry ways, I to Brooklyn, and Jaime to the Upper West Side. Upon arriving home at 8:30pm to the tune of The Verve’s “Space and Time” I decided to watch the Kevin Costner film 13 Days and call it a night.

I awoke at a reasonable hour this morning with full knowledge what I was going to write for Costner blog, so that was the thing weighing least heavily on my mind. After that post was done, I made a haircut appointment and readied myself for another Manhattan trip. Unfortunately, my iPod was still adapting to my computer since 10 minutes before it was time to leave my PowerBook uncharacteristically froze. Therefore, I had to make way for the East Village sans-iPod. It was either that or pull out my iPod connection early and risk erasing it again. That was not an option. Luckily I had a book to read. Marty had lent me Bill Bryson’s “A Short History of Nearly Everything” quite some time ago, so this seemed like a good time to get started on it.

I made it into Manhattan with about 30 minutes to kill prior to my haircut. I went to Kim’s on St. Marks and perused the CDs until I had 15 minutes left. I decided that with 15 minutes before my hair appointment I could sit at Hair Mates and do some reading before it was time to get the shampoo treatment. Boy was I wrong. Right as I walked in somebody took my coat to hang up and a girl escorted me to her shampoo station. They were looking to get ahead of schedule at Hair Mates Salon on St. Marks. Unfortunately, for the nth time in a row I didn’t get the erotic head massage during the shampoo…just a quick shampoo in rinse with no temple stimulation or neck kneading.

When I got to my normal hairstylist’s chair, she was working on someone else but walked away from her to trim my tresses. However, it seemed all business this time. Hair Mates was had turned into an efficient lock lopping operation. It was as if I was out the door as soon as they had invited me in…only I was several dollars poorer. That being said, I also had less hair and I looked better and certainly better groomed.

From Hair Mates I took a walk to the Strand Book store in search of more reading material. Sure, I just started reading a new book but I could finish this one any minute. Then what would I do? I ended up buying Sarah Vowell’s “Take The Cannoli” for only $4.95. I had previously read her book “Assassination Vacation” and absolutely loved it, so I figured it was time to read some more of her stuff. Fresh from my new purchase, I hopped on the Q train and made towards Park Slope, still reading my Bill Bryson book. While going over the bridge I noticed that my phone had some voice messages on it. They must’ve called while we were underground though since my phone did not ring once. As I finally reached my destination and could check my voice mail, I discovered that someone else wanted me in for an interview. The good news keeps getting gooder.

I returned home to my abode and heard my stomach growl. To satisfy the savage beast I prepared some flank steak and broccoli over brown rice. Mmmm…Mmmm…Mmmm. While this was being done I listened from The Verve’s “Space and Time” to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” on the iPodyssey.

I didn’t give myself much time to let my meal settle as I soon headed over with iPod in hand to Buck’s Lodge where my friend Rachel was bartending. The walk there didn’t take as long as I thought it would and I only made it 9 songs from “Space Oddity” to Pavement’s “Speak, See, Remember”. While there we talked with some guy about Cleveland and I watched Syracuse lose to Clemson in the NIT Quarterfinals. Not really a big deal to lose in the NIT Quarterfinals since I don’t really think anyone wants to be playing in the NIT tournament anyway. At around 11pm I said goodnight and headed back home. This time I only burned through 6 songs from “Speak, See, Remember” to Wilco’s “Spiders (Kidsmoke)”. There was nothing left to do after getting home but watch the Colbert Report, South Park, and hit the sack. Big day tomorrow. There’s dressing up to do and people to impress. Also, I’m going to see Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Ray Price in concert with the brother. Should be fun. I’ll tell you all about it someday.

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The Triad of Hope

Posted by evankessler on June 23, 2006

If you’ve been checking back every day in the hopes of finding some new daily witticisms from EvanKessler.com it hasn’t been your week. I’ve spent the majority of my past few days camped out under the under the ceiling fan in my living room staying out of the excessive heat and allowing for the entropy of my muscular tissue due to physical inactivity. Other than that not much has penetrated the sphere of the existence of one Evan J. Kessler. Instead I’ve been focused on the task at hand, which has been the task at hand for oh about the last eight months, give or take, finding a job.

Monday didn’t offer much in the way of positive experiences. I scoured Craigslist, Entertainment Careers.net, Mandy.com, Cynthia’s Cynopsis, and Variety’s jobs section for opportunities. Sure I applied to more than my fair share of jobs but didn’t expect to hear back from any, as that’s how things have been going lately. When I woke up Tuesday morning the first thing I saw in my gmail inbox was a response to one of my emails from the previous day for a Producer gig at a place that mainly focused on 3-D and computer animation things, as well as other production aspects. I responded and set up an interview as a ray of hope shone down on me. I got a good vibe that this week was starting to go my way. Several hours later, I received another email to set up an interview about another gig, this one however less substantial as it was only for a guest bartending gig. I felt hope spring eternal as all of the sudden my responses to Craigslist ads were being transformed into golden opportunities. Just when I thought the deluge had come to an end, I received another notification from an ad I had responded to 8 days prior for an AP gig. Praise the lord, I was beginning to see the light of day. My brights seemed brighter, my whites whiter, and my colors more colorful. It was time to emerge from the depths of depravity which I had been so mired in. I emailed the last people back and told them I would love to meet with them. I have yet to hear from them and it’s nearly three days later. Hmmm, methinks that’s a little strange but I can hold out a little longer. No matter, I had two interviews set up for Wednesday and one potentially for the rest of the week. The way things were going I was expecting three more people to contact me any minute. I didn’t want to go to the bathroom because of the odd chance that I’d have to pick up the phone whilst relieving myself, or risk never hearing from a potential employer again.

I still did things on the cheap for the rest of Tuesday, preferring the comfort of my couch at night to going to see Son Volt at the River to River Festival. I stayed at home by my lonesome watching the Mets dismantle the Cincinnati Reds. I didn’t want to go out and mess myself up for the next day as Jill M was coming over to help me move some stuff to Brooklyn and I had two interviews.

When Wednesday came around I was up early and ready to move. I had packed several boxes of Cds, DVDs, and miscellaneous things including my Playstation 2 and VCR. We packed up Jill’s car, drove over to Park Slope and unloaded stuff into my new room. Jill then dropped me off at a Subway stop but before I got on Arby called me and told me he had a potential job. A third opportunity had presented itself and I went home, sent my resume to Arby’s friend who then called me and we set something up for Thursday. With a third interview set up and renewed vigor, I readied for interview #1. I got all dressed up and headed out at 3:15 for a 4pm appointment. I always like to arrive 15 minutes early and the building was quicker than I thought it would be to find. I paced back and forth for 10 minutes before my 15 minutes early limit on 26th Street between 6th and Broadway (I think, or it could’ve been 5th). That whole area is just odd as every single store is the same on that block. If you want hip hop clothing, go to this block. There were 6 or 7 stores in a row dedicated to the same urban style with Jerseys, hats and other hip hop clothing brands. Anyway, I went up to the office at 3:45. First of all, the moment when you walk into an office you’ve never been into for an interview is usually the single oddest moment; even more so if you’re all dressed up and everyone else is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. That moment sucks even more upon hearing that the person you’ve come in to interview with had to leave the office. This is what happened to me. As a result, I had to interview with someone who was not familiar with my resume and could only talk for five minutes. My original optimism had dissolved into thin air. After talking for a few minutes the interviewer said that they’d call to set up another interviewer where I’d be able to talk to the original intended interviewee. Onto interview #2.

Interview #2 was for a Guest Bartending gig at the Copper Door Tavern on 22nd and 3rd Avenue. Before making it to the interview I suffered a minor setback as I walked into a bar and sat down telling them I was there to see the manager. The only problem was that I was in the Bullshead Tavern. I pretended that I had to make a phone call and walked a block or two down to the Copper Door Tavern. I sat at the bar for a few minutes waiting to be interviewed and after short wait and brief interview I had myself a Guest Bartending gig. The Guestbartending gig will be from 6-10pm on Thursday June 29th at the Copper Door Tavern on 3rd Avenue Between 21st and 22nd Streets. This is subject to change.

After getting the guest bartending gig I decided to walk to the subway but somewhere on 21st around Park avenue I realized I didn’t have my metro card. I rifled through my pockets but to no avail. I looked up in slight despair and to my immediate right stood Prince. I’m pretty sure it was Prince anyway, it looked like him and he was shorter than me. It didn’t seem unreasonable as we were right by Gramercy Park and I could see Prince living in Gramercy Park if he indeed has a place in New York. Anyway, I wasn’t too distressed by my metrocard mishap since the weather was beautiful and that card was just about out of juice. I returned about 45 minutes prior to the Met game and had my plans set for the evening. The Mets were several runs behind so I decided to drop by my brother’s apartment and give him some mail that had been delivered to my apartment by accident. However, as I headed to the subway I got a call from Kristin and Jill M to join them on the roof two doors down from me. I joined them for several drinks after returning from Tribeca. We sat outside as Kristin attempted to deter a large rat from joining us on the patio. She also expounded on her fear of bugs and refusal to go on a planned trip to South Africa if there are, in fact, too many bugs. The evening came to an end a little after midnight as I had to wake up for an 11am interview. Unfortunately for me I had very little sleep due to the uncomfortable temperatures and had to be at the top of my game. The interview went about as well as it could go, but I won’t know until Monday about the outcome. I don’t really feel like expounding on the interview events because it was rather uneventful. It was comfortable, easygoing, and whether or not I get the job is out of my hands at this point. The rest of my day has been spent as the past few days have been spent, watching the Mets in the comfortable patch of real estate beneath the living room ceiling fan. I may just sleep here tonight.

Oh yeah, expect to be hounded really soon about coming to my bartending gig. I’m sending an evite tomorrow.

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Met Offensive

Posted by evankessler on May 26, 2006

Well, it’s been quite the uneventful week. Most of the days have been spent indoors looking for jobs and watching the New York Mets on the TV. Though I did spend some time out of doors reading the Vladimir Nabokov classic “Lolita”. Today was somewhat of a change as it was all outside and all M-E-T-S METS!!!! The weather was exceptionally beautiful for a day game at Shea Stadium in Flushing, Queens as the New York Mets took on the Philadelphia Phillies for final game of their three game series. The Mets had won the first two contests via comeback and were looking to sweep the series. Unfortunately, they had the usually atrocious Jeremi Gonzalez pitching and Craig K, John K, and myself had the feeling we’d be in for a long day that did not favor our favorite team. Our fears caught up with us rather early as Gonzalez gave up 3 runs in the first but if we have learned anything from the 2006 Mets, it’s that these guys can come back. Several innings later the resilient Mets struck back has Jose Reyes hit a 3-run homer knotting the game up at 3 apiece. The scoring stopped for awhile but in the Top of the 7th the Phillies regained the lead and would hold on to take the game 5-3. The two highlights of the game have to be when a foul ball landed one row down and three seats over from me, directly into the hands of the guy sitting there and the completely idiotic comments being peppered at the struggling home team players on the ball field. It’s amazing how uncreative and obvious fans can be as the people several rows behind me yelled “HIT THE BALL!” and “You suck.” I don’t know what I expect them to say but it’s sort of obvious to yell to the player below to make contact when in fact that’s the very thing he’s attempting to do. I’m not much of a talker or yeller when it comes to games. I don’t mind loud clapping but superfluous instruction is really where I draw the line, even if I’ve paid money and my team is losing. Oh well, chalk another one up to the hex of my attendance. I think I have a pretty awful record when it comes to attending my favorite teams’ games. The majority of Rangers, Mets, Giants, and Orangemen contests have resulted in losing efforts. Perhaps, I should stop attending sporting events altogether as it seems the teams would benefit greatly and most of the time I enjoy watching the game on TV much more because you avoid obnoxious onlookers.

Speaking of sports, I would like to applaud the NFL for trying to lure Florida Governor and Presidential Brother Jeb Bush to fill it’s soon to be vacant Commissioner position. It is of my opinion that National Football League was just doing its part in trying to prevent a Jeb Bush Presidential run by waving the shiny apple of the highest position in America’s most popular sport, right in front of his face. Unfortunately for the people of the United States, Bush did not take the bait. Oh well, Back to the drawing board. Somebody sweeten the pot. Frankly, I’d rather be Commissioner of the NFL than President of The U.S.A. because the pay is better and nobody blames you for thousands of people dying. Also, you probably have a lot less chance of being killed if you’re the commissioner of a football league. I’d take the higher paying less enemy having job. Big mistake Jeb.

Alright, well I know it’s early but I have to hit the mattress (I’m out of hay). I’ve got a big day with two job interviews tomorrow. Cross your fingers and knock on wood or something. If all goes well, we’re going out and I’m buying, but one at a time I can’t take all of you.

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Well, My Mom Sent Me A Valentine

Posted by evankessler on February 16, 2006

Actually, she didn’t send me a Valentine, she actually covertly stuffed a box of chocolate covered pretzels in my carry on bag before we left Florida. So if you were a betting man or woman and had to bet on whether or not my Valentine’s Day was eventful on the Romance front, you’d best be placing your money on the fact that it was not. Don’t cry for me though because I didn’t cry. I kept myself busy. In the afternoon I had a meeting about writing a treatment for a show that the production company that isn’t paying me is trying to pitch. I would say that meeting went rather well though and I actually began to write the treatment in a mini-notepad as I walked home. It still needs some work though.

The rest of my Valentines Day afternoon was spent downloading albums on itunes. I think I downloaded a total of 4. I was going to buy them at tower records but the Itunes total came to about one-third of what the in store total would have been. Not that I am completely converted to buying albums online, I still like owning compact discs if only they could find a way to make owning the physical entity a tad bit cheaper. I put this task to you Music Industry. Now get to it! Anyway, my itunes is much richer in music now with albums by Death Cab for Cutie, Ryan Adams, Beth Orton, and Wilco. There is nothing better then getting new music, and I almost overdosed on my need to compile more and more sonic fulfillment but held back on buying a Bright Eyes album and Townes Van Zandt album. It’s so easy when it’s all at your fingertips. I could even be downloading them while I’m typing this. Technology is a blessing but it tends to put a greater strain on one’s wallet by making spending so convenient.

The evening of Valentine’s Day was not spent watching the salt water from my eyes drip into a pint of lager. Quite the contrary, it was a night to party with other single people and enjoy several alcoholic beverages with friends. Betsy Van Stone and Noelle Stehman threw a party for their single friends at a bar called The Black Door on W. 26th Street that began at 7pm. I arrived fashionably late at 7:30pm and spent the majority of my evening conversing with Betsy, Noelle, Brandi, Anna, Jess S, Adam Starling, Pete D and my roommate Matt Wood. I regrettably did not make any love connections to make Chuck Woollery or even Roger Lodge proud for that matter. I did however eat plenty of Candy hearts and drink my fill of $6 budweisers. The bartender had some sort of ESP because he seemed to instinctually know what everyone at the bar was about to order. He was tipped well because there was nary a moment when I actually had to even speak the words to order my drink. He took one look at me and a Budweiser appeared. It was magic. The night came to an end near 1AM I think. Maybe it was earlier. I really have no idea but I knew I had to call it a night at a reasonable hour because I did not want to oversleep my job interview I had the next morning.

This morning I woke up at around 7am nearly 2 hours before my alarm was to go off to nurse the slightest hangover. You know the kind where you feel a slight headache but know that if you don’t do something to nip it in the bud the end result could be much more painful. When I reawoke at 9am I was slightly panicked about my job interview. I knew it was for a production gig but I was really unsure what the vibe of the interview was going to be. Should I dress professionally and wear a suit? Should I wear something casual yet not so casual that I appeared to be my normal slobbish self. I heard my mother’s voice reverberating in my brain shouting, “Wear a suit…you’re going on an interview!” and then I heard Matt Wood’s voice saying, “dude don’t wear a suit for a production interview. You don’t want them to think you’re too square.” I took the advice of the latter, but before I did I called Kari McGee who got me the interview. She advised me that the latter was the better option.

I rolled up to a large, daunting office building on E.42nd St. and Lexington Avenue at around 11:15am but I felt like I was a little too early for my 11:30 interview so I read my book for 5 minutes outside and then headed upstairs to the 13th floor of the building. I’m not sure but this may be the only building in the world willing to admit that it has a 13th floor undeterred by superstition. Damn the naysayers. To be honest I like a company with the balls to be located on the 13th floor. Who do all of those other buildings think they’re fooling? If a building has a 12th and a 14th floor but no 13th floor that building is just living a lie. Rest assured if anything bad ever happens on the 14th floor of a building with no 13 the superstition of unlucky 13 is probably brought up. People would probably say, “well it may say 14, but it’s the 13th floor, that’s why all of those nuns caught on fire.” Wow, I don’t know where I just veered but it was in a completely different direction. Anyway, I had one of those interviews where you have no idea whether it went well or not. The interviewer talked a lot and I listened and I was genuinely interested and the job sounded like something I would excel at I just got absolutely no read on how it was going and then just like that it was over and I was back outside walking towards the subway. Cross your fingers and wish me luck. I’ll know the outcome by next Friday but until then the job hunt remains open ended.

A potential crisis occurred on the way back downtown. As I descended the stairs to the Downtown F train at the Bryant Park station I reached into my pocket to check my phone for the time. Upon removing my lifeline to the outside world form my jacket I fumbled with the device ultimately sending it floating in slow motion down to the subway platform some 10 or so feet below as I dramatically shouted “Noooooooooooooo!” The phone bounced once placing it a mere 8 inches from the edge of the subway platform. I ran down to recover my phone before some distrustful undesirable came to covet my valuable material yet practical possession. When I retrieved it the back cover was a bit banged up but it seemed to work just fine. I breathed a sigh of relief and all was good with the world. Such is my dependence on technology. Without my cellular phone my balls would really be in a vice grip. Luckily that was the only drama that would confront me the rest of my day. Tomorrow brings with it a possible lunch activity and another career counseling session, but will it be interesting enough to write about? Stay tuned.

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