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The State of The Empire State Building

Posted by evankessler on July 26, 2004

It’s been quite the exhausting past two days. Friday night was spent at Justin Begnaud’s apartment. It was pouring rain outside when I left my apartment and it took a couple of minutes to get a cab and by the time I got to Justin’s it my pants below my knee were soaked. I didn’t know that many people at his place other than Stacey Angeles, Saimon, Kos, Sierra Lindsey, Gerard (a former VH1 editor, and Justin’s roommate Jeff. Mostly everyone else was a history channel employee because that’s where Justin works. One of Justin’s friends was a producer for NFL Films (dream job) and his father is the Offensive Coordinator for the Chiefs, which was very cool, and since I love talking about football he fit my football talking need for the night.

Saturday was very exciting. My family from California came in to the city. My aunt Melanie brought my two cousins, Erika (18) and Diana (14). Melanie grew up in Brooklyn but hasn’t really been to the city in 15 years and I hadn’t seen my cousins for about 2 years. I feel really guilty. I am awful about keeping in touch with my family. I was really glad to see them though. Saturday night we went out to dinner near my apartment and afterward decided to go to the Empire State Building. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!! I was really excited to do touristy things with my family because I’ve completely taken every tourist attraction for granted in my 25 years of living in the New York Area. We went at around 10:15 pm and waited on a long ticket line for about 15 minutes. After the 15 minute ticket line was about a 45 minute elevator line. Following that, you take the elevator to the 80th floor.

The observation deck is on the 86 floor, so there is another line that would take god knows how long to go to the elevator that takes you to the observation deck. We were on that for about 20 minutes when they decided to open up the stairs to walk up six flights. When we finally got to the top floor it was very close to midnight. We walked around a bit but the area was so cramped that you couldn’t really get to any of the good views. It was a lost cause and neither my cousins nor my aunt were very into being there. They even decided to cross off the statue of liberty from their to-do list for the next couple of days.

Today we just walked around the east village. I ran into my friends since high school Cara Takakjian, Joe Dworkin, Jaime Weisfelner and had an awesome dinner with my brother, my aunt and my cousins at Katz’s Delicatessen on Houston and then sort of walked through Soho. All in all it’s been fun showing my family around. It’s not something that I do very often so it’s a really nice change of pace. In fact, I’m not going to work on Monday and Tuesday so I can continue this family experience. I’ll also take this time to figure out my next GUERRILLA INTERVIEW. Be on the lookout.

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