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QUAKE ’08: Safety Tips for Future Quakes

Posted by evankessler on July 30, 2008

Well faithful readers, A day has past since the rumble in the urban jungle shook the souls of the heavenly beings in the City of Angels, and while the fright still lingers, much of that fear has been replaced by a newfound alertness. People all over the city, nay the world, have stopped to think about how they’ll prepare for the next time mother nature decides to exercise her latent wrath.

While no one can be truly prepared for an earthquake, we here at EvanKessler.com know that there are certain things you can do to attempt to be safe next time an earthquake should attempt to rattle your nerves. So without further ado we present you a list of safety tips to prevent tragedy in the case that another earthquake should eventually occur:

  1. Make sure you are always standing in a doorway. Earthquakes never hurt people standing in doorways. If you work in an office, make sure your desk is located in a doorway; or if you are in school make sure to always listen to the teacher from the safe confines of a doorway.
  2. Always keep canned goods and bottled water in the place you are going to be when the next earthquake occurs…most likely the doorway.
  3. Keep a can opener in the doorway
  4. If you happen to not be in the doorway (you are obviously ignoring the safety tips) when the next earthquake occurs, it is wise to stop drop and roll. In an earthquake the ground rolls beneath you, so rolling on the ground is supported by the earthquake’s natural motion. This will mostly likely cause you to be rolled into a safe place, like a doorway…or into a wall.
  5. Become an Astronaut. If you spend most of your time living on a space station you will not be affected by earthquakes.
  6. If you experience an earthquake and miraculously survive after not standing in a doorway, go to the supermarket that hasn’t collapsed and buy canned goods and place them in the doorway and remember rules one through five in the event of an aftershock.
  7. If you haven’t learned enough about Earthquake Safety…watch this wonderful video starring the wondefully talented John Ritter from the 20th Century.

Well, that does it for our coverage of QUAKE ’08. We here at EvanKessler.com hope you gained a lot from our exclusive coverage of this story. In the future we encourage you to be safe so that your next Quake experience has you shaking in your shoes a little less.

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QUAKE ’08: In Depth Coverage of The LA Quake of 7/29/08

Posted by evankessler on July 29, 2008

At 11:42 Pacific D (not sure what that stands for) Time, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattled the city of Los Angeles.  We here at EvanKessler.com decided to spring into immediate action to cover the events as they unfolded.  Our first course of action was this post, which will be followed up by a series of first hand accounts and interviews from the victims of this shaky situation.  Stay tuned for the latest, we’re on it!

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Posted by evankessler on August 28, 2004

Blame it on Plate Tectonics

So I was reading through the yahoo news today when I came across two particular stories that I thought garnered some attention. The first article was: Major Tokyo Quake Expected Within 50 Years. First of all, I’d like to thank scientists for their pinpoint accuracy on the matter. As I read further on into the article I came upon a sentence that negated this article being the least bit newsworthy as if the title wasn’t enough. Here is that bombshell, “Japan is rattled by hundreds of quakes a year because it is situated atop four tectonic plates.” Now if you have even the slightest bit of Geological knowledge you know that Tectonic plates grind together to cause earthquakes. The knowledge that Japan is at the epicenter of these four plates isn’t exactly new as evidenced by it “hundreds of quakes a year.” So if Japan has hundreds of quakes a year, wouldn’t they have that impending fear of a large earthquake anyway? Why now is this newsworthy? The headline should have read We’ve Known For Many Years That Tokyo is in Japan and We’ve Also Known That Japan is atop 4 Tectonic Plates Which Are The Cause of Earthquakes”. This would save readers the pain of reading an entire superfluous news item.

Flying Cars: Call Me Crazy, But This Just Doesn’t Look That Comfortable

The 2nd News Item was an absolutely shocking article in which the headline read : Flying Cars Reportedly Decades Away. Whew! I was worried for a minute there I thought we’d have to go without flying cars for centuries. I’m so relieved it will only be decades. I don’t think the problem is that they lack the technology, I think they’re just trying to work out the traffic laws. Enough people have problems figuring out right of way when people are at a 4 way intersection. Imagine the difficulty if the person underneath you wants to go up and the person above you wants to go down. There are so many possible problems with flying cars. Someone could ram you from underneath and explode your gas tank. Someone could crash into your glass bubble roof and kill you on contact. Personally I hope the idea of flying cars never comes to fruition. We’d have to make all new driver’s ed “death on the road” style videos that would probably be ultimately more gruesome because not only would be people crushed in their cars in an accident but afterwards they’d probably fall hundreds of feet to their final resting spot. Now at least if you’re thrown from your vehicle you have a chance at living. Ok, I’m done. That’s my argument against flying cars, just a plain bad idea.

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