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This Could Take A While

Posted by evankessler on March 29, 2006

I’m typing this entry with an ice pack resting on my right hand. It is severely hindering the effectiveness of the typing method taught to me in Mrs. Droutman’s 7th grade typing class. Due to an unfortunate collision between my right hand and the wood paneling of a living room chair, whilst running to buzz someone in to the apartment, I’ve had to switch up my typing tendencies. Most of the duties I would assign to my right ring finger are being split evenly between my right middle and right pinky fingers, though the slightly swollen ring digit does apply occasional pressure to certain spots on the keyboard.

That being said, I still have some strength to type up a wee entry for you folks. It seems that after I finished typing last night’s post in favor of turning in, we had some unexpected apartment visitors. After drinking with roommates Matt and Ellen at the Village Tavern, former roommate Sean Maddison stopped by with a visitor he had met that evening named Darcy. It seems that she was visiting from Milwaukee and decided to stay an extra day. She met Matt, Ellen, and Sean at the bar and ended up coming by and hanging out until around 2am at the apartment. It was definitely an odd episode but a fun one nonetheless.

Today during the day was largely uneventful save for my (hopefully) minor hand injury and getting a phone call to work two days for Real Simple TV. At 7:20pm I headed up to Harlem to eat at my favorite BBQ restaurant for Sean’s last night in the city. We were joined at the restaurant by, my brother, Sean’s friend Scott McNutt and his fiancé Cat. I wasn’t sure whether to order the 3/4 rack of ribs or the the half rack. I seemed to remember that last time I ordered the 3/4 rack. Unfortunately, I was wrong. When the food came out my plate was huge. No matter though, I went to work and annihilated my meal including the cornbread and 2 sides. It was quite the undertaking and I can still feel my body being full of food. I have so much food in me right now, but it was about $80 per person cheaper than last night. I also realize that my brother didn’t make any of the girls pay last night. Instead, of boyfriends absorbing their girlfriends’ cost, all of the guys just absorbed what the girls had to pay. Which meant the two guys that were not there with girls last night still paid for those girls even though their boyfriends were there. I wish I had realized that then because it was stupid.

Anyway, after Dinosaur, despite being full of meat I met Matt Wood, Ellen Mahoney, Noelle Stehmann and Betsy Van Stone at Planet Rose for karaoke. We stayed to hear Noelle and Betsy sing Pat Benatar but alas we didn’t have the juice left to make it so that I could sing my Phil Collins song which was fine since I was way too full to sing. Well, there will be plenty more days to go do karaoke, plus it would’ve been bad form to show up for work tomorrow completely hung over. As they used to say in those Head & Shoulders commercials, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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Dinosaur Jr.

Posted by evankessler on December 30, 2005

Oh man, I had the best meal ever tonight at Dinosaur BBQ with Sean Maddison but before I get to all of the mouth watering details I want to talk about the previous evening. Yes, you heard me, last night. Not that it’s so important to catch you up on all events occurring in my life but for some reason I have this egotistical yearning for the entire world to be up to speed on the events of my day to day existence. So assuming the world is ready, I’m going to talk about Wednesday night first.

Ah Wednesday night. There was nary a chill in the air as I headed out to go meet Kristin E, Jill M, and Bill E at Boxcar lounge at around 9pm. Well, I got there around 9pm that’s not when I left to go out. I knew it would take me a while so I left at about 8:30 and made some good time over to the East Village. On my way over, I came across many tourists wandering aimlessly and pointing to street signs, looking for avenues they were nowhere near. I also came across a bunch of teenagers who were expressing their individuality near the Astor Place Cube as if they were high school stereotypes really excited about life in a McDonalds commercial. There were 5 kids piling on each other smiling and excitedly shouting at the base of the cube. I looked around for commercial cameras but couldn’t find any.

I was just about done with my first beer when Kristin, Jill, and Bill arrived at the bar. We promptly sat down and launched into entertaining conversation including Kristin and Jill’s praise for my shirts. You know for all of the praise some people pile on for my merchandise, you’d think the sales would reflect it. Not so, so come on people, how’s about some commercial love? Anyway, soon afterwards, Kristin noticed the 2 guys sitting behind us and proclaimed one of them was cute and insisted on giving Jill’s number to one of the guys. Jill met this idea with resistance and fought off the inevitable for several seconds. When we were leaving the bar after my 3rd drink Kristin handed the guy the number though I’m not really sure what happened from there on out. The guy didn’t call her last night. Next stop on the Thursday night Tour De Force was 7B. 7B was a sort of normal stop with drinking and conversation. We met the people next to us and talked a bit with them. I think they were a couple of thirty-something year old guys from San Francisco. Bill knew some people there but I don’t think I actually talked with them. Before we left, I think Kristin gave Jill’s number to one more guy.

Our third and final stop on the booze train was Doc Holliday’s. Cheap cans of Pabst are always a welcome change and Doc’s has them. Thank the lord for that. It was at this point where Jill, fed up from being the target of Kristin’s manipulation decided to misdirect her anguish towards me, not in a bad way or anything. Jill decided that she was going to give my number to someone. She told me beforehand, and I was drunk enough to not care and I don’t think I would have cared either way actually. Whatever, give my number to a cute single girl who won’t call me. What’s the big deal? Jill got up to give my number to someone and I was not paying attention to the interaction at all. Moments later Jill sat down and told me that she gave a girl my number but didn’t notice the obstacle that was her boyfriend. I guess the boyfriend got mad or said something to her, I’m not completely sure what went down but the girl came over to our table and apologized to Jill. Several minutes later I received a phone call that I did not pick up. It was the boyfriend leaving an expletive laced message on my phone. I got a good laugh out of that. As long as there was no actual physical confrontation. I am a man of peace like Pat Morita. Anyway, Bill had some friends meet us at the bar at some point and I talked to them and then the leaving part is a bit fuzzy but I had a slice of pizza and went home.

I was slightly hung over this morning. I drank plenty of water and tea and what-not to get over it. I spent most of the day going for intermittent walks and paying bills as well as reading the newspaper. It was a low-key day to prepare for an important evening, an evening in which Sean Maddison and I were to triumph over a plate of ribs at the New York City Barbecue Mecca, the little brother of Syracuse’s Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. Sean met up with me at 7:15 at the apartment and we headed straight up to West Harlem via the 1 train. Our mouths were watering upon our entry. We had been talking about this ever since Sean moved back to San Francisco and maybe even before. It was a long road back for Sean and we were going to make sure it was well worth it. We certainly were wearing our fine dining game faces. However, we would have a 45-minute to satisfy our Brachiosaurus sized hunger. No big deal, being the consummate professionals we are we just sat back and had a few drinks at the bar to bide our time. Our wait flew by and it was on to our table. Some people might have considered this the worst table but we loved. It was right next to a huge pile of wood. It barely took us any time to order. I was torn in an Natalie Imbruglia-esque manner over what sides to get. I went with the Mac & Cheese and the Iceberg lettuce with Barbecue blues dressing. Sean got his ribs with sides of soup and Syracuse Salt Potatoes. The best part about the Dinosaur, besides the ribs, is that the wait for the food isn’t too long. Before we knew it we were feasting on succulent tender ribs slathered in Wango Tango sauce. I think if I had one meal to eat before I die it would be Ribs from the Dinosaur, but I’d include mashed potatoes from the Syracuse one. I think it’s impossible to speak in hyperbole when describing the goodness that is the Dinosaur because it’s the best food ever and the most satisfying. My stomach was pleased, as were my taste buds. My mouth was bursting with smoked spicy flavor after the meal. I didn’t even want to drink my beer, as I was afraid it would drain the taste from my mouth. Sean and I didn’t stop at the Ribs though,we wanted a full meal experience. Up next…Dessert! What’s for dessert? Sean had a peanut butter pie and I had a slice of the chocolate icebox pie. I can’t communicate how good it was. Maybe that last sentence did a good job of it though. Seriously if anyone ever wants to go to dinosaur I’m in. Sean and I left after we finished our meal feeling nothing but pleased and full. All Hail Dinosaur BBQ.

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The Geneva Convention

Posted by evankessler on November 1, 2005

Happy November everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting, but I have a good excuse. While everyone was whooping it up all weekend, and celebrating Halloween, I was away in Geneva, New York, enjoying a different kind of celebration, a celebration of the matrimonial bond between one Lacey Peck and one Scott Jackson. Lacey was one of the first friends I made at Syracuse University and also one of my seven female roommates from senior year. I hadn’t seen her in 2 years or so, though we had kept in touch but I had never met her fiancée, Scott. I received the invitation several months ago and Arby and I had been talking up this long weekend road trip ever since.

With the bride. Married chicks try to kiss me all the time.

Friday Morning at 11:30am Rich arrived at my apartment to begin the journey. We headed for the path train to Hoboken, New Jersey. From Hoboken we took New Jersey transit to Suffern, New York where we picked up my car, which my mom had left at the train station. From Suffern it was off to the highway. From the moment we hit route 17 it was all about the scenery. The drive could not have been easier and the scenic foliage made for a pleasant background to the winding mountainous terrain of Upstate New York. Rich and I were in disbelief that we were going to our friend Lacey’s wedding but were excited at the same time. There was a definite sense of relief about being out of the city in our natural surroundings.

Perhaps the thing Rich and I were most excited about on this trip was the potential for a stop in Syracuse. The trip directions called for us to basically drive straight up to Syracuse and make a left to get to Geneva, and depending on our schedule we were going to make a pit stop at our personal Mecca of Dinosaur Barbecue. Lucky for us, we made outstanding time and it took us 3 and a-half hours to make to Syracuse from Suffern. At 5:30 PM we rolled in to town and after taking a lap around the campus of our youth in the car, we navigated ourselves downtown. We got to our favorite Honky-tonk rib joint and there was only a half hour wait but we were in a race against time. Lacey and family were having a rehearsal dinner with soup and sandwiches between 7 and 9 and we were an hour away and we didn’t want risk being too late and completely missing it, but we also had been too long missing the sumptuous taste of Dinosaur BBQ mashed potatoes and therefore had our priorities in order. We would risk it all for the Dinosaur. Wouldn’t you know it, our gamble paid dividends. Rich and I sat down at our table, didn’t even glance at our menus and placed them at the edge of the table to alert our waitress of our immediate readiness to order. We both got a 1/4 rack of ribs and 2 sides. We were contemplating the half-rack but out of respect for the rehearsal dinner we figured we ought to leave some room in our stomachs. Also, I didn’t want to be in a food coma upon seeing some of my friends for the first time in years. That being said, our Dinosaur detour was like clock work. It was an easy in, easy out operation. Soon after, we hit the highway with the heavenly taste of the Dinosaur ribs and mashed potatoes fresh on our taste buds. Within, the hour, we were at Lacey’s parents’ house in North Rose, New York.

Upon entering their home I was greeted by Lacey, her sister Karley, and my former roommates, Lindsay, Jill, and Kim all of whom I hadn’t seen in at least 2 years. I was also introduced to Kim’s boyfriend Josh who she lives with in Vermont. I was extremely happy to see Lacey’s parents Lori and Gregory Peck; who are definitely high on the list for favorite friends’ parents ever. I also like saying, “I hung out with Gregory Peck this weekend”. Turns out our timing was perfect, Lacey had barely any time to talk to us as she was busy entertaining family and other friends, so about an hour after our arrival, Rich, Lindsay, Jill, Kim, Josh, and I took our respective cars towards Geneva and met up at the Ramada where most of us would be staying that evening.

After we were all checked in, we all met at the hotel bar, also joined by Amy Alsfeld, another senior year roommate of mine at the 211 Clarendon house. The 7 of us proceeded to drink lots of alcohol and catch up with one another. After a few beers it seemed as though no time had passed at all. We were all having a good time in each other’s company as we had 4 and half plus years prior. I can’t tell if the friendly bartenders Shawn and Alisha were annoyed or enamored with us. I would think they liked us, we were having a good time and we tipped well considering the fact that drinks were exponentially cheaper in Geneva than where we all live. One of the funniest parts of Friday evening was when Amy went up to her room to get some CD’s that had songs she wanted to hear. She made the bartender Shawn manually cycle through the CD’s until he got to the songs she liked. 8 beers or so later, I was pretty drunk and it was time to turn in.

I woke up the next morning with a decent hangover but the drive to gather the group together for some breakfast. At around Noon the 7 of us headed to the Waffle Works, after first getting some coffee and/or tea at the hotel, for Geneva’s finest breakfast. I had a Belgian waffle with some weird imitation strawberries but I think everyone else enjoyed their meal to the fullest. Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.

Prior to leaving our group was joined by Janet Turley who came up from NYC on Saturday. We left the hotel at around 3:15pm in separate cars. Rich and I traveled together, and I think the majority of everyone else went in two cars. Halfway through our car ride to the church in North Rose, we got a message from Jill, Amy, Lindsay, and Janet saying that they were lost and they went the wrong way. I tried to give them directions but they just insisted on going a different way and said they’d meet us at the Church. Rich and I on the other hand were well on our way to the ceremony, though we were having trouble finding the church. I think we stopped at 3 churches within one block of each other in an absolutely minute sized town. Finally, we figured out where to go and made it two minutes before Lacey walked down the aisle. Kim and Josh arrived just as we did, and once inside we saw our friends Carrie and Monica. Jill, Amy, Lindsay, and Janet were nowhere in sight. Neither was our old roommate Heather, who was supposed to be coming in from Massachusetts (or Rhode Island?). The directionally challenged arrived 2 minutes into the vows and sat behind us for what was to be probably one of the quickest wedding ceremonies in history. I think it took 12 minutes. I think the actual piling out of the church took longer than the ceremony. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a wedding where each row has to wait for the usher to dismiss it. Jews usually just get up in no organized manner after the couple and their immediate family have left the room and head straight for the cocktail hour. The gentiles run things differently as each row got to go through the receiving line and congratulate and then the next row would be dismissed when the line was short enough. I’m not criticizing, I just was used to getting up and heading to the cocktail hour and a longer ceremony in general. While in the receiving line, Lacey’s dad, told Rich and I that the ceremony and short and sweet just the way he likes it.

Having a dance with Amy Alsfeld.

After the ceremony it was back to the hotel for the reception, which meant more drunken fun with friends and my senior year roommate Heather and her fiancee Dennis showed up, nearly completing the 211 Clarendon cast from the 2000-2001 school year (one roommate Samantha couldn’t make it). The setup was a bit weird as there was an alternating open bar and cash bar. For an hour and a half there would be an open bar, then the next hour would be cash bar, and so on. When there was an open bar, nobody was in the ballroom, and when the cash bar was up, everyone was in the ballroom. That policy sort of backfired because all of the traditional wedding moments seemed to be during the open bar and I think a good majority of the guests missed them. I could be wrong, just us drunken lushes missed them. That being said, the party was a lot of fun, we were all dancing, drinking, and taking pictures with each other. Amy even went up to get her CD’s again so the DJ would play Kanye West’s Gold Digger. Apparently, Lindsay, a dental student was drunkenly lecturing everyone on the importance of flossing. After the party was over, a large portion of us went to the hotel bar to continue the evening. We all slowly dropped off one by one though until I was eventually left to foot the bill for the bottle of champagne we bought, which wasn’t a big deal anyway, as it was only an $18 bottle and if that’s all you’re spending on a weekend night, then you’ve had a relatively cheap night.

From left: Jill, Amy(hidden) Kim, Lacey, Lindsay, and Janet. 5 of these girls have seen me in pajamas.

After the bar, I had a beer with Janet in her room as her and Jill had gotten some beer for everyone to partake in after the wedding was over, but Janet and I were the only ones who partook. Janet promptly passed out after some good conversation and a beer and I was ready to fall down so I headed to my room.

The next morning we all woke up to get brunch in the hotel and ran across Lacey’s parents and thanked them for the weekend, as well as the happy couple. I have to say though, it’s weird when you don’t know the person that your friend is marrying. You don’t really know what to say to them. I must have repeatedly had the same awkward moment with Scott, Lacey’s husband. I kept saying, “Congratulations. It’s really nice meeting you. Good luck.” I wish there was a more natural situation in which we could’ve met so I can develop and honest liking towards him, though I have nothing against him from what I could tell he seemed like a nice guy. Maybe they’ll come down to the city soon.

Anyway, during breakfast Rich and I were formulating our escape from Geneva. The big plan was to high tail it out of the Ramada and make it to Syracuse in time to watch the Giants vs. Redskins at 1pm at a bar on campus. We nearly achieved this goal to complete satisfaction save for the fact that we spent 20 minutes looking for parking. Campus was pretty crowded due to it being parents weekend. Actually it wasn’t that bad. We only missed the first 11 minutes of the first quarter of play. I didn’t mind though, I got to see the majority of the Giants 36-0 thrashing of the Washington Redskins. I’m beginning to think that my favorite team has a fighting chance to be one of the better teams in the National Football League this year.

When the game ended Rich and I were at a loss for things to do on a Sunday in Syracuse so we resorted to our original Plan A…Dinosuar BBQ. After all, what’s better than one trip to heaven? How about 2 trips to Heaven? This time we had all the time in the world so we could get what we wanted. Our friends Paul and Lydia met us at Dinosaur for dinner. It was really great to see them. It had been a few years, and to be honest I haven’t thought of them that much but I was really glad that Rich called them. We had a spunky waitress named Annie who gave us extra chili and wanted to Jager shots with us at the end of our meal but alas we had settled into a food coma after a half rack of ribs and various sides. We parted with Paul and Lydia after the meal and went to rest a bit at hour hotel room before completing our tour of favorite Syracuse spots.

I fell asleep in my unbelievably soft hotel bed at the Sheraton during the 3rd quarter of the Eagles-Broncos game and when I woke up it was over. At about 8pm Rich and I ventured out to the Marshall street area to get an early start on Senior Sunday at Faegan’s. Unfortunately, when we arrived there it was an hour until it opened. So we went back to the Regatta bar in the Sheraton which had been renamed Rachel’s or something. We watched the beginning of the Pats-Bills game there and when 9pm struck we headed towards Faegan’s. There were about 4 people in the bar that were actual patrons and there were seemingly 10 people working there. There was one familiar face in Ted the bartender who had been my trivial pursuit partner during a party at Terra Harper’s house senior year. I think we may have won that game. I had 3 or 4 drinks in 3 and a- half hours give or take as all of the good food I had eaten over the weekend left precious little room in my stomach for beer. I was fighting the urge to just go to the hotel and go to bed for most of those three and a half hours. Rich kept me afloat by saying that we were at Faegan’s and when was the next time we would be at Faegan’s. Touche, Rich. Touche. That being said, Ted had told us that the crowd’s at Faegan’s weren’t as good as they used to be. Especially, for senior Sundays, which was really sad seeing as we frequented that bar on all nights except for maybe Monday. Oh how the times have changed.

This morning we woke up with three things to do before leaving. The first thing we had to do was get Syracuse bottle openers at Manny’s. The second must on our list was to take a quick stroll to the quad and Newhouse, and third and certainly the most important to see if longtime supermarket employee and former floor mate Mark Cohen still worked at the local supermarket Peter’s (is for people). The first two were taken care of with ease but when we pulled up to the site of Peter’s (is for people). We were amazed to see a change. Peter’s(is for people) was no longer Peter’s(is for people) but now a P&C Foods (not for people). This cast doubt on my prediction of Cohen’s lifetime fate of Supermarket worker and my doubt was proven when I did not see him behind the fabled glass counter, for there was no glass counter to stand behind. My trip to Syracuse was complete and it was time to come home.

The drive home was relatively painless. Though we must’ve driven by eight cops and my caution level was increased causing a slight decline in my driving speed. That being said, save for the stop at Wendy’s in Deposit, New York we still made pretty good time. We hopped on the 4:18 train from Suffern to Hoboken and I was back in my apartment by 5:30pm where I found out that my hot water isn’t working. It’s good to be home.

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Dinosaur Delight

Posted by evankessler on April 22, 2005

Well it’s been a relatively sober night after last night faux smokefest. That doesn’t mean it’s been unfulfilling. In fact, unfulfilling is the antithesis of how’d I’d describe the events of this evening. After failing to make the trip to Dinosaur Barbecue last week my Brother, Sean Maddison, Joe McCarthy (not the Senator) and myself trekked up to 131st in 12th to partake in meaty madness or rapacious rib eating, which ever you’d prefer. We met at the apartment at 7:30 and then high tailed it up town on the 9 train with our mouths watering. Honestly, I was a little hesitant as I had a weird headache and was slightly paranoid that I was going to have an aneurysm but that fear ultimately subsided when I got a beer in me.

We only had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated, which dwarfed the amount of time I’d previously had to wait at this fine culinary establishment. Our stomachs grumbled with anticipation as we scanned over the menu. When our friendly waiter came by we all ended up getting ribs. Sean and Joe got a full rack while Greg and myself stuck with 3/4 racks. For sides I got the Syracuse Salt potatoes and Iceberg lettuce with “Bar-b-que Blues Dressing”. I have to be honest. I miss the mashed potatoes and do not understand why they are not a menu item. They were the best menu item other than the ribs at the Syracuse restaurant. I guess it’s not exactly as good as the one in Syracuse but the ribs are wonderful and worth the trek uptown as is the rest of the food.

Greg apparently had two major announcements to make at the dinner table that ended up not being important at all. His first announcement was that a breakfast restaurant that we went to a lot that had been closed for a year and a half was still closed and I forget what the other announcement was. Joe, Sean’s friend from San Francisco, was telling a story about Dogs who were on death row who were given a second chance in a program that basically turned them into rescue dogs. However, the term Death Row Dogs sparked a really awesome idea. I’m not even sure I should be posting this online, but imagine a show about dogs on death row but voiced over by people. It would be like The Adventures of Milo and Otis meets Oz. Think about how great that could be. Imagine the prison fights.

After about 20 minutes we had all managed to clear off our plates save for Joe who was given a tongue lashing by our waiter for not being able to finish two ribs. We were all pretty full but Greg saw a dessert that piqued his interest and Sean decided to up the ante and get a second dessert that we all shared which put us in quite the food coma. Overall, the monetary damage of the dinosaur was not too steep and it was worth every penny. I love that place, though I would welcome a pilgrimage to our Barbecue Mecca in Syracuse.

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Heaven on 131st Street

Posted by evankessler on December 24, 2004

There is no reason to go back to Syracuse ever again. On December 1st the best thing about Syracuse officially came to New York City. I’m not talking about the Carousel Mall, Doc’s Little Gem, Diner, Faegan’s, or Cosmos. I’m talking about the one and only (actually there are 3) Dinosaur Bar-b-que. I have so many memorable rib eating experiences thanks to Dinosaur in Syracuse and ever since it opened in NYC I’ve been dying to go to see if the new branch lived up to the Central New York legend or if they just stuck their name on a building in Harlem. After yesterday, I’m glad to say the legend has been preserved in Dinosaur’s 131st St. incarnation.

Rich Burrier, Jeff Schneider, Sean Maddison, and myself left my apartment at around 7:40 last night and took the A-Train like a bullet up to 125th St. and St. Nicholas. We were supposed to be joined by Kristin Ertel but she overslept. Oh well, that’s her loss. We had to walk for a bit but when we finally came to 131st and 12th ave and open the doors to our BBQ Mecca, it was like greeting a long lost old friend. Right when we walked in we were hit with the scent of Ribs covered in sensuous slathering sauce, ready to fall off the bone for our enjoyment. The place was pretty crowded and much bigger than the one in Syracuse. The wait for our table for 4 was 45 minutes to an hour, which we didn’t mind because we had a couple of beers at the bar while we waited.

When we finally were seated around 9:15 I glanced over the menu. I didn’t really need to look since I’d seen it so many times but I had a hard time choosing between the half rack of ribs or the combo with a 1/4 rack of ribs and the Texas beef brisket. I chose the latter. I was slightly disappointed by the lack of mashed potatoes on the sides menu but my disappointment was quelled by thought of eating ribs. For my sides I picked the Syracuse Salt Potatoes and the Vegetable of the day which was peas and carrots.
A couple of minutes later the food came and I don’t really think any of us could contain our excitement. We were giddy like schoolgirls. Rich, Jeff, and I had all previously had the Dinosaur experience and I had done so much talking up of the experience to Sean that he was nearly as excited. I poured some of the wango tango dinosaur sauce on my ribs and took the first bite. I don’t know if words can express the sweet smoky spice rolling around my taste buds at the time. I guess I’ll just say that I think I may have heard a chorus of angels singing throughout the entire meal and they weren’t playing Christmas music in the background at Dinosaur.

After that first rib I had to eat the sides because I wanted to save the best for last. In fact the angels may have been singing the Vanessa Williams song of the same name to guide me in my rib eating journey. When I finally stopped to take a breath there was nothing left on my plate. No, I didn’t eat the bones. There was a bowl in the middle of the table to put them in. I think I still could’ve eaten a whole rack of ribs. They were too good to not want more. Sean, Jeff, and Rich almost ended up betting me to do it but my only reward would’ve been paying for the rack of ribs so I decided against it. The waitress then came by and offered up some dessert choices. I almost bit on the Oreo crusted chocolate pudding pie but I decided against it. Then in a rare event, and it was an event because I don’t think this has ever happened, we figured out the check and everyone had the exact amount of money that they owed. No one needed change. It was truly another sign of a mind- blowing evening. But the evening did not end just yet.

We had one more beer and a shot of chilled Patron (there’s an accent in there somewhere) Tequila, which went down surprisingly smooth. We also chatted up a waitress who didn’t seem to have many social skills. Nonetheless the night carried on and as we rode the 1 train back downtown we decided that the night must go on. Rich recommended that we extend the evening at Red Rocks West. I think we drank 2 beers there amidst a rowdy crowd and girls dancing on the bar. Not content to end things there, we moved on to Coyote Ugly which seemed dead so it was onward to Reservoir where we enjoyed one last pint.

This morning my body felt full of meat and beer. I think I may have gained 15 pounds last night. I’ll be back at Dinosaur on Monday or Tuesday. Who wants to join me?

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