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Political Pleasantries

Posted by evankessler on August 27, 2008

In lieu of this week’s Democratic National Convention, about the only thing rolling off anyone’s tongue has been related to the impending presidential election…and with good reason, it on my birthday and is only two plus months away. Sadly instead of hearing a slew of important facts and figures and various pundit points of view regarding my impending 30th anniversary of life; at the forefront of all of the coverage has been the Clinton supporters who have vowed not to vote for their party’s candidate, Barack Obama, in favor of John McCain…or not voting at all.

Now, believe it or not, I’m all for not aligning yourself solely with one party if one candidate’s beliefs and policies more closely resemble that of your own, but it seems to me (and I could be wrong) that most of the Clinton supporters who have taken up support of the Republican nominee after their favorite ex-first lady’s run came to an end are only doing so, not because they like and trust McCain. It’s simply a case of sour grapes. They say that experience is a factor, but in my estimation, neither Candidate has the experience of being President of The United States. You cannot translate past experiences to mean definite future success, just as you cannot extrapolate a lack of experience and automatically pair it with ineptitude. It’s as if all of these dissenters are elementary school students in math class and their favorite teacher had to retire and a younger teacher was called in to replace her…but rather than give that younger teacher who is trying to teach them, the chance to teach them same thing…they refuse to continue to learn and intentionally fail their tests until they get their old teacher back…only their old teacher isn’t coming back and thanks to their low marks, they have to repeat the 3rd grade again. Saying that Barack Obama will be a bad president because he has no experience is just as stupid as saying he will be the greatest President because of his lack of experience. You’ll never know unless you give him the chance.

All metaphors aside…I hope Hillary Clinton’s Wednesday night speech helped turn the Clintons for McCain…or Clintons for not voting at all into Clinton’s for Obama, because none of that business seemed to make any sense, and I’m all for logic. In any case, the only reason I brought all of this up was so I could have an excuse to put up this video from the Daily Show from last night, which I thought was hilarious…especially Samantha Bee’s song.


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