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The Curse Is Over

Posted by evankessler on October 28, 2004

So the Red Sox just won the world series and the players stormed the field and celebrated and I really am happy for them but I found one thing disturbing. FOX cut away to Jimmy Fallon standing on the field making out with a girl. Who the hell is Jimmy Fallon? Why does he get to go on the field? Sure this is a moment for all of the Sox fans around the country and maybe he’s a fan but why does that no talent douche who can’t help but laugh during every single Saturday night live sketch, get to go on the field, and why is he one of the first guys on camera shown celebrating? Does FOX really think anyone cares that Jimmy Fallon is happy? I for one would just really rather see the players, coaches, and owners savor this moment for the city of Boston and all of New England. Okay, anyway, congratulations to the Red Sox. Now other teams can win and Bostonians can stop agonizing for the next five to 86 years. Plus, it’s not like the Pats, Celtics, or Bruins haven’t won since 1918.


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