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Questions? Comments? Picks!

Posted by evankessler on October 14, 2006

Alright, so just a quick thing I’d like to point out. For the longest time when the original Evan Kessler.com was a non-participatory entity, people would bother me telling me that I should make the website into a blog so that they could comment on my posts. They held out that it would really help the site flourish as a forum and create an EvanKessler.com community of friends.

However, As soon as I transferred it to such a format that allowed others to chime in there was precious little to be heard. I’m not bitching here, I’m merely making a call to action that readers make themselves seen or known by actually participating. I seriously doubt this will inspire people to comment and it might even hurt my readership but to be honest, I only wrote this because I want people to comment on the previous Sweeps Week Revisited post and I also wanted to write something prior to posting my football picks for the week.

Anyway, last week was an exceptional week for the Evan Kessler.com football picks after falling behind 4 games to Bruce, my friend rival. However, I came through with a 12-2 week beating bruce by one game. I’m back in the thick of things heading into week 6. So without further ado…here are my picks…

Week 6
Bengals over Bucs
Giants over Falcons (Bruce Picks Falcons)
Skins over Titans
Cowboys over Texans
Panthers over Ravens (Bruce picks Ravens)
Bills over Lions (Bruce Picks Lions)
Seahawks over Rams
Eagles over Saints
Jets over Dolphins
Steelers over Chiefs
Chargers over 49ers
Broncos over Raiders
Bears over Cardinals

Week 5 Results
Evan 12-2
Bruce 11-3

Evan 48-26
Bruce 51-23

Good luck and may all your teams win…and make your voice heard in the Sweeps Week Sweepstakes post below…

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