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Vote for OneRiot!

Posted by evankessler on February 18, 2009

Dear Friends, Family, People Whom I May Not Know But Would Welcome Into My Ever-Loving  Good Graces At The Drop Of A Hat,

On November 4th you voted and made your voice heard.  Didn’t it feel great?!?!  The world changed because of you.  Now, I ask you to relive that wonderful feeling…that voting feeling.  While you may not be putting your voice and future on the line by voting for a great man…you can vote for a great blog.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been writing for a blog called OneRiot since mid-November.  Just recently it was announced that this blog, this OneRiot, was nominated as a finalist in the People’s Choice category for Best Blog at the 12th Annual SXSW Web Awards.   I don’t think I’ve been part of an award-winning anything since 1989 which makes this extra exciting news.

So without any further ado…I urge you to attempt to make my champagne wishes and the site’s caviar dreams come true by heading over to the SXSW Web Awards site and voting for OneRiot as your choice for best blog.  Just follow the prompts and let your click be impressed upon the vote tallying committee and if all goes according to plan, when the winner is announced on March 15th I’ll have something to celebrate.  If not, I’m defriending you all on facebook.
Vote OneRiot!
So remember…don’t be total dicks…Vote Oneriot!
Love (or “Sincerely” depending on how I feel about you),
Evan J. Kessler


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Clydesdales, Colts, and Bears…Oh my!

Posted by evankessler on February 5, 2007

So it’s been a few days since I’ve paid deference to the blog that bears my name. Rest assured I am back and I won’t neglect you again, or at least very often. It just felt like I was leading an all out attempt to saturate the blogosphere with the word of Evan Kessler and I needed a break. Plus, since last Wednesday night, Thursday morning I have been immersed in a steady stream of alcohol fueled evenings. Actually, I wouldn’t say a steady stream, but I have gone out drinking every night since my last post.

Thursday during the day I went into the city to meet up with Franck and Jonathan who I had worked with on the Soap Opera quite some time ago. I resumed my iPodyssey as I went into the city to meet them, starting off with Johnny Cash’s “Memories Are Made Of This”. On my ride on my walk to the subway I encountered two forms of “Mercury”, one from Counting Crows and one from Kathleen Edwards. I have to say that when that Counting Crows song came out on the album Recovering Satellites, it was one of those songs I had to replay over and over again. I think it’s all been downhill for Adam Duritz and company since that album. However, I’m sure there’s a few gems on the newer albums but I’m not so familiar with them. There are certain bands you can only listen to one or two albums before you just get tired of them. That was Counting Crows for me, but I can still listen to that Recovering The Satellites album anyday.

Enough about the Counting Crows. I made it over to Franck and Jonathan’s loft on Greenwich St. They had just finished up their documentary on Jonathan’s father and were taking around to universities. The night before they had just come back from North Carolina. I think they showed it to students at Duke. Franck showed me a little presentation they had put together based on the Duke visit. While we were talking something quite hilarious was going on in the background. Franck and Jon’s roommate Bill was taking ping pong lessons. He’s training in the hopes of being in the next Olympics (completely serious). It was enjoyable to watch his foreign trainer drill him with an endless supply of orange balls procured from a large dispenser. The apartment was flooded with ping pong projectiles. Luckily, nobody was tripping all over them. It was quite amusing to watch. I wish I had my camera with me for that.

I spent about an hour at the loft before setting out to meet my brother all the way over on the Lower East side. My brother told me he’d be back at his place by 4pm, and it was 3:20 so that meant I had 40 minutes to make it over to his place. We almost timed it perfectly as he was a little late. We didn’t do much, we just sat and watched some super old Kung-Fu movies he had on DVD, the kind that used to be on WPIX-11 on Saturdays and Sundays when we were kids. There’s nothing more entertaining then a poorly translated and overdubbed kung-fu movie. My brother had an Asian friend over who was marvelling at the asinine translations. Maybe it was just a bad script.

After heading to my brother’s I went uptown to meet up with some people from my last job for someone’s going away party. First I had to kill some time at Borders before the bar event began. I wandered around Borders engaged in my iPodyssey and feigning interest in certain travel books and magazines. When my iPody made it to Wilco’s “Misunderstood” I decided I would head over to the bar. However, as it ended the live version came on and I decided that i would wait til the middle of it to go to the bar, which was a half block away. I made it to the bar, Stout, at around 6:50, to find a packed house of white-collar cronies downing Coronas and tequilas. However, no one from my party was present…for about 45 seconds. Soon the going away group surrounded me and we greeted one another. The person who was leaving was off to either Malaysia or Indonesia for some hard hitting journalistic TV action and the lot of us drank like we would never see him or anyone else ever again. I’m not sure how many Clydesdale endorsed Budweisers I imbibed, but it was certainly many.

Alas, there was more room for one more. At a late hour, say between 12:30 and 2, myself, Sarah L, and 2 other folks who I don’t quite remember since I drank like I was trying to rival Bukowski, headed downtown to Botanica. Right as we exited the cab I ran into Zak and Marie L who graciously invited me out the next evening in Brooklyn. It was quite the coincidence. After one budweiser and one ill conceived shot of tequila, it was time to call it a night.

When I arrived home, I made the impressive effort to fill my stomach with foody goodness from the friendly folks at the 5th avenue deli in Park Slope. They should be Sainted over there.

I awoke on Friday ready to be active and take on the day. Unfortunately, my brain and body did not follow that recourse and I pretty much sat the day away monitoring the success of If I Blog It and thinking of new angles to tackle our task from. Amazingly, I discovered that the NBC news website and local affilliates had picked up the story of our blog on their sites in a nice little entertainment slideshow. We were officially national news, but in a strange hidden way that only people who were clicking and searching deep into the annals of NBC would find. Nonetheless, I found this to be most exciting.

I’m not sure where else I went on Friday during the day, but I walked somewhere to get something and fought my way on the iPodyssey from Wilco’s “Misunderstood” to Wilco’s “Monday”. Maybe I went to the gym. Probably not though, I think I just went for a walk to not feel so lazy. Oh wait, nevermind, before dinner I went to the video store and didn’t rent anything. After eating dinner, I headed out to meet Zak and Marie, amongst many others at Commonwealth. My friend Rob M also met us. While there we engaged in many a conversation. Most importantly we tried to figure out the significance of Indianapolis as a City since that’s where the then AFC Champs were from. We were curious as to the cultural contribution of that region. Pittsburgh is the Steel City. Chicago is the Windy City. Heck, even Cincinatti is the Queen City (not that we know what that means) but what’s the significance of Indianapolis, and don’t give us that Indy 500 crap. There had to be something there to make it a commerce center. It didn’t just spring up for no reason. I’d go to wikipedia and check it out but I haven’t trusted that site since it told me that Elvis Presley’s father was a well-known male prostitute. Overall, Friday was a good deal of fun and I didn’t get too drunk. I maintained a reasonable level buzz.

I woke up Saturday with no plans for the daytime and I glued myself to the couch cushions once again. There was a Scrubs marathon on so Marty and I did not complain. Anyway, I knew that the evening had something in store. My friend Amy G just finished her dissertation and wanted to go out drinking after 2 plus years of non-stop hard work.

I didn’t make it out of the apartment officially until 10:55pm. I don’t count my run for food as official. I made it to Fontana’s at the same time Amy did around 11:30pm. She was with a couple of friends from school. They were not very talkative. When we got in the bar I tried to strike up conversation but I don’t think they liked me, probably because I wasn’t a banker. Okay, that’s not fair. Everyone doesn’t have to like me but not making casual conversation just reaks of a lack of effort and I have no respect for that. Anyway, Amy kept exclaiming that she was so excited to be out, and I would be too if I had been kept from youthful society by 200 plus pages of Psychological theory for a couple of years. It was good to hang out with her but I was kind of bored, not on her account. The bar was just too crowded and I couldn’t really hear anybody, which makes it more difficult if you only know one person there.

Most of my time was spent zoning out on the Kung Fu movie projected on the screen while downing two or three budweisers. I was trying to figure out what the movie was, as it was actually pretty cool and quite hilarious at times. Upon further post-bar research it was determined to be Kung Fu Hustle. Anyway, I wasn’t at the bar for too late. I think I made it home around 2:30am. Quite a short night out if you ask me. I didn’t mind though. I wasn’t really in the mood to drink or for a crazy night. Plus, there was more fun to be had on Sunday as a Super Bowl party was on the docket.

Today during the day was pretty much status quo. Relaxation before being forced to expand my stomach to 10 times its normal size due to the massive quantities of junk food that I was to inhale on this Super Bowl Sunday.

I finally headed out of the apartment around 4:50pm with my iPod in hand. The iPodyssey was resumed with Wilco’s “Monday” as I went to the grocery store for chips and dip. There seemed to be precious little amounts of regular potato chips. They were mostly hidden in specialized nooks of non-snack aisles which I found to be curious. I felt like I was searching for the final item on Supermarket Sweep. Eventually, I caught up with the Wise chips and made my way to Andy and Jason’s Super Bowl bash. The weather was far too cold for me to be travelling with a wet mop on my head. On my way there I had blazed through two versions of the Pixies “Monkey Gone To Heaven” and Luna’s “Moon Palace”. I finally arrived to the tune of Cat Power’s cover of Uncle Tupelo’s “Moonshiner” with my earphones slightly frozen to my wet hair.

I was one of the first to show up to the party save for the people who lived there and Kayvalyn but the friends slowly trickled in. Lauren H, Rich, Lina, Suli, Kishore, Rob M, Summer, Aaron, Andrea, and Dmitry all eventually made the scene and the food was plentiful as evidenced below.

Lauren made Salami rolls which, nobody could agree which nobody really liked but didn’t like. They were just a strange creation consisting of salami with a pickle and cream cheese all rolled up. I only had one and called it a day on those. Also, during the game I thought it would be fun to take pictures of the game as it played on the wall via projector. Here are the results:

Hey Look Everyone…Super Bowl XLI on CBS!

Rex Grossman, where he belonged, on the ground.

Was that foot in bounds on that interception…methinks so.

There’s more where that came from. My overall impression of the game was that it was an above average Super Bowl. Chicago was in it most of the game until Rex Grossman screwed it up towards the end. However, I fully expected that. I had been rooting for Colts since I didn’t want to hear the words “Rex Grossman Super Bowl MVP”. Though, I really don’t think Peyton Manning was the clear choice. I would’ve probably given that honor to either Joseph Addai or Dominic Rhodes. They need the Cadillac more than Manning does.

Peyton Manning, Questionable Super Bowl MVP with Coach Tony Dungy

Peyton Manning, Questionable Super Bowl MVP’s Car

After the game, a few of us hung around and watched some of the show “Criminal Minds” which had billed tonight’s show as the “best episode ever”. If that was the best episode ever than it’s no wonder I don’t watch that show. It might have been the most poorly written episode ever or the most poorly acted episode ever but that’s hardly a selling point, I suppose.

Fifteen minutes later I took a commercial break as my cue to leave. I hiked through the cold back to my Park Slope abode listening to the end of Cat Power’s “Moonshiners” and 3 subsequent Uncle Tupelo versions, two of which were from the same but on different albums. I walked back into my apartment as the first few notes Rilo Kiley’s “More Adventurous”, ending the weekend’s iPodyssey 71 songs after it began. That’s a nice dent for a few days of relative inactivity. I’ll try to go deeper this week but for now, it’s goodnight.

Weekend iPodyssey Favorites: Counting Crows “Mercury”, Marvin Gaye “Mercy Mercy Me”, Luna “Mermaid Eyes”, Liz Phair “Mesmerizing”, The Police “Message In A Bottle”, Clem Snide “Messiah Complex Blues”, Lucinda Williams “Metal Firecracker”, Cat Power “Metal Heart”, The Beatles “Michelle”, Rolling Stones “Midnight Rambler”, The Shins “Mine’s Not A High Horse”, That Dog “Minneapolis”, Pulp “Mis-shapes”, New Pornographers “Miss Teen Wordpower”, Idlewild “Mistake Pageant”, Wilco “Misunderstood”, Earl Pickens “Moll”, Clem Snide “Moment In The Sun”, Aimee Mann “Momentum”, Pixies “Monkey Gone To Heaven”, Cat Power & Uncle Tupelo “Moonshiner”.

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Cooling Trend

Posted by evankessler on February 1, 2007

Well, after monumentally successful days like Monday and Tuesday of this week there’s bound to be a little letdown. Our Costner search garnered slightly less than 1/8th of the attention it had the previous 28 or so hours. Without the media attention from the previous day we face an uphill battle. Again I spent most of the day monitoring this uphill battle and trying to spread the gospel to the more receptive avenues of the media. Hopefully our media fishing line will get a bite or two and we’ll be in better shape. However, I vow that tomorrow I will actually get out of the house earlier and stop being such an internet homebody. I’m supposed to meet with a few folks at 2pm so there’s reason to venture out of my borough. There’s also a potential drinking outing to attend to in Midtown. I’ll jump off that bridge when I come to it.

When I finally left the house at around a quarter to 6 it was to get a gym workout it. As always my trusty iPod was in hand and I resumed the iPodyssey with Cat Power’s “Maybe Not” as I headed towards my no frills Park Slope workoutatorium and set out on a stairclimbing journey to the tune of Neko Case’s “Maybe Sparrow”. The stairclimbing journey though was to be short lived since it had been days since my last gym trip and all of the sitting and interweb monitoring had caused a fair amount of entropy to envelope my musculature. I vowed that the next time would be different and headed back to my apartment 25 minutes after my workout had begun to the tune of Modest Mouse’s “Medication”.

The day’s iPodyssey would not end that way. After I had showered and removed all natural pore excretions that had been caused by my brief stint at the gym, via soap and water, I headed on out to the Sidewalk Cafe. The iPodyssey was resumed with Johnny Cash’s “Meet Me In Heaven” as I walked towards the train. Sometimes when I’m walking down the street listening to songs on this iPodyssey I hope for coincidences with the lyrical content of the current song playing…this was not one of those times. I looked around nervously making sure nobody was about to kill me and happily nobody was. This eased my mind and made my walk to the train certainly more enjoyable.

My trip into the city was a brief one as the D train arrived almost immediately as I stepped onto the platform. Sometimes there’s no better feeling than good timing. Anyway, I was headed to Sidewalk Cafe to meet James, Colleen, and John for the Here Lies Pa show. When I arrived to the strains of Johnny Cash’s “Memories are Made of This” playing as the day’s final iPodyssey selection, I saw the aforementioned folk in the front room drinking a beer. We soon moved the party to the back where occupied a couple of small round tables and I ordered dinner, seeing as I had barely eaten all day.

I would like to praise the Sidewalk Cafe for having delicious food. I ordered the Lemon Chicken, which came with two sides. For sides I had grilled asparagus and peppercorn mashed potatoes. I don’t know if it’s because I was starving but this meal was absolutely marvelous. After I finished my chicken I kept putting sauce on my fork and licking it off. Any time I can have mashed potatoes is also a special treat. If god exists, he certainly worked a miracle when he made the potato. I mean there is no culinary way to mess up the potato. It adapts so well to flavor. Asparagus on the other hand, is pretty good but I mostly just order it because I know it’s going to make my urine smell weird and that makes me laugh. Often times I’ll forget I’ve eaten asparagus until I feel the need to pee two hours later and like a potent reminder of meals past, there it is in it’s sulfur-scented glory.

That was quite the tangent I went off on there. In any case, the Here Lies Pa show was alright and shorter than the one a few days before. I always like going to sidewalk for one act but I can never sit through all of the various bands there. It makes me feel like I’m at an open mic night. Afterwards, John and I split a cab back and voila I was back here, wasting time on my couch, as usual. The sun was off, the TV was on, and January turned into February…Just like that.

Wednesday’s iPodyssey Favorites:
R.E.M. “Me In Honey”, De La Soul “Me, Myself, and I”, Johnny Cash “Mean Eyed Cat”, PJ Harvey “Meet Ze Monsta”, Self “Meg Ryan”, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins “Melt Your Heart”

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World Wide Explosion

Posted by evankessler on January 31, 2007

Well it’s certainly been a whirlwind of a day. After last night’s mention on defamer the Costner blog virtually exploded into the internet stratosphere. After more than one full day of the best publicity having no money can buy, “If I Blog It They Will Come” garnered 1/4 the amount of hits that this here blog has taken about 2 and a half years to accumulate. Just goes to show you what a little star power can do.

Most of my day was spent monitoring the internet progress of my new venture and coming up with a new post for the Costner site with a little help from Andrew Morton. I fully expected to hear from KC after drumming up such a strong initial internet reaction. However, after many email reviews my cup of Costner did not exactly runneth over. My faith is not damaged though. I shall press on with one mission on my mind. Perhaps, I should give myself a second mission though as I am currently without employment. Okay, let’s revise that…I shall press on with two missions on my mind, the first mission being to get a photo of Kevin Costner looking at the If I Blog It site and the second mission being to get a job. Right, that sounds sensible.

Nevermind what my mission was today, my eyes were very weary from constantly staring at my computer screen. I had barely slept the evening before due to both excitement and the disruption of my sleep cycle caused by my weekend on the town. Several times during the day I found myself retiring to my futon for a little shut eye, as I had been a complete zombie for most of the day.

I eventually made it out later on for drinks with Jill M and I took my iPod with me to resume my iPodyssey for a rather short term. As I walked towards Carroll Gardens with iPod in hand I finished up Death Cab for Cutie’s “Marching Bands of Manhattan” and moved onto Neko Case’s “Margaret vs. Pauline” until it was accidentally set back to the former song. It took me about 30 seconds to realize that I was on a song that I had already listened to, a credit to the depth of my zombie like state. I finally arrived to meet Jill at Angry Wade’s just before the iPod struck the New Pornographers “Mass Romantic”. It had been several months since Jill and I had gathered for our regular Tuesday drinks. She had recently acquired a boyfriend and I up until recently had been burdened with employment. It was nice to get back into that old ebb and flow again as the drinks washed against us like the sea into a pier (Thanks David Berman). We had a bartender who was a tad bit off but still very friendly and she allowed us to smuggle our Pepperidge Farm Cheddar Goldfish, our old favorite bar snack from the Village Tavern drinking days.

Jill and I engaged in odd pop culture conversation that certainly caught the ear of many a patron. Our bartender attempted to chime in with her two cents by letting out a few shrieks as we discussed the oddity that is Fuse’s “Pant’s off Dance off” as well as the uneasiness brought on by it’s host, Jody Sweetin, formerly of Full House. We also looked on in horror as the Syracuse score repeatedly scrolled across the bottom of the screen alerting us to the growing disparity in score in the game between the Orange and the Fighting Irish. It was not pretty. I don’t predict a favorable finish for Boeheim’s beloved. What can you do but look on in horror?

After about 4 drinks Jill and I decided to split and head our separate ways. I resumed the iPodyssey picking it up with the New Pornographers and getting through 7 more full songs before hitting Cat Power’s “Maybe Not”, making today’s iPodyssey total 15 songs. I was afraid I’d stop on Sheryl Crow’s “Maybe Angels” and have to admit to liking a few Sheryl Crow songs, but then I just decided to throw this into the post and admit it anyway. What can I say? She’s written a few good tunes.

The rest of the night was not marked by any significant events other than that I continue to be on this Costner thing. However, I don’t feel as optimistic about tomorrow’s numbers. I think we may die down unless we can get a few more links on some big sites. Who knows though? I’m predicting but a fraction of today’s success. Then again, anything that’s a reasonable fraction of today’s 1,877 hits will be quite remarkable.

Tuesday’s iPodyssey Favorites:
Neko Case “Margaret vs. Pauline”, Kathleen Edwards “Maria”, Tom Petty & The Hearbreakers “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, New Pornographers “Mass Romantic”, Mos Def “Mathematics”.

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Total System Failure

Posted by evankessler on October 3, 2006

Sometime around 11am Monday morning the Hard Drive of Evan J. Kessler’s 2003 G4 Powerbook died in a bedroom in Pomona, New York. The Hard Drive left behind a keyboard a screen, a CD/DVD burner, and several other circuits and thingies. Those left behind are currently on their way to the Apple Repair center wherever that may be so that their purpose in this world can be revived. They are expected back in the hands of rightful owner, Evan Kessler, in 3 to 4 business days with a brand new, almost certainly better Hard Drive. Unfortunately, for it’s owner, pictures taken the last 2 weekends are gone forever because he did not want to pay $500 to retrieve the lost data. We here at Evan Kessler.com have a special place in our hearts for the deeply departed drive and would like to express the feeling that while this hard drive may be gone it is certainly not forgotten.

Flowers and fruit baskets can be sent to Evan Kessler at his Brooklyn home. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers in this trying time.

Also, Evan Kessler will try to update both EvanKessler.com and The Balki System this week from the computer of one Marton Dundics. Bear with us in this difficult time.

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…And That’s A Pretty Nice Haircut

Posted by evankessler on September 15, 2006

I realize that lately I’ve been neglecting to tell you every minute mundane detail in my life. The pages of EvanKessler.com have been flooded with Sweepstakes, Political Messages, Public Service announcements and football picks. However, in an effort to remedy this I am announcing that today, I, Evan Kessler, got a haircut.

After work I ran down to Hair Mates on St. Marks Place in the East Village and had my favorite trimmer of tresses lop off lots of locks. Over the past few weeks I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a drastic cut because I thought that it might work better with the beard if my hair was shorter. Veronica at Hair Mates thought we should cut at least an inch off and I let her make the call. Here is the result:

My cheeks look huge in that picture so much so that my face looks like an upside down mushroom with the nose being the stem part. Some of you might think my hair is too short. Some of you might not notice a difference. Most of you probably don’t care but it looks shorter than it actually is since there’s all this weird product in it. I think it looks good though so I suppose it doesn’t matter what you think.

Anyway, from hair results to Football pick results as we track my season long battle against family friend and old man, Bruce.

Last week being the 1st week of the Football Season Bruce and I kicked off our 14th or 15th annual NFL Pickoff. After one week Bruce and I are tied with a record of 10 wins and 6 losses.

Here go this week’s picks:

Week 2
Dolphins over Bills
Panthers over Vikings
Bengals over Browns
Bears over Lions
Colts over Texans
Saints over Packers (Bruce picks Packers)
Giants over Eagles (Bruce picks Eagles)
Ravens over Raiders
Falcons over Buccaneers
Seahawks over Cardinals
Rams over 49ers
Broncos over Chiefs
Patirots over Jets
Chargers over Titans
Redskins over Cowboys (Bruce picks Cowboys)
Jaguars over Steelers (Bruce picks Steelers)

Season Standings
Bruce 10-6
Evan 10-6

Stay tuned. It’s going to be a battle, which I hopefully win, resulting in a free dinner. Alright, I suppose I’m going to call it a night. Check back on Sunday night for the Weekend recap.

Also if you want to see who Balki Bartokomous from Perfect Strangers has in this weeks games go to my new blog The Balki System

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Blogging is Hard

Posted by evankessler on September 13, 2006

As someone with 4 blogs I know just about as much as anyone that blogging can be time consuming and difficult. There is constant pressure from the public (i.e., your friends, naked strangers in front of their computer) to constantly update with thought provoking content. People around the world have access to your wholly uninteresting thoughts and daily activities posted for the world to see as if they might actually matter.

Yes, Blogging truly is a wonder of the modern world. Everyone and their mother has a blog. I bet your mother has a blog. A blog can bring someone fame, fortune, and the American dream, all for the cost of a few hours of their time.

However, along with the rewards come the pitfalls. Perhaps, no one is reading your blog or commenting. Perhaps you have writers block and can only come up with a lame blog about blogging. Yes, for all those that aren’t in the blogosphere, let this public service announcement be a lesson to you…Blogging is hard.

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Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Posted by evankessler on May 26, 2005

The crappy weather served as a harbinger of bad news this Wednesday. I’ve spent the last few days getting seriously excited over the prospect of taking a vacation with a good friend to the most tropical of destinations. Unfortunately, this morning that friend bailed on the plans sending me back to square one and into a downward spiral of uncertainty over any summer vacation plans actually coming to fruition. I don’t fault my friend, it was on really short notice that we decided to explore our vacation options but at the same time I was looking forward to spending time relaxing in the tropics with someone I enjoyed hanging out with. Lately it seems all of my hopes end up crashing on the ground before my feet. I guess the lesson here is not to ever look forward to anything because every time I think ahead and imagine any sort of prosperous situation it ultimately doesn’t happen. Woe is me. Don’t you feel sad?

Ok, maybe I was a little heavy handed with the depression stuff but I’m really disappointed. I’m in desperate need of a vacation and I’m too unmotivated to go adventuring by myself despite my restlessness. Maybe I’ll snap out of it and go on some soul- searching journey that I can write a screenplay about. Who knows? If you have any good ideas for my soul-searching summer vacation, send me an email here

Today wasn’t all that bad. First off, after work I met up with Jessica R. for drinks at the White Horse Tavern after work. I don’t think I’d Jess since her birthday a couple of months ago when it was snowing and I took a picture of it. Just look down for a picture of snow and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Anyway, we had a really good time just hanging out and talking and drinking beers until she had to take off at 8:30 to have dinner with her boyfriend. After that I trekked home a couple of blocks only to find a shiny new package waiting for me on the table. At this moment I’d like to announce that it’s a close race for current favorite person in the world but right now Australia’s Alex Trevor (see posts from 01/02/05 and 12/30/04) is in the lead. It was enough that I had a great time meeting and hanging out with her over the winter holidays, but now she had to go and top herself by sending me 6 CD’s across several continents and oceans all in the name of music appreciation and for that I give her the utmost thanks. Seeing that package just sitting there on my table made my day just as the email I received from her several days ago did the same. Now I have to figure out what to send her. As if 6 new CD’s wasn’t enough I still wanted more as I had previously planned to head to Tower Records and pick up the new album by Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks. When I got to Tower, I found myself with about 3 CD’s in hand. I knew the Malkmus one was coming with me and my other hand was holding the Bloc Party album and the new Ryan Adams record. I decided that Ryan Adams’ new record was a good value since it was a double-album for $12.99. Bloc Party will have to wait to provide me with aural pleasure. This is the part where I check out for the night. I have a lot of music to listen to. Over and out.

Oh and wait, on a completely unrelated note, I made two emergency blogs today just in case I have to update this but I’m on vacation for a couple of days. That way I’ll be able to keep you updated from the road. I’m not sure which one I’m going to use yet. One is here and the other one is here

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Mission Statement

Posted by evankessler on May 25, 2005

This blog page has been created for the express purpose that should I ever be unable to update my actual website due to a vacation or inability to get to my home computer, I will be able to keep others in the loop as to my every move. That being said, it is unlikely I will ever be on vacation or more than arms length from the computer which hosts my website. Did I mention that I have a website? Anyway, this is strictly a precautionary blog.

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To Blog or Not to Blog

Posted by evankessler on August 31, 2004

I didn’t really do anything tonight so I was questioning whether or not to write anything tonight. I’m sort of worried that blogging everyday will give me nothing to talk about assuming everyone I know reads this everyday. However, I hope that is not completely the case. I’d like to think that I’m a vast cornucopia of personality and conversation that doesn’t solely depend on my array of daily activities, although daily activities may tend to provide clues to who a person actually is, they do not encompass that whole person’s being. If daily activities defined a person’s being, I would’ve been no one today or I’d have been a professional football player (or Madden player anyway) and an associate tv producer, and that’s all you would need to know. I’d prefer to be known as a complex being of thoughts and emotion who just happened to go to work today and played madden when he got home. Wow, this post is a stretch. I hope no one’s taking this emotion crap seriously. It’s all pretty stream of consciousness and not at all meant for serious digestion. I guess if you’re taking this website too seriously you’re either a stalker or hopelessly in love with me. Honestly, I’d take either one.

On another note, you can always tell how the rest of your week is going to go by how Monday goes and today was slow. So, it looks to be another torturously mundane crawl towards the weekend, but a three-day weekend at that. There’s your light at the end of the tunnel. Get on your hands an knees and make your way towards that seemingly sunny flickering ray of hope that we call Friday night. Oh crap, it’s only Tuesday morning.

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