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Things I Learned On My First Day of Being 30

Posted by evankessler on November 5, 2008

They say wisdom comes with old age.  Whoever “they” may be, they are most certainly correct.  Here are a few things I learned on my first day being 30.

1. The simple act of typing “30” when the treadmill prompt asked my age lowers my target heart rate from 124 to 123.

2. Charleston, not Wheeling, is the Capitol of West Virginia, though I believe I knew that way back in elementary school when I scored 100 on a test that asked me to locate all of the States and name their capitals.

Big Red Star Basically Screams, "STATE CAPITAL!"

Big Red Star Basically Screams,

3. The reason I thought that Wheeling was the Capital of West Virginia has something to do with the Billy Joel song “The Ballad of Billy The Kid.”

4. A birthday is not necessarily a lucky day. You do not automatically win money from a scratch off ticket just because you’ve chosen to purchase one on your birthday.

5. I have a wonderful group of friends.

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