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Tribute Tuesday: I Once Had A Beard…

Posted by evankessler on October 19, 2010

I started growing my beard in the fall of 2006 after lifelong bouts with smooth-facedness and excessive shaving. It was a good beard; it wasn’t particularly groomed well nor did it adhere to the latest fashions, but it framed my face well and kept me warm during cold winter nights. Now, with the majority of it removed leaving and me a mustachioed wreck, I’ve decided to take a fond look back at the time me and my fuzzy face covering spent together on this earth. For though its bristles may have been swept down the drain, my memories of it have not been. Without further ado, on this “Tribute Tuesday,” I present to you my original montage entitled “I Once Had A Beard, But That Was A Long Time Ago.”


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