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Mustachioed Monday

Posted by evankessler on October 18, 2010

Towards the end of last week I promised EvanKessler.com would be rejuvenated by a “theme week” and possibly a new physical appearance.  While I didn’t get around to revamping the site’s visual presentation, I myself have had somewhat of an image makeover. No, I didn’t get “Queer-eyed,” nor did I undergo extensive plastic surgery to make me look like David Sanborn; I did, however, participate in the 24 hour film race with my brilliant friends that make up Geniot Films; and as my creative friends well know, sometimes in support of artistic endeavors one is forced to make sacrifices. For the sake of the film my facial hair was put on the chopping block.  After four whole years of being a beacon of bearded good humor, the dark brown brush that has since lined and defined the outer perimeter of my visage is no more. And so I dub today “Mustachioed Monday.”

There was some initial resistance when the suggestion was made to de-bristle me so that I might more realistically fill the role of Ignacio en “Mesa Del Fuego.” I thought about it for a minute or so and promptly gave in. I’m all about method acting and achieving the look was pivotal in becoming Ignacio, the lively Mexican poker bandido with a poor command of the spanish language and an even poorer command of the game of poker.

Before: Evan, The Friendly Bearded Fellow Next Door

Después: Ignacio quiere que todas sus fichas

So was it worth losing my old friend, Mr. Beard, for a few hot minutes of film racing action? Well, I subscribe to the theory that “change is good” as well as the reassuring ancient proverb that states, “it’ll grow back.”  But that question isn’t really for me to answer anyway, it’s for you to judge when you watch “Mesa Del Fuego!”


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