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The Rugged-yet-Suave Scent of Victory (Superstition)

Posted by evankessler on September 15, 2010

Victory. What does it smell like? Well, up until recently I might have defined it as the perfect fall Sunday; calm winds swirling in a grassy arena of combat; the hint of  dead leaves in the air as brut strength collides with brut strength above mud-filled trenches spilling blood, sweat, and tears all over the repeated exchange of an inflated, oblong pork hide.

Defeat? Well I guess I saw that as pretty much the same thing, only the stench of mud in your nose is a lot more apparent.

Turns out I didn’t know as much about the scent of a winner as I thought, for just recently I sniffed true odor of  champions.  All this time it lay dormant in the home of some poor Sullivan County, New York sap–  nary put to use and left to rot in storage box.  But as is the case with all important artifacts, it was destined to be found and displayed in its true glory. The Hope Diamond, The Cougarhead Stapler –both stunning and priceless objets d’art in their own right– now find themselves matched in beauty and purpose only by the New York Giants Lombardi Trophy Aftershave bottle. Not only is the latter a stunning relic of triumph dating as far back as 1987, but it has also managed to maintain it’s mythical powers by continuing to contain –within its walls– the liquid manifestation of the sacred scent of victory cologne historians might recognize as something called Wild Country.”

Now with this prized keepsake of past gridiron (and no doubt bedroom) conquests in my possession, I shall partake in the weekly ritual of the application of the victorious essence to my person in a superstitious endeavor to ensure  a positive result on the field of battle for the Giants of the gritty game they call Football.

The scent of victory indeed.


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