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Escape from New York

Posted by evankessler on July 9, 2010

Fourth of July weekend brought patriotic tidings to the residents of New York City, but those All-American antics were nary accompanied by a cool breeze that might make that star-spangled banner yet wave. Instead the holiday weekend was trailed by a crippling triple-digit heat wave that all but deadened the celebratory spirit. The electric company warned against excessive use of  power fearing outages across the bustling metropolis, shutting down some air conditioning or at least knocking them down to lower settings that left residents gasping for an icy cool liquid refreshment not consisting of something that had just been wiped clean from their brow.

Rather than spend the entirety of the week drowning in my own sweat, I made an executive decision to seek refuge where the air conditioning was central, and  the soothing relief of chlorinated water was mere steps away from my alotted workspace.

Paradise Is Only A Few Steps Away

Paradise Is Only A Few Steps Away

Three hours from my Brooklyn home lie a secret hideaway of sorts, a place that only gets taken advantage of by this foolish city denizen every few years or so when I feel the need to go for a swim.  It was about that time.

It had been three years since I had ventured to the land of P. Diddy white parties, Steven Spielberg, and childhood memories involving the smoking of pretzels in a pool house. Three years was indeed too long. So after an early work shift on Tuesday I hopped on the Long Island Railroad only to be met several hours later by my beaming mother who had long been singing the praises of time spent on the East End.Sure I fancy myself city folk, but it’s really hard to turn down the prospect of free meals and swimming when faced with such a dreadful alternative.

The days since have been filled with a rather pleasant routine. Something along the lines of: wake up, eat breakfast, swim, work, swim, work, swim, work, eat dinner, sleep, rinse, repeat. I can’t say I’ve experienced a great variety of things save for the different strokes I’ve employed in my many laps back and forth in the pool, and a brief jaunt to the beach, but that’s not what I came out here for. The trick was to simply change the scenery. One can only stare at one’s kitchen table for so long and eat the same peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day before they’re liable to go insane.

Sure the week had some pathetic moments. I was obsessive compulsive about obtaining a suitable amount of exercise, feeling as though doing 20 laps of elementary backstroke in a pool 36 feet in length was akin to a real achievement. Every chance I got I added another 20-25 laps to my total.  I pondered whether or not I could achieve a swimmer’s body with such an intense workout schedule.  There was also precious little human interaction save for parental advisory. In their absence I decided to test my camera timer and take action shots of my solo pool fun, which may or may not be the saddest thing in the world.See below and decide for yourself.

Self Pool Portrait '10: Feel the Excitement

The Creature Emerges Back at the Surface

Pool Fever: Catch It!

Reigning Gold Medalist in the Elementary Backstroke Does A Victory Lap

That being said, this was time I needed. A breeze from Brooklyn was blowing towards the east calling my name and saying “Go East Young Man.” It’s seemed silly not to follow it.


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