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They’ve Finally Done It

Posted by evankessler on April 13, 2010

A little over a week ago, in the midst of a stoop sale at my apartment on Union Street I had a hankering for a sweet drink.  Part of me longed for the ultimate tried and true in  non-alcoholic beverage relaxation that is associated with a nice cold glass of Iced Tea with a slice of lemon.  Then again, a sour glass of youthful sunny day exuberance also called my name in such an enticing manner that it was entirely possible that beverage beelzebub was perched on my right shoulder twisting his steamy pitchfork into my blade and beckoning me to make a move for a lemonade.

I was perplexed.  When I voiced my thirst quandary to my friend Kelly, she offered a rather sensible solution, “Why don’t you get both.”  Ah yes, the good ol’ half Iced Tea-half lemonade concoction popularly known as an “Arnold Palmer.”  Good ol’ Arnie, nailin’ birdies and solving springtime thirst issues in one or two fell swoops of a 9-Iron.

Itching to soothe my liquid sweet tooth I went straight to the Snapple section of the corner store and nearly came out of there sans what I was looking for, but at the last moment I spied that dose of satisfaction in a bottle labeled “Lemonade Iced Tea” and promising me that it was “Made from the Best Stuff on Earth.”

I was pleased with my purchase, grinning ear to ear as I strolled along the sidewalk with a cool drink in my hand.  “Good ol’ Arnold Palmer,” I thought to myself again, glancing at my drink.  I took a big swig and felt refreshed.  As I returned home, I began to wonder why no one had seen fit to just call the damn drink an Arnold Palmer and market the hell out of it?  This had to be a win-win for Palmer.  Everybody knows the damned thing is named after him, why isn’t the guy pulling a Paul Newman and mass distributing his famed concoction to the masses?  The question soon passed and I happily finished my drink.  I hadn’t been too obsessed with Mr. Palmer’s marketability since, that is, until today.

Returning back from a trip to Key Foods, I decided to stop back in the corner store and pick up a green tea.  Lo and behold, as I was thumbing through the green tea selection I spied something peculiar and somewhat awe-inspiring directly to the left. There before me was a shiny, tall, black and white can adorned with the face of a golf legend that was neither Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods. Arnie was staring back at me in three stages of glory. The can read “Arnold Palmer Lite…Half Iced Tea & Half Lemonade.”  Speak of the devil. It seems the folks at Arizona Iced Tea (Ferolito, Vultaggio & Sons) knew what I had been waiting for all along, a half lemonade-half iced tea officially endorsed by the man the drink was named after.  Well, they’ve finally done it.  Hats off to you.  This Arnold Palmer’s on me.

Arnold Palmer: The Man. The Drink.


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