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Posted by evankessler on April 1, 2010

Early this morning I wandered towards downtown Brooklyn to help ease the pain of my struggle with employment or lack thereof. I wasn’t going down to the docks to make a quick buck in the field of drifting, rather I was heading down to Smith Street to take a test to be Census taker. That’s right, not only would I try to make a few hard-earned bucks, but I’d help my country out while doing it if it was determined that my country needed me. Is there any truer patriot than me? Keep quiet Sarah Palin.

In any case, as I happily strolled down Atlantic Avenue I came across a striking blue building that wasn’t striking so much as an architectural specimen as much as it was for it’s blueness.  It stuck out like a sore thumb in the midst of more traditionally colored city buildings. Even more outstanding was the company it advertised on its facade:

In a way, I was shocked that I was not aware that this building existed in my neck of the woods. For this was no doubt the site of many great moments in the advancement constipation science. Surely the bathrooms within were hallowed sites of laxative experimentation where ground was broken and many a bowel was purged.  I’m not sure if this building has landmark status…but perhaps we should start a movement.  Poor choice of words?


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