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Posted by evankessler on March 28, 2010

Passover doesn’t begin until Monday…or so I think.  I’m not really up to speed on the dates of all of Judaism’s annual manifestations in the 2KX.  Clan Kessler did things a little early this year, because we march to the beat of a reformed drummer.  It was a good time.  Aunt Melanie and Cousin Erika were in town.  Greg and Kelly brought their new dog Bunny to take part in the festivities…and our normal guests the Wolks were on hand to take part in the rather informal seder happening.

The story of Pesach was told, four questions were asked, and delicious food was enjoyed by all.  DAYENU!

Kelly and Bunny

Two Balls And A Carrot

Aunt Melanie came out of the Kitchen asking, “who wants two balls and a carrot.”  Erika and I seemed like the only two people who found this inquiry to be overly humorous.  We’re very mature. I told Erika I would name this post “Two Balls and a Carrot.” I lied.

Now That's A Good Looking Plate

Oddly, my favorite part of the meal was the Asparagus for really bizarre reasons that you could probably guess.  Not only is Asparagus delicious, but I get some sort of sick enjoyment later in the night when a certain bodily function reminds me that it was part of a nutritious dinner.

A Belated and Be-Earlied Celebration

Several birthdays were being celebrated during the Seder.  My cousin Erika would turn 25 later in the week and the day before my brother turned 61.



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