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Foot In Mouth Disease

Posted by evankessler on March 26, 2010

I’m not normally the type that has to frequently eat his own words.  Being a quick-wit and  jovial observer of my surroundings rarely threatens to get me into trouble. Yesterday evening, however, there was a brief moment where my wits escaped me and only 2 things served as a saving grace.  The first saving grace was that my benign insult was hurled at a brick wall of niceness and the 2nd was that time heals all wounds.

As I sat watching the Syracuse’s NCAA defeat at the hands of the Butler Bulldogs with Jill M and Kristin E, I was engaged in a conversation with a large fellow Syracuse alum who told our group that he had graduated in 2006.  Having been a student during the glory years with Donovan McNabb at the helm (ending in ’98), I voiced the assumption that said fellow Orange rooter had missed seeing any good football during his tenure as a student.  At no point did I stop to realize that this relatively large individual might have been engaged in any athletic pursuit in addition to academic ones.  After making my pejorative statement eviscerating the gridiron group that inhabited the Carrier Dome turf on Saturdays since 1999, the fellow bar patron took a moment to notify me that he was a member of the football team during his educational career.

Good in '01

Backpedaling ensued.  Actually, I was really only saved by my new friend’s declarative statement, “we were good in ’01.”  I sheepishly agreed. “Yeah, that’s true.”  There was a sense of terror emanating from the females next to me, but that quickly gave way to concern for our alma mater’s subpar play on the hardcourt.  I padded the conversation with questions about coaches and players of the recent past Central New York football lore.  Anger was sidestepped and at the end of the evening friendly handshakes exchanged.  Crisis averted.


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