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Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Posted by evankessler on March 31, 2010

Tonight I went to a party with my friend Reva to celebrate the launch of a new dating website called HowAboutWe.com.  While there I got into a funny conversation with an attractive member of the female persuasion after she quoted me a “true story” reminiscent of the 2nd season of the Real World intro.  This led to a conversation about the Real World Season 2’s resident hillbilly Jon Brennan and the episode where the roommates got to see his country act, which included a memorable performance of the Brooks & Dunn song “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.” Upon my return home, I was compelled to find this performance on youtube.  Much to my chagrin, it was not easily found.  So rather than give you the gift of Jon Brennan’s “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” I’ve decided to shower you with line dancing lessons.  Clear the floor near your computer, I’m taking you south of the Mason-Dixon where you can impress all of your friends with your new fancy footwork.

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A Snapshot A Day

Posted by evankessler on March 30, 2010

When I first started this blog some time around Memorial Day of 2004, it was more or less a daily record of my life and the things that I found humorous within the  framework of my day-to-day routine. Prior to the worldwide takeover by Twitter and Facebook,  it was a regularly scheduled snapshot of musings and goings on; sometimes boring, other times funny, most of the time uneventful and unimportant. EvanKessler.com gave me a forum to discuss moronic whims, observations, and just plain nonsense.

Nowadays with the constant minutia of status updates of social networking, it hardly seems necessary to continue.  Constantly posting wordy recaps fraught with flowery language and silly opinions can be a bit taxing if labored over regularly.  It gives one little time to live and plenty of time to sit.  That being said, I miss the frequent posting. There’s something about unabashedly being yourself in written form that makes the heart sing and the neurons in ones cranium slither from point a to point b with a speedy delight. The constant prospect of self-inspiration is one that quite tickles my fancy at the same time it taxes my resources. Maybe it’s a self-replenishing act.

I was reading through a Facebook feed at some point this weekend and came across a link to a website that featured the work of one Jamie Livingston, a man who took one photo a day every day of his life from 3/31/1979 to his death in 10/25/1997. I was mesmerized by the variety in the images, scanning through every single one of them from 1982 at around 2 in the morning on Friday.  There were images of familiar places in New York City and not so familiar ones abroad.  The thing that struck me funny is that the friends he had in 1982, those in his photos, looked like they could exist now.  There was something extremely tangible and alive within the faces and their surroundings.  365,000 words in 365 pictures.

A Photo From the Jamie Livingston Photo Of The Day Collection

Now, I know there’s something much easier to digest in a simple photo rather than a convoluted blog post complaining about rainy weather or detailing drunken exploits, but I guess in a way those are my snapshots.  And sometimes I guess snapshots are my snapshots.  So, I guess what I’m saying is that I want this site to breathe again and to do that I’m going to start posting here more.  It may just be a photo or a link…or maybe an elaborate explanation of something I don’t quite understand, but either way…game on.  To start, I’m going to do a little back cataloguing, posting significant photos from goings on over the last few months.  So have a look around I guess…and enjoy.

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Mahogany @ The Bell House

Posted by evankessler on March 29, 2010

Matt Filler and Andrew Prinz of Mahogany

Mahogany played at The Bell House in Gowanus tonight sandwiched in between Pacific Theater (great band name) and A Sunny Day in Glasgow. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but had a great time watching all of the bands on this extremely solid bill.  One day I’ll have a better camera that will compensate for the fact that I have the shakiest hands in the world.  Sometimes I look at my hand and think that I’m turning into Michael J. Fox, though I’m probably more on the Carpal Tunnel side of the spectrum when it comes to the my unsteady hands.

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Posted by evankessler on March 28, 2010

Passover doesn’t begin until Monday…or so I think.  I’m not really up to speed on the dates of all of Judaism’s annual manifestations in the 2KX.  Clan Kessler did things a little early this year, because we march to the beat of a reformed drummer.  It was a good time.  Aunt Melanie and Cousin Erika were in town.  Greg and Kelly brought their new dog Bunny to take part in the festivities…and our normal guests the Wolks were on hand to take part in the rather informal seder happening.

The story of Pesach was told, four questions were asked, and delicious food was enjoyed by all.  DAYENU!

Kelly and Bunny

Two Balls And A Carrot

Aunt Melanie came out of the Kitchen asking, “who wants two balls and a carrot.”  Erika and I seemed like the only two people who found this inquiry to be overly humorous.  We’re very mature. I told Erika I would name this post “Two Balls and a Carrot.” I lied.

Now That's A Good Looking Plate

Oddly, my favorite part of the meal was the Asparagus for really bizarre reasons that you could probably guess.  Not only is Asparagus delicious, but I get some sort of sick enjoyment later in the night when a certain bodily function reminds me that it was part of a nutritious dinner.

A Belated and Be-Earlied Celebration

Several birthdays were being celebrated during the Seder.  My cousin Erika would turn 25 later in the week and the day before my brother turned 61.


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Foot In Mouth Disease

Posted by evankessler on March 26, 2010

I’m not normally the type that has to frequently eat his own words.  Being a quick-wit and  jovial observer of my surroundings rarely threatens to get me into trouble. Yesterday evening, however, there was a brief moment where my wits escaped me and only 2 things served as a saving grace.  The first saving grace was that my benign insult was hurled at a brick wall of niceness and the 2nd was that time heals all wounds.

As I sat watching the Syracuse’s NCAA defeat at the hands of the Butler Bulldogs with Jill M and Kristin E, I was engaged in a conversation with a large fellow Syracuse alum who told our group that he had graduated in 2006.  Having been a student during the glory years with Donovan McNabb at the helm (ending in ’98), I voiced the assumption that said fellow Orange rooter had missed seeing any good football during his tenure as a student.  At no point did I stop to realize that this relatively large individual might have been engaged in any athletic pursuit in addition to academic ones.  After making my pejorative statement eviscerating the gridiron group that inhabited the Carrier Dome turf on Saturdays since 1999, the fellow bar patron took a moment to notify me that he was a member of the football team during his educational career.

Good in '01

Backpedaling ensued.  Actually, I was really only saved by my new friend’s declarative statement, “we were good in ’01.”  I sheepishly agreed. “Yeah, that’s true.”  There was a sense of terror emanating from the females next to me, but that quickly gave way to concern for our alma mater’s subpar play on the hardcourt.  I padded the conversation with questions about coaches and players of the recent past Central New York football lore.  Anger was sidestepped and at the end of the evening friendly handshakes exchanged.  Crisis averted.

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A Beautiful Poem Without Meaning

Posted by evankessler on March 8, 2010

This weekend while sampling wines for our friend Ahmad and Erika’s June wedding, my compatriot Andrea and I took it upon ourselves to improvise a poem.  Well, I improvised it; she jotted it down and now it will live on forever in the annals and volumes of deeply-spiritual verse floating around the world wide web.  I think it’s a commentary on the Japanese whaling industry…or it’s just a commentary on where  improvisation will take you when one isn’t quite drunk and blabbing about nothing. Without further ado, here is this beautiful poem full of meaning…or completely lacking it…by Evan Kessler as transcribed by Andrea P:

Spaceships circle Antarctica,

A boat leaves the West Indies in search of Spices, but never comes.

Algae spreads.


A Volcano shows its natural wonder burning domiciles all over the ocean.

Snails were homeless…sea urchins.

Sting Rays lost their sting.

Corals have lost their reef.

Yet the hunter’s harpoon still remains as sharp as ever.

The lone whale travels sans company…



The boat in the distance longs to eliminate that life.

Unaware, the great mammal unknowingly embraces death, yet there is life still left.



Which will it be?

Choose your own adventure.

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