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“Simpsons” Leaving Shark In Its Wake

Posted by evankessler on January 4, 2010

In 2009 “The Simpsons” outlasted “Gunsmoke” to become TV‘s longest-running scripted nighttime series.  Still churning out episodes twenty years after it’s initial airdate on December 17,1989; the show has spawned an entire generation of people whose only point of humorous reference is to cite episodes of “The Simpsons.”  While many of the show’s die-hard fans maintain a near-religious devotion to their Sunday night ritual that is keeping up with Marge, Homer, Bart, and Lisa; the more sensible TV viewer can confidently state that this animated dynamo has only been sporadically funny over the past ten years or so, and has more than likely overstayed it’s welcome in the Sunday night lineup.

In celebration of the show’s 450th episode slated to air this Sunday, followed by a 20th anniversary special, we here at OneRiot would like to take this opportunity look at a few other shows currently taking up space in the lineup that should probably go quietly into that sweet night.

The Jay Leno ShowJay Leno had a pretty nice run as the host of The Tonight Show, but with flailing ratings away from spotlight previously made famous by Steve Allen, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson, we suspect America is waking up to the fact that they don’t have to watch the mostly unfunny Leno if they don’t want to.  Our recommendation, get new writers or get off the air. 10pm is for hospital or courtroom dramas.

24- Being a big fan of this real-time FOX drama doesn’t change the fact that suspension of disbelief is wearing thin. How many times can Jack Bauer be called upon to save the world? Like every terrorist in the world wouldn’t just be keeping tabs on this guy and thinking about setting off nukes as far away from him as possible at this point? The show has asked us to endure more than a few ridiculous moments. In the early going they tempted us to replace the phrase “jump the shark” with “get caught on a rock with a cougar,” and things got a bit melodramatic a few seasons back when the chief terrorists he was trying to stop were his father and brother. We love the pulse pounding action and the tension, but it’s starting to get a tad ridiculous.

Two And A Half Men- We’re not sure if this show was ever funny.  Somehow CBS got a ton of mileage out of Charlie Sheen promoting his demon promiscuity and making it lovable.  Meanwhile Jon Cryer became the whiniest person to ever be a lead on a #1 show…and that opening theme.  I’d pay you to never have to hear it in reruns.

When it comes to shows running their course, there are a few more we’d like to go see the way of the dodo; but this list will have to suffice for now, lest the term “blog post” be replaced with “treatise.”


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