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Kim Jong Illness

Posted by evankessler on December 13, 2009

Kim Jong-il

Image via Wikipedia

We here at OneRiot never thought we’d see the day when Hollywood star Patrick Swayze and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il would have something in common. Alas, that day has come.

No, the duo aren’t co-stars in kick assness in a new sequel to the 1989 film Next of Kin;  Rather, the Point Break star and North Korean nut job are currently both in the throes of Pancreatic Cancer.  While we’d love to see Swayze deliver a Roadhouse style roundhouse to his illness, is it sort of wrong that we’re rooting for the cancer in Kim’s case?  It almost seems like the perfect karmic boomerang of pain and suffering reserved for a maniacal and brutally opressive dictator whose regime has caused plenty of anguish amongst his own peoples– while continually threatening the world by having his finger constantly on that big red button.

So maybe rooting for the C Storm to overtake the Napoleonic North Korean’s body is uncivilized in it’s own right– in which case we just hope the illness makes Kim see the error of his twisted, tyranical ways and  decides he’s been doing it all wrong- opting to turn his nation into a democratic one.  Failing that, we guess Team America will always need an arch enemy.


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