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Why So Angry?

Posted by evankessler on December 4, 2009

Americans under 30 years old have it tough.  Not only did they grow up in an environment where rapidly changing technology influenced their lives for the better, but most of them missed out on Jimmy Carter‘s entire presidency.  While you can speculate that these factors had no ill effects on their being at present, a recent study of 1,800 Americans over the age of 18 –conducted by a researcher suspiciously now at the University of Toronto– found that people younger than thirty were (in non-technical terms) more PO’d then everyone else.

So why are the youth of America so generally disenchanted all of the time? One might speculate that it’s because the damned DVR keeps cutting off the first and last minute of Family Guy episodes every Sunday on Fox, but that’s not what the survey says. According to researcher Scott Schieman it’s factors such as “time pressures,” “economic hardship”, and “interpersonal conflict at the workplace” that have the youth of a nation foaming at the mouth– or at least seething with vitriol.

While we too have felt the sting of the previous three factors, at OneRiot we tend to always look on the bright side of life. So in order to help our fellow youngsters find reasons to turn that frown upside down (or that pained grimace into a mischievous Hamburglar), we would like to present a list of a few things to be happy about:

  • Technology- Did you know that way back in the day when people had nothing to do at work, they just had to sit there? Imagine having to hide an actual game of solitaire or the fact that you were looking at porn at your desk from your boss with a deck of cards and a magazine present.  Oh and that cell phone you tote around, that means you can talk to someone from anywhere, not call your friends from a germ-ridden phone booth where some vagrant relieved himself the previous evening.
  • Musical advancements- Over 30 years ago Rap music was a seed just barely sprouting out of the ground in the outer boroughs of NY .  Now it’s permeated our culture like an ivy plant on a distinguished academic building and you can’t help but dance to it. Also, you can carry your entire music library around with you at all times with your iPod.  How about that?
  • Reality TV- This entertainment innovation of the past 30 years seems like it was designed for the sole reason to make us feel better about ourselves.  Think about it. If you’re an a-hole at least you’re not as big of an a-hole as that Spencer guy on “The Hills” and your life is better than those attention-seeking fame whores who have between 8 and 20 kids and cameras following them around as they attempt to fulfill basic parental duties.
  • You’re Young- Sure this tattered economy has forced you to be a bit more responsible with your cash, but that doesn’t mean things won’t get better. Good things come to those who wait and wisdom comes with age and all of that clichéd stuff.  As long as your hair is still its original color, you should let it blow in the breeze while you still have most of it.


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