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31 With A Bullet

Posted by evankessler on November 12, 2009

One week ago, the moderately sized house/person that Susan and Steve built (on a cold winter night in 1978) and eventually named Evan, celebrated the dawn of his 31st year on this earth. This person, me,  didn’t immediately tear the roof off the 2nd year of my 3rd decade on this earth.  Rather, I had a modest drinkapalooza at High Dive in Park Slope with a few select friends who were able to make Wednesday night one for alcohol and old age induced merriment. Several days later, I held an even bigger event to more officially ring in the new year, so to speak.

The days in between the two jubilees of insobriety were not marked by boredom.  Well, Thursday was largely marked by the resultant cruel apparatus of the night before known as “the hangover.” Having soldiered on through the pain I was able to pick myself up by my party bootstraps for a not-so-selfish celebration in honor of the 31st year of one Kate H, taking place at Prospect Heights own Soda Bar on Friday evening. The night air was relatively warm and the friendly vibes put out by the birthday girl and familiar faces of Jason, Deirdre, Marty, Goody, Chris, Cyrus, Alice and a few other friends certainly went a long way towards making my wagon feel welcome.

It had felt like too long of a time since I had been together with this motley bunch of collegiate comrades and an even longer time since I hadn’t felt so deterred by the confines of Soda Bar.  Occasionally I’ve enjoyed a few of my summer sojourns to this popular space, but lately the subpar service and the particular party atmosphere hadn’t piqued my fancy.  Everything felt AOK though as it seemed our crew had a handle on half of the backroom and the waitress that relieved our original server seemed to be on point.

The evening quickly progressed through a flurry of Blue Point Toasted Lager as we transitioned from Happy Hour revelry to late evening bacchanalia.  I wish I could recount the contents of most of the conversations but really it was just a healthy dose of hilarity and happiness to be with one another.  A night with friends that had to end.  I ended my evening sometime in the day’s 23rd hour…sufficiently full of what should maybe be termed the lager of laughter.

Saturday morning saw the dawn of big things.  I was hours away from my night to shine, but I wasn’t ready to rally until sufficiently later on.  A majority of my morning and afternoon were spent lazing around.  Perhaps I got some lunch or made myself a snack .  I zoned out on college football that I wasn’t quite interested in.  It wasn’t my actual birthday, so I didn’t feel the responsibility to make the daytime portion into something memorable.  I may have gone for a run though.  Who can remember these things days later…oh yeah…usually me.

In any case, I thought that despite it not being my actual special day I might as well have an especially filling dinner.  Andrew M accompanied me to La Taq.  He didn’t eat anything but I took in a hearty helping of Enchilada while he sipped a few beers and nipped at some chips.  We made small talk about the evening expectations and headed back to the old abode where we killed time til the evening festivities at the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill watering hole known as Rope.

Basset was watching The Godfather in her room and Andrew and I watched along for a bit before we got briefly ensconced in a conversation about how great “Comedy Tom Hanks” is.  This led to us looking up the rap music video from the 1987 film adaptation of Dragnet entitled “City of Crime” featuring Hanks and Dan Aykroyd (which my brother and I used to love).  Really priceless stuff.  Watch below, I think you’ll agree.  Notice Comedy Hanks in his high pitched comedy voice.

Soon after Hanks/Godfatherfest ’09, our apartment had new visitors.  Former roommate Jenny C was on hand with her brother Eric who was visiting from I think North Carolina.  Eric immediately launched into movie talk with Andrew, effortlessly gliding into the social dynamic and snapping photos along the way.


Me and Jenny C-A

Jenny, Eric, Andrew, and Laura all got started with a few brews before heading out, but preferring to not get too soused in celebration early, I took a pass opting for Green Tea.  However, when the clock passed 9pm I was ready to take a car to the town of funville that resembled a bar spelled R-O-P-E.


Bassett, Andrew and I at Rope

Arriving at Rope just before 9:30pm we were greeted by Matt F slinging drinks along with a few friends from the previous night lined up at the far end bellied up to the bar.  Katey, Jason and Marty had all made it on the early side and I was delighted to see them.  Between the several of us already at the bar we established a few good spots to call our bar basecamp and work out of there all night, but by the end we had established that anyway.

From the moment we arrived a steady steam of friends flowed in.  Robert and Megan came bearing gifts from Jennie who couldn’t make it due to being under the weather.  However, she did provide an absolutely delicious chocolate cake to go with a bevy of cupcakes.  Bassett also supplied a host of delicious homemade treats and a delicious cake.  It was certainly the “sweetest” birthday on record.  I was pretty sure by the time I had sampled all of the chocolatey goodness I’d have to leave with a stomach ache and end the party.


Bassett's Dinosauriffic Cake!

Luckily that did happen and I was able to share plenty of drinks and plenty of good times with friends.  From Marie who praised me for wearing my “cute boy sweater” but criticized me for wearing a red undershirt (along with Robert) to Reva who had the misfortune of being repeatedly hit on by other drunken cohorts.  Rich, Lina, Suli, Kishore, Ajay, Arby, Rebecca, Marisa, Bess, Deena, Summer G and many many more.  Holy crap there were a lot of people to talk to and I think I talked to all of them at some point.

I didn’t think I’d have the wherewithal to make it through an entire evening but as the bar closed down myself, Marty and CS were still standing…and were pretty hungry.  We closed the evening out at the Purity Diner where I happily inhaled a grilled cheese with tomato, bacon, and a side of fries before heading home to sleep til my Sunday was solely utilized for the good lord’s restful intentions.

‘Twas an excellent celebratory birthday weekend…one that I unfortunately do not have enough pictures of.  I certainly remember having plenty of photos taken of me…so kindly hand them over.  I want more memories.


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