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Evan Kessler’s Astrological Outlook for Year Number 31

Posted by evankessler on November 4, 2009

There seems to have been a format shift in the way the New York Post’s Sally Brompton does her “If Today Is Your Birthday” Horoscope posts over the last year.  For one thing, they used to show the correct date.  I guess tough times call for less bold print lettering and a briefer yet less snappy title, in addition to not really caring whether the appropriate date is affixed to the article at hand.  That being said, I still look to the starry-eyed Miss Brompton for astrological guidance every time November 4th rolls around and why should this November 4th be any different?

Picture 27Miss Brompton is right.  If there’s anything I feel fearful of at the tender old age of 31 it’s the future.  Three plus decades of ups and downs have the potential to turn a soul rather weary.  In spite of a rather steep nose dive that this ride we call life has taken the last couple of years and even over the last month, with the very real threat of financial ruin and sorry state of employment, I’ve nonetheless begun to feel some slight sense of vindication.  Prior to even reading the latter part of Sally’s birthday analysis, I’ve found myself looking at a glass that’s just reaching it’s half full mark.  I’m not sure if this is the product of new connections, or the recent spate of weddings that has shown me the absolute peak of  happiness in others, or maybe just the act of making new friends with the ability to make killer chalk portraits of me on tables.  All I know is that over the last few weeks, despite all that resembles fecal matter soaring towards rotating fan blades, I feel happier and more optimistic. While I think Ms. Brompton’s words to be obvious and pedestrian, that doesn’t make them untrue.

So here’s to year 31 and attempting to maintain an optimistic outlook throughout…or at least until it gets really cold in winter and I decide I don’t want to leave the house.


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