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Riding Out the Week On Your Camel

Posted by evankessler on October 14, 2009

Dromedary camel in outback Australia, near Sil...

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If you were to compare the working week to an animal what would it be?  A dog, because of how hard you work from Monday to Friday? Probably not. A rat because of the way you’re constantly racing around to get that hard-earned cheese before you hide away in your house for the weekend? Well, close but no cigar; actually not even a clove cigarette.

If the trending topics are any indication of how the real-time Internet user treats the working week, you’d be hard pressed to find a better comparative creature than a good ol’ Dromedary Camel.

Something seems to happen in the minds of a good deal of search engine users once they hit the weekday wall known as Wednesday.  If I’ve noticed anything about real-time trending topics, it’s that like clockwork around noon on Wednesday, the word “Hump” seems to be a hotter topic than the latest Lohan-fueled travesty or celebrity death-athon.

While it’s true people could be talking about getting a quickie in the office supply closet or forgetting to pluralize their favorite Fergie song, the endless stream of hump-centric tweets prove this is decidedly not so– as evidenced by celebratory users like @psychosmatic: trumpeting “It’s Hump Day!!! Woo-hoo” or @noinyc trying to elicit a tweet of support from her favorite New Kid On The Block:

“@DonnieWahlberg DDUb! It was my birthday yesterday. Can I get some love on hump day?”

For the most part people seem enamored with the concept that they are halfway through the working week, wearing it like a badge of honor, as if Thursday was no longer a hurdle on the way to Friday– the day in which they’re finally in the clear from bosses and responsibilities.

Until people learn to treat their weekly responsibilities as a 200M sprint instead of the 500M hurdles we’ll no doubt continue to see that hump day notice pop up every week instead of treating Wednesday like just another day.


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