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Everybody Hates Moammar

Posted by evankessler on September 23, 2009

Leading a nation associated with supporting terrorism, and giving a hero’s welcome to the convicted Lockerbie bomber a few weeks back, hasn’t help alleviate any infamy associated with Moammar Ghadafi.  So, it should come as no surprise that on his first trip to the States in 40 years, the longstanding Libyan ruler has more or less had the welcome mat yanked from under his feet.

In town for the UN General Assembly, Ghadafi has had heaps of trouble finding a suitable station to rest his weary head. It seems not many towns want to court controversy along with angry protests to their very doorstep. After being rejected from multiple locations, Ghadafi’s brief nomadic meanderings around the New York Metropolitan area came to an end when he found a nice spot owned by Donald Trump to pitch his literal tent.

Unfortunately the town of Bedford, where said tent was pitched, seemed none too pleased with the Colonel setting up camp and have since ordered a halt to the erection of Ghadafi’s quarters. With his state of temporary residence again in flux and no doubt weighing heavily on his diplomatic heart, the Colonel delivered an angry speech to the UN General Assembly– blasting the Security Council and probably not earning many standing ovations. The amalgam of thankless circumstances has probably set the stage for the Libyan leader’s hasty exit via the first flight to Tripoli, which is a shame since there are so many nice things to see in the area provided you can get a reasonable hotel room.


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