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The Potomac Incident

Posted by evankessler on September 11, 2009


Unless your name is Rudy Giuliani, the mere mention of the word “September” alongside “11th” tends evoke the opposite of boastful self-importance in addition to the fresh memories of the plentiful horrors of that day in the minds of most Americans. The slightest hint of something being amiss on the tragic anniversary, even eight years after the horrendous attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and subsequent downing of flight 93 could put even the most stoic patriotic soul on high alert.
Earlier in the year an ill-conceived Air Force One fly by near the Statue of Liberty brought New Yorkers to the edge of paranoia, so you’d think the government would’ve learned their lesson when it comes to accidentally scaring the bejeezus out of it’s own people. The basic rule of thumb here would probably be no sudden moves and no unnecessary loud noises unless it’s for a previously sanctioned 21-gun salute in tribute to those fallen on that fateful day in 2001. Unfortunately, some of our own protective measures have a rather remedial learning curve, as evidenced by an odd incident that occurred this morning with the nation in the throes of remembrance.
With the President’s motorcade moving alongside the Potomac River en route to the Pentagon via the White House sometime around 10am, a coast guard ship patrolling said waterway was said to have engaged with a ‘suspicious’ boat by firing off ten rounds of warning shots. The U.S. Coast Guard maintains that no shots were fired, despite contrary reports that it was merely a training exercise–a ‘training exercise’ that resulted in the halting of departures from Reagan National Airport as a safety precaution.
The move basically begs the question, “a training exercise on 9/11?” Whose bright idea was that and how can we ensure that they have no plans to be anywhere near Pearl Harbor on December 7th of this year?  Something smells a tad bit fishy in those Potomac waters today.




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