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Disney Bulks Up Marvel-ous Arsenal

Posted by evankessler on August 31, 2009

Prior to this Monday, you’d have looked at the cast of Disney characters and said that at best the likes of Mickey, Donald, and Miley Cyrus were somewhat effeminate. The most imposing creations spawned by the ghost of Walt and the continuing business sense of Roy were perhaps the throngs of screaming teenage girls waiting in line to get into a Jonas Brothers concert; that lady who hated Dalmatians; or Michael Eisner. In an effort to upgrade the Magic Kingdom‘s roster and transform inhabitants of the make believe monarchy into fearsome defenders of the Frontierland front lines, Disney sought out the soldiers of comic book fortune, ponying up four billion Sacajawea coins to acquire Marvel Entertainment.

The Hall of Presidents and It’s A Small World After All ride are now crowded with over 5,000 superheroes, mutants, and general badasses from the pages of countless Marvel titles including Iron Man, X-Men, and Spider Man (just to name a few). The announcement caused a subsequent surge in Disney stock, which pleased Scrooge McDuck who had even more cold hard coinage to swim through.


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