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Paula Rush Rushes From Idol Spotlight

Posted by evankessler on August 5, 2009

Paula Abdul at the 15th Screen Actors Guild Aw...

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Fame is a fleeting and foul mistress. No one should know this better than our homegirl Paula Abdul. After all, the former Laker Girl enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top in the late 80’s and early 90’s with the help of  a less-than-stellar singing voice accompanied by sassy choreography, an Arsenio Hall cameo, a Cartoon Kat, and a video in which she totally got down and deep with Keanu Reeves.

Despite reaching the top of the pop charts Abdul all but disappeared from public view for the better part of seven years. When she finally emerged in 2002 as a judge on the brand new talent contest American Idol, like most viewers, we briefly wondered just what qualified Ms. Abdul to serve as the benevolent genie of pop star dreams. She quickly endeared herself to the viewing audience, however,  with her penchant for medicated antics and her willingness to put up a fight with her callous British co-star and that guy who always says, “dawg.”

Before we knew it we had welcomed her into our homes. She was that non-blood related lady we called “aunt,”  who always encouraged us to do our best no matter how untalented we were.  She showed us that there was always something sweet in the lemon juice of suckitude and we loved her for that.  Now after nine seasons of welcoming her into our home, Ms. Abdul has slammed the screen door shut right in our collective faces as she has announced that there will never be another Clarkson, Guarini, grey-haired guy, Aiken, Studdard, girl who couldn’t read, or Carrie Underwood touched by her magic wand of talent evaluation.

That’s right, Paula Abdul is leaving American Idol and no amount of money (except for possibly $2 million more a year) will bring her back.  Watching American Idol will never be the same…save for the lame talent singing cover versions of past hits without any semblance of feeling.  Paula, you will be missed.  Good luck on continuing your music career–or enjoy the scenery in whichever black hole you may fall into this time around.

Baby it seems those idol judges could never agree, some liked Clarkson, and some liked Guarini.  Simon was serious and Paula was nice. Randy was as cool as Vanilla Ice. Things in common, they didn’t have one, but when they hosted idol it was nothing but fun.



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