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Chicago Gets Department Store-Bought Panties in a Bunch

Posted by evankessler on July 16, 2009

Willis Tower

Image by Pat Hawks via Flickr

Chicagoans got a rude awakening today when they looked at their skyline and saw no Sears Tower. It had not fallen victim to a heinous terrorist attack, nor had it collapsed due to structural inadequacies.

Overnight the tower was dismantled (ok, so not really) , in it’s place the next morning stood an identical looking building.  Admittedly, most area inhabitants didn’t notice the difference from mere sight of the building, but once they heard someone call it the “Willis Tower,” Chicagoland inhabitants became enraged.

For all of those who regularly visited the building, they would now have to undergo the difficult transition of saying a new name when referring to the tallest skyscraper in the United States– a task only dwarfed in difficulty by remembering to write the new year on one’s checks in the first few weeks of each January.

In response to their seething rage, opponents of the new name protested the only way they knew how, by starting a Facebook group 90,000 strong against the name inspired by the London, England-based insurance broker that now served as the building’s main tenant.  One riled up opponent protested calling the name change “absurd,” begging the question, “Would Paris change the name of the Eiffel Tower? Or London change Buckingham Palace? Or New York, the Statue of Liberty?”

Said commenter  failed to realize that none of those examples acquired their monikers by being the host to capitalist
interests as the Sears Tower had previously been mainly inhabited by the Sears & Roebuck Co.– who has not occupied the building since 1992. They obviously seemed none too concerned about their legacy in the building when they moved their operations to the burbs in 1992.

Our advice..if you’re not happy with the name change do one of two things: keep referring to it as the Sears Tower or throw the word “old” in front of Sears Tower.  Everyone will still know what you’re talking about. Failing that, just get used to it.


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