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The Levi Johnston Show Continues

Posted by evankessler on July 10, 2009

Levi Johnston with Sarah Palin's family at the...

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Live from Anchorage, Alaska, It’s the Levi Johnston show!  The only show where everybody’s favorite oil field employee, baby daddy and beloved host talks about anything and everything Sarah Palin related, because no one really wants his opinion on anything else.  This week Levi extends his 15 minutes of fame by giving his thoughts on the reason for the foxy Alaska governor‘s resignation. Watch the high jinks ensue as Levi claims SP was in it for the money!

Levi:  “She had talked about how nice it would be to take some of this money people had been offering us and you know just run with it, say ‘forget everything else.'”

If that doesn’t keep your eyes glued to the screen, watch the sparks fly as Palin family spokesperson Meghan Stapleton fires a few barbs in Levi’s general direction

Meghan Stapleton: “It is interesting to learn Levi is working on a piece of fiction while honing his acting skills.”

Ouch.  Good one Meghan, but the host always get the last word. After all it is his show.  And to top it all off Levi lowers the boom on Palin’s presidential hopes when he reveals whether or not in hindsight he would’ve voted for his former maybe mother-in-law:

Levi: “after seeing what she did now, you know, leaving Alaska, I would have to say, ‘no.’ Obviously she’s stressed out as governor. I mean moving up to the vice president or president is huge. I just don’t think anymore that she’s cut out for the job.”

Take that Palin 2012. You’re no match for Levi’s last word. And if you the viewing audience are thinking about missing out on the ever-growing media phenomenon that is The Levi Johnston Show; remember, you’re no match for good entertainment. The Levi Johnston Show, airing whenever something significant happens with Sarah Palin. Please check local listings.


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