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“Bruno” Set to Take the World by Storm

Posted by evankessler on July 9, 2009


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In the wake of an all out press blitz and Sacha Baron Cohen‘s in-character shenanigans; Bruno is trending through the roof here at OneRiot. It seems web denizens are sharing and caring all over the Brit comic mastermind’s gay Austrian fashionista character.

Whether clamoring for a general glimpse of clips of the film or of the forward,fair-haired flirt getting handsy with Matt Lauer–there is no doubt that filmed flamboyance is in. While the early word on the film–based on the reviews piling in–makes it out to be a winner, we here at OneRiot would like to give an early thumbs down to anyone gripped with the desire to badly imitate lines from the movie ad nauseam in regular everyday conversation.

Don’t do it.  We don’t want another Wayne Campbell/Austin Powers/Borat/Ali G on our hands.  If the status
updates of  people who have already seen the film are any indication, resistance may just be futile.  Ich bin ein Berliner, or at least Wiener.


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