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Pirates Momentarily Divert Attention from Celebrity Death, Other International Strife

Posted by evankessler on July 8, 2009

somali pirates at large

Image via Wikipedia

It seems that with so much international strife and celebrity death going around lately, we’ve had precious little time to focus on highseas high jinks. As luck would have it though, neither Iran, North Korea nor Karl Malden are trending topics right now– leaving plenty of room for gun-toting, eye patch wearing swashbucklers to recapture the public’s imagination along with a Turkish freighter or two.

Earlier today  in the Gulf of Aden, five Somali pirates hopped aboard a big ‘ol frigate en route to Jordan from Saudi Arabia with a cargo of chemicals and 23 crew members. Preliminary reports suggested that a Dutch military ship had previously fought off an attack from the pirates  suggesting that despite excelling in the arenas of oven-making, marijuana-smoking, and  legalized prostitution–the Netherlands does have some military might. Fellow Turks aboard the anti-piracy ship the TCG Gediz, are said to be making a bee line towards the hijacked vessel for another attempt at a rescue.

Meanwhile, anti-piracy efforts are set to receive a big boost with details on the 4th Pirates of The Caribbean movie recently leaking online.  We might not be able to stop those pesky Somalian pirates, but if we can just lure them into the Caribbean– perhaps withour new found awareness– we have a shot at containing them.


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