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Jackson Takes Up Jesus and Mary’s Territory

Posted by evankessler on July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson sure did a lot of crazy shit while he was alive. Whether he was showing off utterly insane dance moves or just dangling genetic impossibilities out of a hotel window in Germany, there was no doubt that the King of Pop could also be the “King of Getting Our Attention.”  While it’s been nearly two weeks since MJ has exited our midst stage left, there’s no guarantee he will ever be absent from the public eye or psyche.  Judging by the fact that his name has been trending non-stop since the events of last thursday, it’s almost safe to say that this cultural icon was someone who resonated with society on such a nearly religious level– almost to the point that you would think he moonwalked on water.

So, it almost comes as no surprise that several days after dancing up to wherever a Captain Eo goes after he dies, the King of Pop is still effing with the people he left behind on earth.  There have been several supernatural sightings of the “Gone To Soon” pop star who once pledged that “Heaven Can Wait.” Indeed, he’s trying to stay true to his word, as not only did his ghost swing by a televised tour of Neverland, but much like religious icons Jesus and The Virgin Mary– the gloved one is showing his face in all sorts of unexpected places.

Most recently, a Stockton, California family found the pop genius’s mug staring at them via the medium of a tree stump.  Felix Garcia apparently stared really, really hard and saw MJ’s face in a tree outside his house– as he had forgotten to stare really hard at his pancakes earlier in the day. Jackson had visited Stockton some 20 years before after fatal shootings at a local school. One neighbor stated that to some members of the town, Jackson meant more than Jesus–which explains why that
neighbor just kept eating his toast earlier that morning after seeing a Christ-like outline in it.


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