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Lohan Brings a Little Bit of Myspace to the Twittersphere

Posted by evankessler on June 19, 2009

It used to be that whenever we here at OneRiot had the urge to see a trashy Long Island native posing shirtless via a camera phone photo they took of themselves in the mirror , we would just go to Myspace and do a search for the name Joey or Amber. However, as of this morning the popular “place for friends” isn’t the only site to catch a glimpse of those desperate for sexy-time approval.

Lindsey Lohan has given us good reason to defriend Tom and start Tweeting up a storm as the the struggling skin-and-bones starlet bared most of her “upper-echelon” save for some strategically-placed hair in front of her reasonably sized silly cones in a pic she posted to Twitter.

It’s not clear whether Lohan was trying to attract or repulse the person she posted this for, but at least she and the hacker who snagged them off of her account have given America plenty of meaningless celebrity fodder to ponder at the beach over this first official weekend of Summer.



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