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SuBo Shows She’s Scot Talent

Posted by evankessler on June 16, 2009

Susan Boyle

Image by Bert Kommerij via Flickr

World, you can stop holding your collective breath now, for your favorite Briton with “talent” that isn’t a diverse dance squad is back in the spotlight. After a brief bout with the temporary form of insanity, otherwise known as exhaustion, that kept her off stage for two shows in Manchester, Susan Boyle, wowed an audience of 6,000 (apparently easily wowed) Scots by singing those two lame showtunes she sang on “Britain’s Got Talent” as part of the show’s tour.

The boisterous crowd of highlanders  delighted in SuBo’s (yes, they’re calling her SuBo now. Isn’t that creative?) renditions of “Memory” and “I Dreamed A Dream” with spontaneous applause –as if no one on the traveling tour of “Cats” or “Les Miserables,” respectively, had ever performed them any better.

Boyle’s future in the industry is burning bright, but will look even brighter once she learns a few more songs and does a hot collabo with T-Pain and Usher.


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