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I Could Conceivably Leave My Heart On A Cable Car

Posted by evankessler on June 11, 2009


Despite the fact that my bank account is currently wheezing up quarters in it’s gasp for greenery, the Evan Kessler world tour continues thanks to the miracle of Delta Skymiles.  Having spent some time in Thailand, Cambodia, and the UK during pieces of this calendar year, I’ve decided that my next stop would not require me to cross any oceans nor would it afford me the chance to gaze upon any Arctic region from above 35,000 feet.  I’m keeping things continental this time and heading out to the West coast, to the “City by the Bay.”

So why am I off to San Francisco?  Well, I’ve got some unfinished business.  Tony Bennett told me I left my heart there and seeing as it’s been 23 years  since I’ve seen that organ, I’m going to win it back even if it kills me.  Actually, I do have some fond if fuzzy memories of my maiden voyage to Frisco  that occured sometime in late 1985/early 1986.  For one, I remembered staying in a really sweet house that was owned by a friend of my father’s that was right on the water.  The garage had an elevator and the guy had a son named Arnold or Anu.  I also remember  taking the ferry through the fog back from Alcatraz as we listened to the Giants-49ers playoff game on the radio.  As far as other memories, maybe they’ll come flooding back to me like a rush of water or rubber balls flooding down the famously hill streets of San Francisco.

Now for the  one real reason, I’m going to San Francisco…love.  My good friend and former roommate Sean met the love of his and life and subsequently married her.  They got hitched over the winter holiday season and didn’t have a big  bash, but seeing as it’s the tail end of spring they figured that now was as good a time as any to celebrate their nuptials in a typically laid back West Coast fashion.  Yes, on Saturday they’ll be having a BBQ and I will be there.  I will also be there Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and the early part of Monday taking up space in their apartment as  the happy couple  hath extended the warmth of their home to me.

Love’s all well and good, but I also have some other things on my visitor’s docket.  I’m mixing a little business with pleasure as I hope to swing by the OneRiot offices to meet my editor for whom I’ve been writing since November and have had e-lations with since late 2007.  Finally, I hope to reconnect with my friend Katie from my days at Ramapo High School.  I shall take her in my arms and make her mine.  Actually, I’ll probably just  have a few beers with her and enjoy some good quality catching up time in the midst of my brief, maddening sweep of The Paris of the West.  Stay tuned.


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