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FTC Plumbs the Depths of Internet Hell to Pull Plug

Posted by evankessler on June 5, 2009

Spam 2

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They say the hotter it gets, the closer you are to hell.  So it would make sense that an rogue Internet provider serving as a home base responsible for purely evil content such as kiddie porn, spam, and viruses be operating close to the equator in a place like Belize over say Thunder Bay, Ontario.Obviously aware of the “if you can’t stand the evil, get away from the equator” theory, the FTC braved the beaches and tropical rainforests of the Central American nation (hopefully snagging an icy Strawberry Daquiri on the way)  to track and shut down Pricewert LLC, a company repudiated as being run by a bunch ‘overseas criminals’ through an Oregon-centered front.

Pricewert was known for stirring up a cauldron of offending content via it’s “triple fiber network” through Silicon valley servers and advertising it’s services “In the darkest corners of the Internet” where only the most devious minds would think to seek them out.  With this insipid ISP out of the picture, web fiends are expected to give up all hope of exposing their questionable content to the masses until–hey, what’s this in our inbox? I wonder if we should click on it.


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