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NFL Players Hot Over Fantasy Cash

Posted by evankessler on June 4, 2009

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Over the last 30 years Fantasy sports have transformed from a few nerds in a bar obsessing over stats to a more than $1 Billion/year business, with the aforementioned nerds having moved said obsession into the privacy of their own darkened basements, where they bask in the warm glow of constantly updated statistics emanating from their computer. While it’s those statistics that earn many an allegiance-less, money hungry sports gambling fanatic (myself included) a pretty penny come the end of their chosen season, the one group that hasn’t seen any profit from the heaps of exchanged coinage thrust upon fantasy hosting sites is the players.

In an attempt to reap some of the monetary benefits bestowed by millions of dork leaguers worldwide, the NFL Players association was all set to file suit against Yahoo Inc, for it’s use of player statistics and photos for their online operation.  Unfortunately, before they could do so, Yahoo filed a pre-emptive suit more or less telling the players union they could suck it, and that they didn’t have to pay for numbers they could count themselves while watching the games or photos they could snag from any media guide.

Perhaps, if the players want to make a few more bucks from this more or less legal gambling operation, they should join a league, draft themselves and play a little harder.  How’s that for motivation? They may even get a shiny new contract worth substantially more than a 1st place fantasy finish.


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