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A Few Things About Britain

Posted by evankessler on June 1, 2009

As some of you well know either by knowing me or by having read the last post, I was in London two and a half days last week.  While I know this is not a lot of time, there were a few things that struck me as either enjoyable, funny or just plain interesting while I was there.  Here are a few of those things:

1.  I enjoyed the “To Let” signs all too much.  In the us these signs would read “For Rent” or “For Lease”, but seeing them all over London, the only thing that sprung to mind was that these were signs for a “Toilet” only the letter “i” had faded away.  I knew this was not the truth, but I generally had a base level of amusement each time I passed such a sign, especially one advertising “Office To Let.”  I don’t like to consider my sense of humor that simple, but sometimes it is.

Sometimes You Gotta Go

Sometimes You Gotta Go

2.  Rubber Duckzilla- Being in foreign countries, you sometimes see very odd commercials.  These commercials for Oasis spring water made me cackle.  Sure I like their mimicking of Japanese monster movie culture, but the thing that gets me is the tagline “For people who don’t like water.”  I think a good portion of the third world would be perfectly happy with potable water before they were showered in Oasis, but people not liking water just seems like such an absurd notion.

3.  Britain, despite popular contention, does not have as much talent as it thinks.  With all of the Susan Boyle hype blazing up the youtube charts, I’ve started to realize that what gets passed off as “talent” these days is more and more ridiculous.  Either someone should change the dictionary to show a fat father and son showing off their silly dance moves next to the actual word, or executives should rename the show that has taken the world by storm, “Yeah, Britain’s Got People.”

4. I find that the general willingness of people in Britain to just go have a pint whenever you say, “Let’s get a pint” really agrees with me.

5. I enjoyed learning that Manchester United Midfielder Paul Scholes is nicknamed “The Ginger Hand Grenade”

The Ginger Hand Grenade

The Ginger Hand Grenade

6. I was able to relate to the general disdain the Brit football fans seemed to have for Ronaldo and Manchester United.  I immediately equated the team with the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez.  While watching Ronaldo play, I could tell he carried himself in the same cocky manner as A-Rod and that there was a certain arrogance that just emanated from his being. He even sort of looked like him, though not really.  I instantly hated him and I’d never really watched him play.  Weird how that works.

A-Rod of Soccer

A-Rod of Soccer

7. I like the creativity that shone through in the naming of things.  Old Street, Great Eastern Road, and most notably Banoffee Pie.  It was Banana and Toffee.  Banoffee.  Get it?  I suppose you can make a banana and coffee pie and call it the same thing though.  Oh well.

Tofnana Pie with Ice Cream

Banoffee Pie

8.  I really felt like like a part of London for a few days.  True, I didn’t do more than hang in my hotel, grab a few pints, and go to a few shoots.  However, I never felt like a tourist.  I never really knew where I was going either, but that comes with my natural lack of direction.  The people I met were excellent and I couldn’t help thinking that if they lived in New York, I’d be friends with them here as well.


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