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Posted by evankessler on May 25, 2009

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, EvanKessler.com celebrates yet another anniversary.  This year it’s a biggie.  It was approximately five years ago today, when one Evan Kessler, kind of annoyed at the fact that two of his roommates at the time had websites, decided to take up arms against his Internet oppressors and shout his own digitized and or pixelated voice from the mountaintop known as Mt. WorldWideWeb to tens of adoring readers and anyone who accidentally happened upon the site while searching for photos of Matthew McConaughey or placenta (seriously, they’re important keywords for this site).

So to celebrate this very relevant landmark for this “extremely relevant” site which has seen three separate incarnations, nearly 740 posts, and somewhere in the area of 51,000 hits, we’re taking the show on the road.  We won’t be jumping in our 1998 Honda Civic and hitting the highway.  We’re way to0 jet set for that, which is exactly why we’re leaving on a Jet Plane for 3 days and 2 nights in scenic London, England, UK.

The Union Jack Waving Hello

The Union Jack Waving Hello

So, why exactly has the EvanKessler.com anniversary crew of one set its sites on Britain?  Well, because we hear it’s a place that appreciates “talent” and seeing as we consider this site to be a work of such a talented individual, we thought we might feel right at home in the Queen’s good graces and the Prime Minister’s less regal ones.

There is also another motive for the visit;  as the site’s namesake has been invited by the wonderfully hospitable folks at Immediate Future to get a first hand look at a commercial shoot that I will subsequently cover in the annals of JoshSpear.com.  Don’t worry, I’ll cover it here too, but the updates you’ll read here might just be a horse of a different color…or a bird of a wider beak; Whichever you prefer.


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