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Sneaks Attack

Posted by evankessler on May 22, 2009

I have a tendency to let things turn to crap; job opportunities, electronics (if I could take a picture of my camera that could speak a thousand words…), and last but certainly not least sneakers.  It’s a good thing no one’s ever seen fit to give me children.  If you’d ever like to see what a tattered child looks like…give one for me to care for for a couple of months.

Looking down at my feet for the last couple of weeks, it’s become apparent that the state of footwear in Evan Kessler’s personal union would best be stated as “not good.”  My most recent “favorite pair” of sneakers was acquired in early March of ’08 on a desperation shopping trip with my brother.  They lasted me a good year, but I was not really aware that I should not be wearing them most of the time, including while trekking around temples in Cambodia.  The last time I wore them was in April on a muddy golf trip to Rockland for a friend’s bachelor party.  This is what they look like now:

Crap Covered Side View

Crap Covered Side View

Utterly Destroyed Tread

Utterly Destroyed Tread

Not having the audacity to wear these mud and goose waste drenched remains of a once proud Nike sneaker, I shifted to my old battle scarred, tattered Saucony Jazz with soles best described as hole-y…but nonetheless  I like to refer to them as “The most comfortable sneakers in the world.”  I’m probably on my 3rd pair of them, but this specific pair has certainly seen better days as evidenced by these photos:

So Shiny!

So Shiny!

Holes In My Soles

Holes In My Soles

I could very easily remain content with this pair, but something has come up.  I am going on a trip.  A brief trip, but a trip nonetheless.  On this trip it would be most beneficial if I were to look my best.  Also, why shouldn’t I want to look my best at all times anyway.  So rather than just forage around the East Village and Chinatown and renew my pair of old favorites, I decided to strike out in search for a brand new, stylish pair of sneaks.

Prior to the outing, I had scoured the netweb looking for some sick shoes (as opposed to slick shoes worn by Data a.k.a Key Huy Quan).  I came across a sweet pair of Adidas with Red, White and Blue stripes.  I thought they could be the ones, but it would be most beneficial to see what was out there.

So this Friday I gathered up Arby and made for Manhattan to check out some choice sneaks.  We searched the near and far regions of NoHo and The Lower East Side.  When the dust settled, we wound up at ClassicKicks on Elizabeth Street.  Lo and behold there was quite the wide array fashionable footwear, but as I glanced around, I began to question my sense of style because nothing seemed too appealing.  However, when my eyes met the Adidas section, I had met my Internet match head on.  I was a little cautious about appearing too patriotic…so I also asked for a green pair to offset the Stripe Spangled glory of my first choice, but when they told me they didn’t have the green pair in my size…I knew it was meant to be.  So without any further ado.

My new sneakers:

My A.D.I.D.A.S.

My A.D.I.D.A.S.


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